The hard part haircut has many different names, such as a shaved part, razor line, side part line and others. This is basically a contemporary interpretation of the traditional side part, which gained a lot of popularity at the time. The shaved line haircut is highly versatile as it perfectly complements almost all men’s hairstyles. Get inspired by the ideas we compiled in this ultimate guide to the carved sideline.


Hard Part Haircut – What Is It?

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Q: What is a hard part haircut? What does a hard part haircut look like?

A: It’s always a good practice to start off with the understanding of the concept. This haircut is a shaved into the scalp line. It’s aimed at visually sectioning your hair for added contrast in mens short haircuts. It’s usually carved along your genuine part.

How To Get It

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To get one of the this haircuts, you need to simply ask your barber or hairstylist for it. It’s not a DIY cut as it requires a really steady and professional hand. Thus, don’t even try to do it yourself because there’s a risk to end up with the crew cut.

How To Cut It

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Besides having a barber to give you the part haircut, ensure he or she has high-quality tools, namely a sharp razor. Also, the stylist should be skilled enough to cut a perfect line into your hair down to your scalp. As for the choice of the haircuts lines design can be complemented nicely with an undercut or fade.

How To Style The Hard Part

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Q: How do I style my hair with a hard part?

A: Mens hard part, in essence, isn’t a separate haircut. It complements other mens hairstyles to make them edgier and snugger. Hence, you can style it whatever suits you best. The most popular ‘do though is to style the top hair away from the part using a hair product. Alternatively, you can comb the hair on top back an leave the side hair as it is.

Best Hair Styles And Cuts For The Hard Part

Since the hard part is so adjustable, here are some cool hairstyle ideas to pair it with.

Hard Part With Fade

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If you want all eyes on you, the fade with part will give you this. Besides, the hard part fade is the primary way to attain the cut. You have many fade haircut options though – skin, low, mid, high and taper.

Hard Part Undercut

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For those who don’t feel like having a traditional fade, there’s another excellent option – an undercut haircut. The shaved undercut gives you the desired boldness while keeping the focus on the voluminous top hair. It’s also very versatile as you can brush the hair back or comb it over.

Buzz Cut

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Short haircuts for men, like the buzz cut, for example, can seem too plain sometimes. For a provocative twist, add a razor line that goes all the way down and around your head.

Comb Over

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The hard part comb over is a more exciting version of the traditional comb over. Though, the gents who like refined and dapper looks will still highly appreciate this hair style.

Quiff Top

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The hard part looks particularly flattering for long top hairstyles. The quiff hair is definitely one of such instances. You can even resort to artistic elements and create a lightning bolt pattern with the razor line. The good news is it works flawlessly for brunet, blond and red hair men.


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Here’s another hairstyle with a long top and carved lightning bolt design. The pompadour hairstyle comes out exclusively stylish and neat. The pompadour hair is brushed up and away from the face while the pompadour fade goes very high.

Curly Parting

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The hard part can be cut into any hair texture, so the curly hair men aren’t left behind too. The razor cut side part shows itself exquisitely on short curly hair men, paired with voluminous kinky pomp and high skin fade.

High Fade With Hard Part

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Although a high fade can already make your hairstyle look quite edgy and defined, you may want to give it an additional emphasis by complementing with a hard part. As for the hair on top, the range of hairstyle options is endless. You can go for a short and messy or long and neat hairstyle with equal success.

Hard Part With Undercut And Pompadour

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A hard part can put a modern and stylish twist on a classic pompadour hairstyle. When paired together, they make up a really trendy and fashionable look. Thanks to the contrast and emphasis a hard part creates, the pomp looks even ampler and fuller. Just remember to give it regular upkeep and your hairstyle will be the talk of the town.

Crew Cut With Hard Part

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Even such a short style as a crew cut can be complemented with a hard part. This simple yet distinctive element can make any hairstyle look instantly bolder and edgier. On the sides though, you can go for a high skin fade for additional contrast and sharpness. This clean and neat look allows for any kind of a facial hair style, so feel free to go for one too.

Afro Hard Part

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A hard part is a surefire way to give an Afro hairstyle a clean-cut look. No matter how long or short your hairstyle is going to be, a hard part will bring it that very accent that will define and shape it up. If that does not seem enough for you, consider a line up along the forehead and temples for a clear outline.

Pink Hair On Top

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A hard part works for most hairstyles, making them instantly sharper and edgier. However, to achieve a really bold appearance, you can experiment not only with the hairstyle but also with the hair color. If you are a really fashion savvy guy, try to incorporate different complementary or matching colors in one look.

Arc Surgical Line

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Although a classic hard part represents a sharp straight line, it does not always have to be like that. One of the best things about this cut is that it allows you to unleash your creativity. Thus, you are welcome to play around with the shape of the parting. For instance, an arc surgical line razor-shaved around your ear will give your hair look a frisky turn.

Parted Faux Hawk

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There are many ways to complement a faux hawk and a hard part is one of the easiest and boldest. Thanks to the clean line that separates the hair on the top of the head from the sides, nothing distracts attention from your crest, making it the focal point of the whole look.

Double Parting

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If a single hard part seems like not enough for you, feel free to duplicate it. A double parting is a fresh and modern take on the traditional hairstyle, which looks intricate and fun. Besides, it makes even the most classic hairstyle appear stylish and edgy.

You Asked, We Answered

Q: Does a hard part grow back?

A: Like any other haircut, a hard part will definitely grow back. Unless your hair has stopped growing for some reason, you will notice regrowth in a couple of days, while the surgical line will completely disappear in several weeks.

Q: How do I style my hair with a hard part?

A: Because a hard part is not a hairstyle in its essence but a razor-shaved line on your head, you are free to choose how to style it. Yet, here are a couple of good suggestions for the best result:

  • Wait until your hair is long enough to pull off a hard part.
  • Wash your hair and rough dry it.
  • Trim the hair shortly to the skin using a trimmer with a sharp edge.
  • Work a hair gel or pomade into the top.
  • Carve the part on your head with the help of a sharp and straight edge razor.
  • Fashion the hair so that it does not impede the hard part.
  • Sleek any emerged tufts.
  • Using a comb, sweep your locks to the side.
  • Team your parting with a pomp, undercut or another hairstyle that flatters your face shape.
  • Add a couple of spins as a final touch to your look.

Q: How do you cut a hard part line?


  1. Choose the scalp area where you want your hard part to be and its thickness.
  2. Wet the hair where you are going to shave in the hard part.
  3. Indent a couple of inches from the center of your head and demarcate the line of the parting using a straight edge razor.
  4. Mark the start and finish points of the parting.
  5. Apply a hair gel to the area of the future hard part and work it into the hair.
  6. Trim and shave your locks using a trimmer.
  7. To achieve a defined look, smoothen and line up the hard part.
  8. Choose a hairstyle that you will complement your hard part with.

To get the most out of your hair, customize your very own men’s hairstyle with a razor line. We hope that with our help, you’ll find this task very easy to accomplish. So, make no stay and attain one of the edgiest hairstyles today!


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