No one can deny that men with facial hair shouldn`t avoid taking care of their neckbeard too. Of course, the one that is most visible on your cheeks, chin and upper lip have to look perfect all the time, although, you shouldn`t forget about the hair on your neck as well. A full neat appearance of your beard will make you look clean and fresh, isn`t that a lovely effect? We have prepared a whole guide for you how to keep your neck beard look incredible. Would like to know more? Let`s go further into our article then.


What Is The Neckbeard?

There are so many types of beards that you can`t even imagine. What about a neckbeard? What is a neckbeard? Have you ever heard of it? If no, then close your eyes and let your imagination work. The first idea you have in mind is the right one. Actually, it is a beard that grows in places that most men keep clean with the help of a razor. It may look strange at first when you start outgrowing it, but you have to wait, and you will love the results. Some men prefer keeping the rest of their face clean while having a neck beard while others leave a nice stubble on the cheeks to go with a beard. It is up to you what style to choose, so pick the one you like the most and rock it with confidence.

What Is The Neckbeard?


How To Grow Your Neck Beard

Well, at first you may think that neck beards are easy to grow out. Why? Most people have a stereotype that you just have to leave your facial hair untouched, and that`s it. Well, we are here to ruin it. Of course, in some part, it is how it is; however, you should take some other steps to let the results be as good as possible. Would like to hear which ones? Firstly, you should let your hair grow out, and that may come with some side effects like itching, flaking, and scratching.

Secondly, to let the hair grow healthy and good-looking, you should wash your beard and comb through it in the direction you would like it to grow. Another step you can`t ignore is using some beard products like wax or balm. They will moisturize the skin under the hair, spreading the healthy environment for hair growth. Don`t forget about outlining the shape of your beard. This will allow your trimming process in the future to be as comfortable for you as possible.

Tips To Trimming Your Neckbeard

At first, you may think that this is a perfect beard style for those men who don`t like shaving or trimming too often. Actually, part of this is true, even though you will have to put in some effort anyway. Trimming is the key to having a neat and clean look. We have prepared some beard trimming tips for your routine that will make the process as good as possible for you. The first thing you should always do is shampoo your facial hair and then dry it with a clean towel.

Tips To Trimming Your Neckbeard

Remember we told you about outlining? That`s the next step you have to keep up with every time you trim to see the line where you can`t go further. Use a shaving cream for such a process, and you will have a clear view of what parts of your hair should stay and what should go. Shave the cheeks, your mustache but be careful with the area on your chin. We recommend you but a good beard trimmer that will help to make your routine as fast and efficient as possible and will help you with a beard shaping. With its help, you will be able to keep your beard at a certain level.


How To Tame The Neckbeard: Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Tame The Neck Beard: Step-By-Step Tutorial #neckbeard #beard #beardstyles

Source: Jack Black via YouTube

Would you like a detailed overview on how to trim neck beard? We got you then because we have prepared a step to step tutorial for you.

  • Step 1. Apply an all-over wash and clean your beard with the help of warm water.
  • Step 2. Use a clean towel to dry it up.
  • Step 3. Use a gel to prepare your beard for the routine. This will prop up whiskers.
  • Step 4. People usually get a lot of questions about how to shape a beard, and we have an easy step that will help you with finding a trimming line. Place two fingers above the Adam`s apple and imagine a curved line that goes from one ear to another. This is your outline.
  • Step 5. Use an electric trimmer and make the line clean and neat.
  • Step 6. With the help of a razor shave under the outline you have figured out and your cheeks.

Growing a neck beard is not as easy as it seems. However, we have prepared so many great tips and instructions for you that it is impossible not to get a right shaving and growing out routine.


What is a neckbeard person?

Neckbeards are called men who look unkempt. They usually have their facial hair growing not only on their faces but also on their necks. As a result, around the neckline beard does not look as chiseled or neat as groomed men opt for, but it is overly scruffy and carefree.

How do you know if you’re a neckbeard?

If you are in the process of growing out a decent beard, then you may become a neckbeard at some point. Your hair on the neck grows together with the rest of your facial hair. So, you can become a neck beard before you achieve the desired beard style.

How do you get rid of a neckbeard?

To get rid of the neck beard trim the excess hair or better yet shave it off. Not sure how to shave neck beard? Follow these steps:
1. Apply a clear shave gel to the hair on your neck.
2. Indent 1-1.5 inches from your Adam’s apple toward your chin. You can use two fingers to measure the required distance. This is going to be your reference point.
3. Imagine a line that starts behind your ears and crosses the reference point. It should follow your natural neckline, thus being a bit curvy.
4. Using a razor, shave off the hair below the imaginary line. Move the razor in the direction your hair grows and make sure the strokes are short so as not to remove too much.
5. Shave off the hair near your ears, starting from the point where your facial hair blends into your hair on the head and going down the neck.
6. Optionally, clean the outline with the precision trimmer.

Should I shave my neckbeard?

The best way to give your beard a neat and defined outline is to shave the neckbeard. This guarantees that the beard growing process will not turn into a total mess and you will still look the part at every stage.

Can you wax your neck beard?

While shaving neck beard is the most popular way to remove it, it is not the only one. You can also resort to waxing. It is more painful than shaving but the result is often smoother and more long lasting. So, the effort will pay you off.


  • “Neckbeard” is a pejorative term and stereotype for adult and teenage males who exhibit characteristics such as social awkwardness, underachievement or pretentiousness. Source
  • Any human who regularly wears:A pinstriped fedora,T-shirts with strange metallic looking mid 2000’s middle schooler student’s idea of a tattoo designs, In-congruently flashy metal jewelry. Source