Primary Rules To Grow Stubble That Will Save Your Look

Growing Stubble Is Not Hard When You Are Backed Up


Stubble is a perfect solution for those guys who don’t want to go for a full beard yet a clean-shaved face doesn’t appeal to them too. It gives your appearance carefree and relaxed vibes while making you more hanksome and hot. Even though it looks as if you’ve simply left your facial hair intact for a couple of days to get that sexy bristle, it does actually require some effort. In our insightful guide, we’ve shared the ultimate rules to grow the perfect scruff.

Rule 1: Choose The Right Tools

What your scruffy beard is going to look like heavily depends on the tools you’re going to use for maintaining it. The choice lies between an electric shaver and a beard trimmer. While each of them has its very own benefits and flaws, the best solution would be to get them both.
An electric shaver is a tool of choice for those men whose facial hair can grow out overnight. Besides, it’s great for dealing with the cheek and necklines. For those who choose a light beard, a trimmer is a way to go. It allows a very close shave, and thanks to the multiple length settings, you can adjust the length of your beard. On top of that, it will come in handy for those guys who don’t plan everyday trims, as there are plenty of other ways to use a trimmer.

Rule 2: Find The Best Length For You

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You should already be aware of the pace your facial hair grows at. So, keep that information in mind when planning the frequency of the trims. In addition, you should decide whether you’re going for heavy stubble or short beard styles. A beard trimmer will allow you to try on different lengths and types of beards until you get the one you particularly fancy. In case you’ve overdone it, stay cool. All you need to do it to wait until your hair on the face grows back. Usually, it takes no longer than a couple of days.

Rule 3: Don’t Limit Your Imagination

Now’s the fun part. Say, you’ve found and grown out your perfect length stubble. What’s next? It’s time to show your creativity. Play around with different mustache and beard designs and lengths. For instance, you can go shorter with the mustache while keeping the beard a millimeter longer for added contrast. Or on the contrary, you can trim your mustache a millimeter longer than the beard to get a sharper appearance. Whether it’s going to be designer stubble or low-key scruff, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

Rule 4: Take The Borders Into Account

No matter how creative you are, to achieve perfect stubble definition is a key. This means that the beard neckline and cheek lines should be nicely trimmed. To get that done, use a trimmer with a zero length guard, an electric or at least a regular razor.

Because a mens beard doesn’t grow in a clearly defined way, you want to emphasize that the stubble doesn’t result from the lack of maintenance but is an elaborate beard style you intended. How you’re going to shave the cheeks is up to you. Identify where your mustache starts to scatter, and you’ll get the natural end of your beard line. You should clear out everything that goes beyond it. To find where your neckline should go, look in the mirror. The lower part of your face will outline on your neck the bottom line of your beard, so just shave anything beneath it.

Rule 5: Tend Your Stubble

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No matter the length, men’s facial hair requires proper treatment so that the skin underneath wouldn’t become dry and itchy. Thus, employ beard moisturizers and oils to enrich your pelt and brittle with moisture and make it generally softer. Beard oil is responsible for making your skin hydrated and nourished in depth while moisturizer takes care of the outmost layers of the skin as well as of the facial hair roots. In this way, all of your men’s facial hair styles will come out flawless.

When growing stubble, bet you want to end up with an elaborate and stylish look instead of giving a messy and unkempt impression. To achieve that, it’s important to follow some simple yet essential rules. Stick to our guide, and we have no doubt that you’ll be able to pull it off effortlessly.

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