Black Hairstyles Tutorials Create Distinctive Curls Or Braids Yourself

It’s Time To Learn How To Do The Most Iconic Black Hairstyles

It’s no secret that most black hairstyles are designed to finally tame the cruel and coarse natural hair, giving a wearer styling freedom and sense of comfort. Even though guys with thick, unruly curls can’t change their casual hairstyles every single day. The variety of hairstyles for black men has a lot of room for playing around.

When it comes to dealing with a natural mane, it’s crucial to make sure that you can control it. To do so, you shouldn’t rely on your barber only; you need to learn how to style your chevelure just yourself. That’s why we’re here!

To show your locks who’s the boss and make them behave, we’ve prepared for you a couple of step-by-step tutorials. Today you are going to learn how you can create the most popular black hairstyles for men, giving a decent look to your texture and a well-groomed appearance to your style.

How To Make Textured Curls

Source: kxdsheldy via YouTube

The first our tutorial is about to help you to get one of the most requested black male hairstyles that barbers do every single day. As you may know, there are different types of natural curly hair, and that they all differ from one another in terms of thickness. Luckily for all men with black curly hair, this step-by-step guide is meant for any hair type and texture.

This picture-tutorial will show you how to pick out afro hair fully and turn it into textured curls with a defined, precise shape. Before following the steps, read the tips about preparation and care routine for such a hairstyle.

What You Will Need For The Style:

  1.  As well as many black hairstyles men find to be super hard to get. This particular idea can’t do without a Denman brush. It’s a popular tool among curly hair community as it’s not only a detangling brush but also a nice product-distributing tackle.
  2. A moisturizing gel plays a crucial role in styling your hair, too. Apply it on your hair so that it’s silky and manageable for the style. To keep your hair healthy-looking, involve this product in your daily care routine.
  3.  Moisturizing shampoo and softening leave-in conditioner are another must-haves for black hair men with any natural texture should have.
  4.  For a more comfortable styling process, spritz your hair with water from time to time. It will save you from frizzy inconveniences.

How To Get The Style:

  1.  Start by splitting your hair off into two sections, making subsections of the both.
  2.  Apply a moisturizing product on your hair and distribute it evenly with a brush throughout the whole section you are working with. Pick your hair out from roots to the ends.
  3.  Put the picked section in a bun and repeat the same step with the second section so that all of your hair is fully picked out.
  4.  To make your hair manageable, spritz it with water, running your fingers through the whole mane.
  5.  Now, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo for natural hair, working with your brush or comb throughout all of your hair.
  6.  Once your hair is clean, scrub a softening leave-in conditioner through your hair with your fingers, working section by section to avoid extra tangles.
  7.  Give the conditioner some time to soak up, let your hair air dry, and enjoy the texture of curly hair men from natural hair community sport every day.

How To Make Box Braids By Yourself

Source: kxdsheldy via YouTube

It just so happens that every self-respecting guy who rocks natural hair should know how to do box braids. The truth is, it’s probably one of the most comfortable and sort of protective black hairstyles for men that keeps a wearer’s hair tight while looking very modern and sophisticated.

Nowadays, this style is the new trend of now; people from all over the world like to pull it off. Yet, men with black hair are the ones who can wear it most authentically. So we want to share with you a tutorial that will teach you how to braid your own hair and look super iconic. See what it takes!

What You Will Need For The Style:

  1.  A rat tail comb is the number one tool for such a hairstyle. Its handle will help you to create sections as well as separate them from one another.
  2.  Working with a leave-in conditioner is the best way on how to braid hair that tends to get frizzy and tangled. To soften your locks, consider applying such a product before you get to the styling.
  3.  For this style you will also need a curl emulsion that is designed to tame kinky hair, making it ready for twists, braids, perms, and so on.
  4.  To make your hair softer for braiding manipulations, a strong-hold gel will come in handy, too.

How To Get The Style:

  1.  Start by applying a leave-in conditioner on your clean, wet hair.
  2.  Create a perfect middle part, put a one-half piece of hair into a bun and start working with the loose part, picking it with a detangling comb and distributing the applied product all over your chevelure.
  3.  Repeat the process on the other side.
  4.  Blow dry your hair, running the brush through your hair so that it’s picked up fully.
  5.  Take a rat tail comb and part your hair straight in the middle, applying a curl cream on your curls to make your hair manageable for braiding.
  6.  Create an angular part over the middle one to start with a small section of hair.
  7.  Take the section, apply a styling gel on it, and split it into three pieces.
  8.  Start doing box braids by crossing the left section over the middle, as well as the right one, alternating the sides.
  9.  To make braids edgier at the tips, press the gelled ends to avoid unraveling.
  10.  Go on braiding until all of your hair is incorporated into braids.

You’ve just followed the steps of the handiest tutorials ever! Now you are familiar with not only styling products and tools that you should involve into your styling routine but also with easy ways of getting popular black hairstyles. So how about you to treat your natural hair with respect by giving it a perfect shape? Go for experiments!

Natural Hair Two-Strand Twist

Source: TpindellTV via Youtube

  1. Wash your hair with a curl and shine shampoo, apply a hydrating mask conditioner and towel dry it.
  2. Apply a curl cream and comb the hair through to distribute the product better.
  3. Divide your hair into two sections and tie them in ponytails.
  4. Take two thin strands of hair at the back and twist each of them around the axis.
  5. Twist the strands together in the direction opposite to the one they are twisted themselves.
  6. Secure the twist at the end with an elastic band.
  7. Continue until you twist all the hair. Let it sit for a day or two.
  8. Remove the elastics and take the twists out carefully so that the curl stays in.