A two strand twist men hairstyle is a very popular way to tame your kinky locks. In addition to looking trendy and cool, it is also one of the most popular protective hairstyles. And you may not know it, but it is also pretty versatile. You can see it for yourself in our guide, where we have collected the most fashionable double strand twist ideas for every taste and preference.


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Two Strand Twist Short Hair

For the two strand twist men short hair works pretty fine as well. One of the main advantages of double twists is that it is not limited in terms of hair length and texture. As such, the two strand twist short hair male hairstyle is quite a popular choice for guys who want their tresses to look neat and stay protected.

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Medium Double Strand Twists Men

When you cannot decide between short and long twists, a mid length twisted hairstyle comes into play. It is more convenient and practical than long twists, yet offers more impact than 2 strand twist men short hair styles. For added emphasis, get your strands highlighted.

Medium Double Strand Twists Men With Highlights #twostrandtwistmen #twostandtwist #twisthairstyle

Long Two Strand Twist

If you have enough time and patience, you can never go wrong with the two strand twist locs men hairstyle. It is quite a commitment, as it takes much time and effort to create and maintain. However, you can expect that it will fully pay you off with compliments you are going to rake in long hairstyles for men.


Kamikaze Twists

Kamikaze twist typically involve tightly coiled or twisted sections of hair that are styled in a way that creates a textured and dynamic look. This hairstyle often features closely cropped sides and back, while the twisted sections are left longer on top, allowing for more styling versatility.

Two Strand Twist With Fade

Almost all black braids men can be complemented with a fade and a men 2 strand twist is no exception. In addition to giving your twists more emphasis and definition, it also makes your hair easier to maintain, as no one but you know how hard it is sometimes to keep your kinks in order.


Big Two Strand Twist

Those who on the contrary do not want to spend hours in the hairstyling chair while your braider is working their magic may get away with a chunky two strand twist for men. This hairstyle makes your facial features look bulkier and heavier. So, if this is what you are aiming at, feel free to go for the big mens two strand twist hairstyle.

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Small 2 Strand Twist

Looking for a male two strand twist hairstyle that will not leave anyone indifferent? You got it! Small 2 strand twist styles male are bound to be admired. It comes as no surprise that it is hard to resist such an impressive hairstyle, as it makes you realize how much work has been put into this masterpiece.

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Colored Hairstyle

It is quite easy to have fun with the two strand twist men hairstyle. Throw some color into it by incorporating colorful strands. In case you do not want to dye your locks, you can always get away by weaving colorful braiding hair into the twists.


Tapered 2 Strand Twists

If you think that you cannot handle so much contrast that a fade haircut gives, then try something less intense, such as a double strand twist male with a taper. Thanks to a great number of tapering types, you will easily be able to find an option to match your preferences.

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Male 2 Strand Twist Dreads

Two strand twist men dreads are another trendy way to pull off the look. What is good about them is that you do not have to make your big twists look particularly polished or sleek. Even if it turns out rather messy, that is totally fine.

Male 2 Strand Twist Dreads #twostrandtwistmen #twostandtwist #twisthairstyle

Two Strand Twists With Beads

To accentuate their two strand twist dreads men have multiple options. If you want not only a bold hair look but also the one that will allow you to pay tribute to your heritage, then consider adorning your twists with beads. There are plenty of options to choose from, including glass, wood, metallic and plastic.

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Two Strand Twist Boys

Little boys also love twists, especially when it is two strand twist male short hair styles. If your kid cannot sit in place for a long time, you can only twist the hair on the top of his head. The sides and back can be embellished with a cool hair design, such as lines, a spider web or even something more intricate.

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Twist Hairstyles Men In A Bun

Whenever you are feeling tired of your long two strand twist locs male hairstyle, you can always take the hair out and away from your face into a men bun. It is an effective way to keep your tresses even more protected and get a saucy look at the same time.

High Top Undercut

Guys who love to stand out in the crowd should enhance the double strand twist men hairstyle with shaved sides. As a result, you get a very high contrast and clean hair look. However, keep in mind that you will most likely have to touch it up daily, especially if your hair grows fast.

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Two Strand Twists Men With Bleached Ends

There is a number of ways to introduce color to your twisted hairstyle. Those who are seeking a colorful touch, not a completely different twist dreads with fade may add it to the tips of the twists with a color. Yet again, no need to run with bleach or hair dye when you have braiding hair options in any color possible.

Sleek Double Strand Twist

When you know that your double strand twist men hair should look its best, make it sleek and polished. To achieve the look, your braider will need to use a generous amount of a styling product and have a firm hand. If you find a person who can deliver such a refined hairstyle, you may consider yourself lucky.

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Cornrows Inspired

For Kamikaze two strand twits, you need to find a really skillful braider who knows what they are doing. It is important to keep the lines sharp and defined to create a clear pattern on your head. The two strand braids twists themselves are usually pretty thin, which requires much concentration.

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Mens 2 Strand Twist Ombre

Who said that an ombre hair color style works only for women? We are here to prove them wrong. It does not have any gender, age and other labels. So, you are welcome to get it for your male 2 strand twist hairstyle. It gives the twists extra attention and accentuates their texture.

Double Strand Twist Mens Hairstyle In Ponytail

Another way to keep the twists out if the way is a ponytail. In fact, if the length of your men two strand twist hair allows for it, you can style however you like. A double strand twist men hairstyle is so tidy that you can actually wear it to the office if your dress code allows it.

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Mohawk Two Strand Twist For Men

Did you know that you can turn your 2 strand twist men hairstyle into a mohawk? If not, you have come to the right place. We will tell you how to do it. No worries, you will not have to sacrifice your 2 strand twist on short hair. Just get the sides undercut, which will make the top the focal point of the look, and style the twists so that they create a crest.

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Red And Big Twisted Hair

Although a double strand twist male hairstyle is mostly popular among Black hair, this does not mean that guys with other hair types cannot get it. Reh haired men look very trendy and sassy with double strand twists. So why not take advantage of it?

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3 Strand Twist Dreads

Three-strand twist dreads, also known as three-strand twist locs or simply three-strand twists, are a popular hairstyle within the natural hair community. This style involves dividing the hair into small sections and twisting each section using a three-strand technique. The result is a textured, rope-like appearance that resembles dreadlocks. Three-strand twist dreads offer a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle for those looking to embrace their natural hair texture while achieving a unique and stylish look. They can be created on various hair types and lengths and can be further enhanced with decorative accessories or adorned with beads.

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Dreadlocks With A Twist

Two strand twists male is a unique and stylish approach to the traditional dreadlocks hairstyle. This innovative twist incorporates various techniques and elements to create a distinctive look. It involves adding colorful or textured extensions, braiding sections of the hair, or incorporating decorative beads and charms.

Dreadlocks With A Twist #twostrandtwist #twostrandtwistmen

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Pigtails Black Mens Twists Undercut

Black men’s hair twist styles is a trendy look that combines several elements for a unique and stylish look. It features a classic undercut on the sides and back, where the hair is shaved short, contrasting with longer hair on top. The longer hair is typically twisted into neat and defined coils, commonly known as “twists.” To add an extra touch of creativity, the twists are gathered into pigtails, creating a playful and eye-catching effect. This hairstyle is particularly popular among black men seeking a distinctive and fashionable appearance while embracing their natural hair texture.

How Do Men Twist Their Hair?

To create a mens two strand twist hairstyle, follow these steps:

1. Wash your hair and condition it.
2. Allow it to air dry for a while.
3. Divide the hair into square sections.
4. Take a hair strand the size of your future twist.
5. Work some twisting hair product into it, divide the section in half and twist the halves together.
6. They should be stretched and pulled while you are working your way down, which will keep the strand taut.
7. When you get to the end of the strand, secure it in place.
8. Keep on twisting the strand until there is no hair left.
9. Apply a setting mousse or a shine spray as a finishing touch.

Now you not only have the best two strand twist men hairstyle ideas, but you also know how to style twists yourself. So, whenever you decide to get the look, you will no longer have any excuse why you are postponing it. And get back to us for more inspiration every time you need a makeover.

FAQs: Two Strand Twist Men

How long do 2 strand twists last for men?

The 2 strand twist men hairstyle may last anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows and many other factors, including your hair care routine and lifestyle.

Does two strand twist grow hair?

Because a male 2 strand twist hairstyle protects your hair in the first place, it can help it to grow faster.

Should I twist my hair wet or dry?

Twisting dry hair allows you to retain length. Yet, wet hair ensures that the hairstyle stays in place longer and generally appears better.

How often do you wash 2 strand twist?

When washing a men two strand twist hairstyle, you should be careful not to ruin it with excess rubbing or unsuitable product. Wash your twisted hair every other week, using a shampoo and a hair conditioner.