It can be sometimes very challenging to find round face haircuts men ideas that would be easy to get while looking flattering. Yet, this should not be a problem anymore. We have picked out the best round head haircut options for any hair texture and length so that everyone could have a variety of styles to choose from. Ready for your trendy makeover? So, wait no longer to explore our guide. First of all, you need to determine your face shape. If you have another face type, find out which haircut is best for your face shape.


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    Undercut Hairstyles for Round Faces Male

    Perfect mens haircuts for round faces should feature more hair on the top while keeping the sides rather short. In this way, your round head appears longer and narrower. That is why an undercut is one of the best haircuts for round faces men. The top can be styled however you like, from messy spikes to sleek comb over.


    Quiff Short Haircuts for Round Faces Men

    A quiff allows you to shift focus from your chubby face to your hair on top. So no wonder it is a very popular round head haircut. Its other advantages include ease of maintenance and styling. Just push your hair upward with a touch of hair product and you are good to go.

    Side Part Hairstyle for Round Face Men

    Side parted hair looks good on almost everyone and guys with round faces are no exception. With such mens haircuts round face gains much needed sharpness and structure. The side on which to create a part is up to you. Try both and see which suits your facial features best.

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    Buzz Haircuts for Round Faces Men

    If you have a full face, you may try to hide it behind long locks. While this option is quite viable, this does not mean that you cannot wear short mens hairstyles for round faces. Take, for instance, a buzz cut. It turns out stunning on any head shape, including round.

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    Spiky Round Face Hairstyle Male

    Spiked up hair adds some height to the top, which makes your face seem longer than it actually is. To pull off the look, the sides should be cut a bit shorter than the rest of the hair. For extra emphasis, consider a fade or a taper, which also makes your prominent top the focal point of the look.

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    Brushed Up Pompadour

    The key to perfect male hairstyles for round faces is in a lot of volume on the top of the head with the sides being relatively short. That is why a pompadour is a failproof option. Besides, it is very elegant and sophisticated, so you can rest assured that you will always look great.

    Comb Over Haircut Round Face Men

    Another excellent example of the best hairstyles for round faces men is a comb over. It is also quite voluminous on top so it can make your head look longer and less chubby as a result. Plus, it is also suitable for the majority of situations, be it a dinner with friends or a formal meeting.

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    Slicked Back Round Head Haircut

    Among all hairstyles for men with round faces, a slicked back look may be not the most common. But this is only because not everyone knows how to style it so that it flatters your face shape. Before slicking it back though, you should tease your strands in the front a bit so the hairstyle does not come out flat.


    Side Swept Pompadour Round Face Hairstyle Man

    Did you know that a pompadour is an unbelievably versatile male hairstyle for round face? If not, we have good news for you. You can style it in a great number of ways, adjusting to your hair texture and personal preferences. If you get tired of a traditional brushed back pomp, sweep it to the side instead.

    Faux Hawk Haircut For Round Face Men

    A faux hawk is arguably the best haircut for round face men for multiple reasons. It is pretty easy to style, as you basically need to push the strands on the top of your head together so that they create a crest. The sides may be faded, tapered or simply trimmed short.

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    Textured French Crop

    How to wear a French crop so that it becomes one of the coolest mens short haircuts for round faces? We got the answer! It should feature plenty of texture on top. In this way, you will be able to make it look ample and voluminous, thus visually elongating your face.

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    Messy Waves Short Haircuts for Men Round Face

    With some mens short haircuts round face may look even chubbier. So that it will not happen, make sure you give your hair on top the required volume. As the length does not suggest elaborate styling, you can get away by ruffling your strands with a hand for a messy finish.

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    Curled Top with Fade

    Almost all haircuts for men with round faces can be complemented with a fade to draw attention away from your full face and add a stylish touch to your hair look. Your hair texture does not make big difference in this case. If you have a curly top, then a fade is your best bet.

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    Caesar Crop Short Hair for Round Face Men

    A Caesar short haircut for round face men is a failsafe option and here is why. As the top is a little longer than the sides, your head appears more oval. The texture makes it even more voluminous, thus enhancing the elongating effect. As a bonus, you get the ease of maintenance and styling.


    Round Face Hairstyles Men Bun

    Like we said before, to balance out your facial proportions, you need to go for guys haircuts for round faces that are voluminous or high on top. And a men bun falls under this description like no other. This is also one of the most convenient mens hairstyles for round faces and thick hair, as it allows you to tame your locks with ease.

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    Long Top And Tapered Sides

    If you prefer longer hairstyles for round faces men, consider adding a taper to them. This simple step will give your hair an ample look and takes the top to the center of attention. The face in this way will seem slimmer and more elongated. So, in case this is what you are aiming at, feel free to go for long top round face haircuts men with tapered sides.

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    Long Hairstyle Round Face Male

    Are you in search of long guys haircuts for round faces? Take a look at this stylish cut. The front strands frame your face and end at the chin level to take it to the spotlight. Yet, they are not overly long, so this hairstyle does not require too much maintenance.

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    Mullet Haircuts for Round Head

    Our list of the top guy haircuts for round faces would not be complete without a mullet. With all the party in the front, it is sure to bring attention to it rather than to your chubby face. And no worries, there is no need to grow your hair in the back extremely long. Just ensure it is longer than the rest of the locks.

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    Middle-Parted Top

    When it comes to parted short hair for round faces men, it is up to you to decide on the placement of the parting. However, the latest trends suggest dividing your hair in the middle. Just do not forget to volumize the top beforehand. To do this, you will need to blow dry it with a round brush and a tad of a hairstyling product.

    Volumized Brush-Back

    When brushing your hair back, do not forget that it should be volumized on top to give an impression of a longer and more slender face. What else makes it the best haircut for round face male is that it opens up your face and takes the focus to the eyes.

    Hopefully, our round face haircuts men collection has inspired you for your next hair look. As you can see, there is an option for everyone, no matter your hair texture or length preferences. With any of these haircuts, you are guaranteed to look your best.


    FAQs: Round Face Haircuts Men

    What hairstyle suits a round face?

    A layered haircut works wonders for a round face for many reasons. Not only is it fashionable and tasteful, but it also flatters your facial features, which usually lack angles and definition. You can never go wrong with a mid length shag accompanied by a side swept bang.

    Should round face have beard?

    The right beard style can actually make your round face look more elongated and angular. Make sure to opt for longer facial hair styles with sharp edges. Yet, steer clear of stubbles and short beards.

    Is long hair good for round face male?

    Long hair is a surefire way to go for men with round faces. Long strands that frame your face give it a more oval shape. So, it is a good idea to grow your hair so that it reaches the middle of your neck or longer.