A low taper fade is a popular haircut option for guys who choose to look neat and dapper. As it creates a clean and elegant silhouette, you can never go wrong with it. Besides, getting a taper fade low means that you are free to pair it with any hairstyle on top, from a short cropped top to a long comb over. Last but not least, there are no limits for a low taper in terms of hair texture, as it is suitable for straight and curly locks and anything in between. Need a bit of inspo to update your current haircut? You are sure to find it here.


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Short Low Taper Fade

Short Low Taper Fade #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


If you want to keep it simple, then there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Go for a short taper low fade haircut, which nevertheless turns out looking sharp and impactful. No wonder that with a short low taper fade black male haircuts can be spotted so often. Together they create a perfect combination.


Long Hair Low Taper Fade

Long Hair Low Taper Fade #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


In case you prefer longer hair, you can complement it with a taper fade haircut. So as not to make a too harsh contrast between the sides and the top, consider a low taper fade. Since it still takes off pretty much hair from the sides, you will achieve a tidy and natty appearance.

Styling Tip: use a lightweight pomade to keep the top styled without weighing it down. Blow dry your hair while brushing back to add volume and smoothness.

Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

Low Taper Fade Curly Hair #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


Struggle to tame your curls? No need to rush with trimming them all off. It is better to buzz the sides and back instead. With a low taper curly hair gains more definition and emphasis. Though, the profile is kept groomed and classy.

Styling Tip: For maintaining a cut, work in a curl-enhancing cream to define and moisturize your curls. To keep the style looking fresh, use a diffuser when blow-drying to boost volume and minimize frizz. Regular trims will preserve the integrity of the fade, ensuring a clean transition from the textured top to the tapered sides.


Wavy & Messy Low Taper

Wavy & Messy Low Taper #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


Because the sides are so well trimmed, you can style the top a little messy without worrying that it will give an unkempt impression. This is a great hairdo for guys with wavy hair, as it allows you to enhance your hair texture while still looking in check. To create the hairstyle, all you need to do is to tousle the locks on top with a tad of a hair styling product to your taper haircut.

Clean Side Part

Clean Side Part #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


When you need a hairstyle that would be appropriate in any ambiance, a low temp fade with a side part is your way to go. It does not require much effort to get, while the maintenance is relatively easy too. Yet, the final result exceeds all your expectations.

Styling Tip: Regularly apply a small amount of high-hold pomade to damp hair. Comb the hair into place to create the side part, then use a hairdryer to set the style and add volume where needed. Keep the parting sharp and the sides immaculate with routine touch-ups at the barber.


Quiffed Taper Low Fade Haircut

Quiffed Taper Low Fade Haircut #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


Those who wear a quiff may want to complement their haircut with a low or mid taper fade. In this way, they will bring more attention to the top and make the quiff a focal point of the whole look. If you are not planning to make it overly bold and high contrast, then opt for a low tapered fade cut.

Low Taper Fade Black Man

Low Taper Fade Black Man #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


It comes as no surprise that with a low taper fade black male hair looks especially good. Thanks to your pronounced hair texture, the hairstyle always appears defined. For an extra sharpness to the low taper fade black man can incorporate a line up along the forehead and temple hairline.

Pompadour Low Fade Taper

Pompadour Low Fade Taper #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


Are you a guy who prefers classic hairstyles, such as a pompadour? As it suggests wearing long hair low taper fade is almost a must for you. It can be seamlessly blended into the top, which you will then style into an ample pomp. And this is how you give a more traditional hairstyle a modern twist. This is what the Dubai barber Anton Nizhnik  writes about on his Instagram:

Have you noticed that men’s haircut fashion has finally developed recently? 🤔
Let me explain what I mean. In the mid-10s, if some kind of trend in haircuts appeared, then everyone began to wear the same haircut. And no one cared whether she was suitable for a person or not.
And now it’s very cool. Firstly: now there are several trends that are at the peak of fashion. Choose what suits you and what you like. Secondly: there are trends that are on the way, that are just beginning to come into fashion. And if you’re brave, you can trim samples from future seasons.


Voluminous & Curly Low Taper Fade Haircut

Voluminous & Curly Low Taper Fade Haircut #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


As we already mentioned, for a low taper curly hair is one of the best textures to work with. It makes it possible to shape your curls so that they look voluminous yet groomed. You may need to employ a blow dryer and a hair styling product to keep the hair in place. Or if you choose more effortless hairstyles, then let your curls fall naturally.

Spiky & Messy Low Taper Haircut

Spiky & Messy Low Taper Haircut #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


Not sure how to make a taper Edgar haircut flattering for you? Get a low fade on the back and sides. Thanks to it, you will be able to style the top messy and spike it up, as the cut itself suggests texturizing the hair on top. This is how educator Zach Ramsey comments on his work:

In this photo we went with a forward laying heavily textured cheddar up top. Using more of a horizontal point cut creating an uneven finish within a designated silhouette.

Clean Faded Neckline + Side Part

Clean Faded Neckline + Side Part #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


To add an emphasis to your haircut, accentuate it with a clean faded neckline teamed with a side part. You can even take it to another level of boldness by going for a hard part. Yet, to keep the hairstyle chiseled, you will need to visit your barber for regular upkeep.


Curly Side Part

Curly Side Part #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


This hair look by mens hairdresser Anthony Giannotti is a pure definition of a gentleman’s hairstyle. With curly long hair low taper fade goes like peanut butter and jelly. But adding a side part is what pulls the look together. If you opt for it, you can rest assured that you will always look your best wherever you go.

Short Brushed Back

Short Brushed Back #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


Simple does not equal boring. Those who are leaning toward hairstyles that do not take much time to get should take a closer look at a short brushed back ‘do. A low tapered fade on the sides will not let it look plain. So, keep that combo in mind.

Styling Tip: Apply a medium-hold pomade to damp hair. Use a brush to gently sweep the hair back while blow-drying, directing the airflow from the roots to the tips for a smooth finish.

Messy Brushed Back Bald Taper Fade

Messy Brushed Back Bald Taper Fade #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


If you like to stand out in the crowd, then a low taper fade black male haircut is your sure bet. The top can be styled in a myriad of different ways, from brushed back to messy. And in case you do not want to choose between two limits, a messy brushed back bald taper fade is your golden mean.


Low Taper Long Hair Slicked Back

Long Hair Slicked Back #lowtaperfade #lowfade #taperfade


For long hair low taper fade by Robert Braid is one of the best accompaniments for good reason. It removes bulk from your sides and back so not only does your hairstyle seem more movable and fresh but it also becomes much easier to maintain. To keep it looking spick and span, style your locks slicked back.

High Taper vs Low Taper

High Taper vs Low Taper #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


High and low taper fades obviously have the same origin – they are both a way of tapering the hair so that it is noticeably shorter on the sides than that on the top. Yet, as the name suggests, a high fade haircut starts at the hairline and goes high up, finishing an inch from the top. A low tapered haircut also begins near the hairline. Yet, it does not exceed the lower ear level.

Low Taper Fade Straight Hair

Low Taper Fade Straight Hair #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


With a low taper straight hair gets more definition and contrast. So, it is a good idea if you do not want to resort to overly intricate haircuts and styles. Plus, it gives you a lot of versatility. You can style your top in a number of different ways, from messy spikes to a neat pompadour.


Low Taper Mullet

Low Taper Mullet #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


A mullet is so popular these days that you should definitely try it on at least once. However, to ensure it works for you, it is better to complement your mullet with a low tapered haircut on the sides. For more boldness, you can opt for a low skin taper.

Low Taper Edgar

Low Taper Edgar #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


The Edgar haircut by Diego Elizarraras is basically a crop cut with tapered or faded sides. This prominent haircut is one of the hottest hair trends at the moment. If you are hesitant about whether you are going to like it, why not start with a low taper Edgar cut? The look turns out quite low key yet recognizable.

Low Taper Designs

Low Taper Designs #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


Unleash your creativity with hair designs. So that they better show up, get a haircut that provides a perfect canvas for them, such as a low fade taper haircut. Of course, you will need to update the design quite often to keep it crisp and clean. Yet, a low taper with design is worth the effort.


Low Taper Buzz Cut

Low Taper Fade Buzz Cut #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


While in some cases for a low taper long hair is a better option, it does not mean that you cannot pair it with short haircuts, such as a buzz cut fade by Andy Rosario. For more contrast, you may want to get a low skin taper fade and finish off the look with a line up.

Crew Cut with Low Fade

Crew Cut with Low Fade #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


If you want something practical and neat, you can never go wrong with a low taper fade short hair cut. And a crew cut is your best bet in this case. No matter what hair texture you have, straight or kinky, you can rest assured that it is going to work for you perfectly.

Brushed Back Short Waves

Brushed Back Short Waves #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


Whenever you need your wavy hair to look its best, style it brushed back and enhance it with a low fade. If your locks are quite unruly, you may need to employ a bit of a hairstyling product with a strong hold. Also, it helps when you train your hair to get used to this shape in advance.


Textured Waves Low Taper Cut

Textured Waves Low Taper Cut #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


With a low taper fade long hair on top garners more attention. In case you are willing to take your wavy locks to the center stage, get a textured cut on top and accompany the look with a low faded cut on the sides. Do not hesitate to make good use of a texturizing hair product.

Low Taper Black Afro Curls

Low Taper Black Afro Curls #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


A low taper with curly hair goes together like peanut butter and jelly. It helps you to tame your kinks and keep your profile neat and tidy. The style of your hair on top does not really matter, as it looks cool anyway. But if you cannot decide, a Black Afro low taper is your failsafe option.

Messy Low Taper Cut with Soft Parting

Messy Low Taper Cut with Soft Parting #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


How to wear low taper with long hair by Romania barber Horatiu Tolan so that it looks sophisticated and trendy at the same time? Style your strands on top messy and define them with a soft parting. A low taper haircut helps you to pull everything together and prevents your hairstyle from looking scruffy.


Low Taper Man Bun

Low Taper Man Bun #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


With a low taper fade long hair gains a new definition. As such, if a man bun is your go to hairstyle, why not take it to another level with a low tapered haircut? This will also make your mane easier to maintain and generally remove bulk from it.

Asymmetrical Fluffy Low Taper Cut

Asymmetrical Fluffy Low Taper Cut #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


Guys who like to stand out in the crowd will love this haircut. An asymmetrical low taper with a fluffy finish will never let you go unnoticed. While it is easier to get on wavy or curly tresses, men with straight hair can pull it off too. Just arm yourself with a blow dryer and a volumizing hair product.

Low Faded Cut with Messy Curls on Top

Low Faded Cut with Messy Curls #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


So that your messy curls would not turn into a total mess, complete the look with a low faded taper. It takes your intricate hair texture to the spotlight and provides ease of maintenance and styling. The length of the top is up to you. But for more defined curls, you may need some patience.


Low Tapper Haircut with Side Bangs

Low Tapper Haircut with Side Bangs #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


Guys with side bangs look very attractive and cool. But not everyone can nail the look. If you struggle to find your style, try to team it with a low taper. Trust us, this combo is so daring that you will not want to switch it for anything else.

Curly Afro Low Skin Taper Fade

Curly Afro Low Skin Taper Fade #lowtaperfade #taperfade #lowtaper #lowfade


A curly low taper is a popular Afro haircut and no wonder. It gives your kinky locks a neat appearance and makes them easier to maintain. For an edgier look, go for a low skin taper fade instead of a regular one. We are pretty sure you will not regret it.

We believe there is no need to convince you that you need to get a low taper fade if you have not already. Being one of the most popular ways to accompany a hairstyle, it gives your appearance a chic and smart feel. Hopefully, the mind blowing ideas we have picked out for you above have given you enough inspo for your future hair look.

FAQs: Low Taper Fade

What is a low taper fade?

A low taper fade is a haircut type that implies taking your hair on the sides and back from longer near the ear top area to shorter toward the hairline. As it does not reveal the scalp, it is an ideal option for anyone who prefers low key haircuts.

How do you ask for a low taper fade?

To ask the barber for a low fade haircut taper, you need to tell them that you want a haircut that gradually changes in length starting from the tips of your ears. Since it is a taper fade, not a regular fade, the fading curves around the ears and goes down to the nape. Ideally, your barber should understand what you want by simply naming the cut. But to make sure they get you exactly what you want, it is better to bring an image of the desired look to the barbershop.

What is the difference between a low taper fade and a high taper fade?

The main difference between a high and low fade haircut is that the former looks bold and edgy while the latter comes out reserved and low key. This is because of the way the hair length changes on the back and sides. A low taper fade haircut starts above the ears and gradually decreases in length as it reaches the hairline. A high taper fade begins at the temple or forehead area and finishes before it gets to your ear tips.

What is a low taper haircut?

A low taper is a type of a tapered haircut where the hair on the sides is cut quite short compared to the rest of the head. A low taper cut starts at the neck and ends near the bottom ear level.

What the difference between low taper and high taper?

The main difference between a high and low taper cut is that the former suggests trimming the hair on the back and sides pretty high, while the latter is focused on the area near the hairline.