The new Thor Ragnarok haircut has won many guys to short haircuts, especially those guys that had long hair. Thor’s original long golden curls have switched to a short stylish cut. Nobody expected his long curls to come off, but guys are admitting that this new short haircut is easier to pull off.


So, if you have always wanted to channel Thor’s hairstyle, now is the best time to do so without going the extra mile. To help you with an idea of what to ask your barber for, and how to style and make it more appealing, this essential guide is for you.

What Is Thor’s Haircut Called?

There’s absolutely nothing ancient about the updated Thor Ragnarok haircut. Basically, the name of the haircut is a textured crop. As you should know, a cropped haircut is very versatile. This means that there are different ways to style it.

The updated version of Chris Hemsworth cut features shortly trimmed sides, while the top of the head is disheveled to create a casual and relaxed impression. If you say the naturally messy top adds to its flattering look, you’re not wrong.

If you have ultra-straight locks, you should ask the barber for a cut with layering for added texture to your short haircuts for men. With this haircut, styling doesn’t matter, what is significant is how well-trimmed the cut is, and color of your hair.

To perfectly nail this haircut, you need to have blonde locks like the actor. You can also add multidimensional lowlights and highlights for your hair to have movement and definition.


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How Long Is Thor’s Beard?

If Chris Hemsworth’s haircut resonates with you, then Thor beard style should interest you. The good news is that it takes little time or effort to replicate. To achieve Thor’s beard, you’ve got to do it rightly.

Before getting  Chris Hemsworth beard style, the first question you’re to ask is “How long is Thor’s beard?” Surprisingly, he sports a classic short beard. It’s a basic beard style, so the procedure is pretty easy.
Chris Hemsworth’s beard has no bald patches, which means it takes five to seven days to grow. To get it, trim the sides of your facial hair with the guard size between 3 and 3.5. To create a gradual transition, take the guard size 4 and trim the hair on the jaw and chin.


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How To Tell The Barber What Haircut I Want?

So that your hairstylist would give you the right Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok haircut, you need to tell them to trim your sides and back with the guard size between 3 and 4. Yet, they should make it quite low. Chris Hemsworth hair on the top of his head is left quite long, between 1.5” and 2”. Also, do not forget about the textured cut if you really want to get the right Thor hair style. Chris Hemsworth long hair in the front is styled so that it creates a flick, so mind that too.

Medium Length Hairstyle #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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How Do I Get The Updated Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle In Everyday Life?

The new Chris Hemsworth short hair cut is pretty easy to style. You just need to stock up on a texturing product, such as a sea salt spray, and something that will give your locks a matte finish and a strong hold, like a matte clay. Also, you will need to employ a blow dryer, as it is much easier to get a textured hairstyle with its help.

How Do I Get The Updated Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle In Everyday Life #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth


How Can I Adopt Chris Hemsworth Iconic Hair Looks?

Undoubtedly, Thor Ragnarok hair always looks its absolute best both short and long. However, not all Chris Hemsworth hairstyles were as remarkable as the Thor short hair style in the brand-new movie. Yet, all of them were trendy and unique in their own way. So, let’s dig into the evolution of the best Chris Hemsworth haircut looks, from windswept surfer’s bangs to a basic buzz cut.


Side Swept Medium Hair

Although the Chris Hemsworth Ragnarok hairstyle is short, the actor often chooses a mid length cut swept to the side.

Side Swept Medium Hair #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair

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Chris Hemsworth Curtains Haircut

Curtains look unbelievably good on the actor, as they give a Thor’s haircut a stylish twist.

Chris Hemsworth Curtains Haircut #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair

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Chris Hemstworth Man Bun

The Chris Hemsworth man bun is an iconic hair look that a lot of men try to recreate.

Chris Hemstworth Man Bun #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair

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Short Hair Thor

With short hair Thor undeniably looks more masculine and bold.

Short Hair Thor #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair

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Short Sides Long Top

Of course, for Chris Hemsworth Thor haircut is not a signature look. The actor also prefers a popular short sides long top style.

Short Sides Long Top #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair


Thor Long Hair

Although there is no specific Thor Ragnarok haircut name, you can simply refer to it as Thor long hair styles.

Thor Long Hair #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair

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Messy Undercut Thor’s Hair

Here is a sharp and edgy take on Thors haircut. A messy undercut top comes outdaring and ruffian.

Messy Undercut Thor’s Hair #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair

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Side Part Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Almost all Thor haircuts can be adjusted to suit professional ambiance and look appropriate on the Red Carpet and this side-parted style is no exception.

Side Part Chris Hemsworth Haircut #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair


Ivy League Thor’s Haircut

The Thor haircut can give quite a formal vibe, like this Ivy League style.

Ivy League Thor’s Haircut #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair



Chris Hemsworth Mustache And Beard

The Thor Ragnarok beard is something that never goes unnoticed as well as his mustache.

Chris Hemsworth Mustache And Beard #thorragnarokhaircut #chrishemsworth #thor #thorhair


Side Swept Bangs #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth


Swept Back Hairstyle #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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Side Part Messy Hairstyle #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth


Buzz Cut #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth


Long Hair #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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Slicked Back Hairstyle #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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Side Part Haircut #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Wet Spikes #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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Side Quiff #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Blonde Quiff #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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Spiky Short Cut #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth

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Medium Side Swept #thorragnarokhaircut #haircuts #chrishemsworth


The new Thor Ragnarok haircut will not leave you unnoticed. However, now you will not look like you take part in cosplay. The updated version of his cut is short, stylish and fashionable. Hopefully, our guide has inspired you to pull off the look yourself.


Why did Thor cut his hair in Ragnarok?

The main reason why we see Thor with short hair in Ragnarok is that he becomes imprisoned and thus has to take part in combat in the gladiator style.

Did Chris Hemsworth dye his hair for Thor?

As Thor’s hair is blonde both on the head and the face while the actor’s natural hair color is dark, Chris Hemsworth mustache, as well as his beard, were dyed for the role. Besides, the actor had to flaunt a wig during filming to get the requite hair shade.

Why does Thor have lines in his hair?

Lines in Thor Ragnarok hairstyle were supposed to look like the cut was performed using old-fashioned clippers.

How do you get long hair like Thor?

To achieve Thor long hair style, follow these steps:
1. Wash your hair and apply a blob of a leave-in conditioner to it.
2. Rub a dime-sized amount of a hair paste between your palms and apply it to your locks.
3. Using a comb, brush all your hair back and divide it then into two sections with a side part.
4. Blow dry your hair working from the roots toward the ends with the help of a hair dryer with a condenser attachment.
5. Rake your fingers through the locks to give your Thor hairstyle an effortless look.

Who is the barber in Thor Ragnarok?

The Thor Ragnarok haircut in the movie was performed by a barber called Stan Lee.

What colour is Thor’s hair?

Norse mythology describes Thor as red haired. However, Marvel adopted the idea that the god has gold hair.


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