Beard oil is an essential product for every bearded man. Since sporting facial hair is so much on trend now, there is a great demand for beard oils. This, of course, entails a myriad of the products available, which may cause you a headache when choosing the right one. How not to get lost in this ocean of oils for a beard? There’s no need to worry. Our ultimate guide will take you through the best beard oils of 2021.


You Asked, We Answered


What Does Beard Oil Do?

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You may wonder what for you need to use oil. The answer is not only on the surface but also beneath it. Beard oil hydrates your hair on the face and the underlying skin. Also, it makes styling much easier, as the hairs become soft and tamed. Finally, it adds a shiny touch to your beard for an ultimately groomed look.

Which Oil Is The Best For Growing A Beard?

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Of course, not every beard oil works equally well for boosting your facial hair growth. To help you sort things out and not to make the wrong choice, here is our helpful advice: read the labels, particularly the list of ingredients. The ingredient the product contains the most goes first. Quality oil does not contain a lot of ingredients, just a few is more than enough. Also, look for jojoba or argan oils on the list of ingredients and avoid added Vitamin E, as it should be part of one of the natural oils.


Should I Use Oil Every Day?

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Also, you may be confused about whether to add beard oil to your everyday grooming routine or not. Some guys shy away from it, as they believe that it can make their beard look greasy. While that is not even closely true, using oil every day is essential. It will soften your facial hair, as well as make it look and smell presentable. As of when and how often to use it, we recommend two times a day – once you have taken your shower in the morning and right before you hit the pillow.

What Is The Best Beard Product?

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While the contemporary market offers a wide range of beard products, not all of them work equally well. When it comes to choosing the best product for your beard, we recommend taking into account such features as natural and healthy ingredients, absorption speed, multipurposeness and effectiveness. The product that meets all these criteria in the best way is beard oil. It makes your facial hair soft, smooth and tamed, eliminates beard itch and dryness, gets rid of flaking and beard dandruff, nourishes and hydrates both your facial hair and skin beneath it as well as assists you with styling and boosts your beard growth.


Does Beard Oil Work Without A Beard?

To use oil, you should not necessarily already have a full-grown beard. Instead, to ensure that your beard will grow out healthy and strong, you should take care of it beforehand. And that is when oil comes into play. Your facial hair requires proper nourishment and moisturizing on its growth journey as well as the skin underneath it. You should be determined and consistent with it though. Use beard oil every day as many times as your skin and facial hair requires.

Can Beard Oil Help To Grow A Beard?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to boost your natural hair growth rate. However, there are many factors that impede it. And to eliminate them or at least, make less harmful, you may want to engage oil. Thanks to the natural unrefined oils it contains, such as argan and jojoba, beard oil provides the best setting for your facial hair to grow healthy, shiny and break less. Thus, you will be able to achieve a long tick beard much faster.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Beard?

Many bearded men have heard a lot about the wonderful properties of coconut oil for their facial hair. However, as many of them doubt whether it is true. Indeed, coconut oil works great for your facial hair, as it also nourishes and hydrates it deeply and does not leave a greasy feel. Besides, lauric acid that it contains allows it to get into the skin much better, making the roots soft and healthy.


The Best Beard Oils

Beard oil is aimed at moisturizing not only facial hair but also the skin under it, which is often left unattended. Keeping the beards hydrated is crucial, as this takes care of follicles and prevents hair from getting brittle. Many beard oils include minerals and vitamins, which help to grow out the strong beard and keep the skin under it healthy. Finally, oils add sheen to your beard, which makes it irresistible.

Essentials Beard Kit: Oil, Conditioner And Balm (Bossman)

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If you’re a newbie or just want to have it all, the beard care kit by Bossman is exactly what you need. It contains three products, which allows you to compare beard balm vs oil and give your beard hair an amazing scent.

Mythical Oil: All-Natural Formula (Rhett’s)

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If you’re looking for the best-scented beard care products, your quest is over. No matter whether you have a long or short beard, Rhett’s Beard Oil will make it soft, strong and growing while keeping your skin away from bumps and itch. Yet, its main advantage is a mind-blowing smell, which is a combination of rosemary, sandalwood and citrus notes.


Fragrance Free Oil And Leave In Conditioner (Leven Rose)

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Can’t stand any kind of smell in beard care products? Try out Leven Rose, which only has two ingredients – jojoba and Moroccan argan oil. It works as beard softener, eliminating beard itch and “beardruff.” With the regular use of beard oil growth of the facial hair speeds up, which allows you to get a full long beard fast and easy.

Corktown Beard Grooming Oil (Detroit Grooming)

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When choosing a place where to buy beard oil, consider if they have Detroit Grooming Co. Corktown Grooming Oil on offer. If they do, you should head there on the spur of the moment. This oil will make your facial hair smell amazing thanks to the bouquet of tobacco, vanilla and cedarwood. Its main ingredient, almond oil, keeps the skin moisturized and nourished without clogging pores.

Classic Beard Oil (Honest Amish)

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The best beards are worth the best beard maintenance. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil contains 7 premium and 7 essential oils, which promotes hair growth and helps to maintain the beard conditioned and nourished while keeping the underlying skin healthy and irritation-free.


Exclusive Blend Of Certified Organic Natural Oils (Jack Black)

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Jack Black Oil will be a perfect choice for those bearded men with sensitive skin. It has a mild scent that doesn’t clash with your fragrance and thanks to the essential and botanical oils falls into the category of beard growth products.

Conditioner And Softener For Men (St. Pierre’s)

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St. Pierre’s Urban Cowboy Oil is suitable for any skin type. It contains apricot kernel, jojoba and sandalwood oils, which make it nourishing and rich. Ii will change your understanding of how to shape a beard because it’s basically a liquid wax. Thus, no matter whether you have a small goatee or a full coarse beard, you can get along with the same product both for styling and maintenance.

Conditioning Oil Scented With Cedarwood And Fir Needle (Mountaineer Brand)

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Mountaineer Brand knows how to maintain a beard and it will teach you too. Actually, it will do it for you. It eliminates the issues that dry skin usually has – itching and flaking. Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil also makes mens beards hair soft, shiny and smooth, promoting its growth.


Oil Growth Conditioner For Men (The American Beard Company)

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One of the best beard trimming tips we can give you is to take care of your beard properly so that you wouldn’t have to trim it often. The American Beard Company Oil provides you with this opportunity, as it makes the hairs soft and easily manageable while protecting the skin from beardruff.

Premium Unscented Oil And Comb Kit (Prophet And Tools)

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We hope you know how important beard wash is. However, with the wrong products, it may become a disaster. Thus, choose only the best beard shampoo and oil that will calm down irritation, eliminate beardruff, untangle hairs and stimulate hair growth without giving you a greasy feel. You can get such products in one kit, which Prophet and Tools offers. This kit also contains a beard comb, which you’ll be able to use for the coolest beard styles for men.

Fragrance Free Premium Oil Leave-In Conditioner And Softener (The Gentlemen’s Beard)

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The Gentleman’s Oil along with the softening beard cream will make your facial hair look and feel smooth, soft and healthy. It untangles hairs, reduces beard dandruff and doesn’t require much time for application. The right choice for a real gentle man with beard.


Unscented Oil Conditioner (Viking Revolution)

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During winter, all types of facial hair require protection. Your beard is no exception. Viking Revolution Oil works great for sensitive, itchy and dry skin. However, if you’re looking for a product for elaborate men’s beard styles, you should probably skip this one.

The Powerful, Premium Oil For A Smooth Beard (Smooth Viking Beard)

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Your comprehension of what is oil will change with this Smooth Viking Beard Care, as it isn’t oil only in its essence. The product consists of balm and oils at the ratio 1:4 respectively. It also protects your facial hair and skin underneath from severe weather conditions by locking in the moisture and maintaining the appearance of your beard.

Pure And Natural Unscented Oil (ArtNaturals)

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If the name doesn’t give it away, this high-quality beard oil consists of all natural ingredients. Such beard products nurture your skin, deal with bumps and reduce beardruff.


How To Make Right Choice When Buying Oil For Your Beard

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When choosing the perfect product for your facial hair, you should ask yourself several crucial questions. The first would be, “How does beard oil work?” You should consider the effect it has on the skin and beard, using the information on the label. Also, you need to pay attention to the list of ingredients, whether they’re natural and safe. Finally, check if the packaging and the product itself are environmentally and animal-friendly.

Main Benefits

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For your convenience, we’d like to sum up the answer to the question “What does beard oil do?” First, it locks in the moisture in your beard hairs. Second, it makes your beard easy manageable and tamed. Third, helps to wash out debris and dirt buildup. And lastly, it enriches your skin, making it healthier, clearer and more hydrated.

4 Low Maintenance Steps For Morning Beard Care

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To help you make the most out of the facial hair oil for men, we’ve prepared step-by-step morning guidance on how to apply beard oil and keep your beard in check:

  1. Wash your beard along with your face, using all natural products.
  2. Condition your facial hair whenever you wash it.
  3. Moisturize both your beard and the skin under it.
  4. Style your beard with a beard balm and comb the way you like, pairing it with one of the trendiest mens haircuts.

Taking care of your beard is as important as treating your skin beneath it. For the best result, use the beard oil that appeals to you in all ways, from the effect it gives to the scent it has. We hope our insightful guidance has provided you with the ultimate information on the matter.


3 Reasons You Should Be Using Beard Oil

If you are still following a wash-and-go approach, here are 3 reasons you should be using beard oil:

  1. To keep your unruly facial hair tamed. Even if your hair on the head is easily manageable, the same may not concern your beard. Instead, facial hair tends to be coarse and unneat. A beard oil will resolve this issue without hassle.
  2. For a pleasant sillage. Typically, oil has a nice yet not overpowering aroma. Thus, it can make your facial hair smell good without the use of cologne. Such a quality is known as sillage.
  3. To use in multiple ways. Beard oil is a very versatile product. It can be used before shaving as a lubricant, after shaving to nourish your skin and individually for moisturizing. Also, each beard oil has a unique list of ingredients to serve a different purpose.
* Beard oil is a cosmetic product that is used to nourish the skin under the beard, as well as the beard itself in order to keep it “soft, shiny, and smooth”.
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