When choosing black boys haircuts, you want them to be stylish and functional at the same time. Thus, you should opt for low maintenance hairstyles that would make your kid look and feel cool. With so many awesome ‘dos for black boys available, you’re bound to find the one that will make your sport happy with his thatch. So, let’s get a closer look at our options.


Classic Taper

When you are not up to overly elaborate little black boy hair cuts, a classic taper haircut comes in. With its clean sides and back, it leaves plenty of room to play around with the style of your hair on top.

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Short Curls And Hair Design

To keep your kid’s kinky locks tamed, consider one of the short boys haircuts. Buzz cut the sides and shave in a quirky hair design right behind his ear while leaving the top a bit longer to show off the unique texture.

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Box Braids

Box braids are considered one of the staple black toddler hairstyles. So, you can never go wrong with them. In addition to keeping your kid’s unruly locks tamed, they also add a trendy twist to his appearance.


Faded Sides With Shaved Line

When a fade does not seem like enough for you, resort to black boys haircuts designs. A carved in line on the sides looks sharp and bold. Thus, it guarantees that your champ will stand out in the crowd.

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Sweet Afro

Sometimes low key Afro haircuts for black boys are more than enough. Sweet and natural, they allow your little fella to show off the beauty of his kinks.


Curly High Top Fade

Fading helps to accentuate the majority of black boy hairstyles. Thus, you don’t have to be overly creative when it comes to styling the top. Simply making it high and textured is more than enough.

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Wavy Fade

A quick and easy way to spruce up a black boy’s hairstyle is to complement it with a fade. It comes out especially flattering when the style of the top is intricate and textured. For instance, you can enhance the wavy top with a high skin fade. In this way, you will effortlessly make it the focal point of the whole look.

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Undercut Curly Top

All sorts of undercut are a great accompaniment for a curly top. As it removes quite a lot of hair from the back and sides, a fade gives your kid’s hair a spick and span look. Besides, because it is quite versatile, you can adjust it to any ambiance, from a low shade fade for a school-appropriate look to a high skin fade for summer holidays.

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Short Sides Long Top

We don’t know about you but short sides long top little boys haircuts are one of our favorite for their unbelievably low maintenance and stately look. If your little one doesn’t have any specific preferences yet, try out this excellent batch of 10 year old boy haircuts.

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Bald Fade + Cornrows

Now, this is an option for really fashion forward guys, as it requires a bit of effort and even bravery. However, it fully pays off. An undercut bald fade with cornrows belongs to those black boys haircuts that never go unnoticed.

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Medium Curls

Bouncy mid curls appear lively and dynamic, just as your kid is. Remember though to take care of them properly.


Hair Twist

Hair twists are said to be one of the trendiest black boys haircuts 2021. So, if you want your little mod to hop on trend with his hair look, wait no longer to get his kinks twisted.

Buzz Cut

You want to keep it simple, as your tough little guy doesn’t have time to mess with styling his locks. In this case, consider a buzz cut, which doesn’t require any maintenance. As the style itself is quite modest, you can partner it with line-up and fade haircuts for boys.

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Flat Top

If you’re looking for really cool haircuts for boys with a coiled mane, go for a flat top. It does have a light air of the 90s, but a high skin fade and a line-up give it a modern and stylish turn.

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Symmetrical Line Up

An easy way to create a clean profile for your kid is by complementing his haircut with a line up. Thanks to the symmetry, such black boy haircuts look really cool and balanced.

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Blow Out Flat Top

A flat top is one of the most popular haircuts for little black boys. However, you can upgrade it a bit by combining with another trendy hairstyle for black boys – a blow out haircut. Together, they create a voluminous and eye catching look.

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Kinky Curls

Let your kid just embrace his kinks and flaunt them the way they are. This effortless and carefree hairstyle will give your child the feeling of freedom and independence, which is especially important at his age. Just make sure he keeps them clean and gets a fresh cut regularly.


Faded Mohawk With Design

Another great boys hair cut is a mohawk fade. When the sides are cut this short, the wiry mohawk on top becomes a focal point.

Mid Fade

A little black boy fade haircut is always a good idea, especially if it is a mid fade. The golden mean that he can flaunt equally successfully to the school and to hang out with his friends.

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High Top

To take advantage of your little man’s hair texture, stick to a high top haircut for boys. Follow a simple rule: the longer the hair on top is, the shorter it should be on the sides. For enhanced contrast, undercut the top with a shaved-in linear design.

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Buzz Cut With Hair Tattoo

A buzz cut can sometimes look too drastic and stiff on little boys. Thus, bring in some fun elements, like a short fade haircut on the sides and a shaved-in hair tattoo on the top.

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360 Waves

360 waves are obviously not one of the quick and easy black boys haircuts. Unlike a faded mohawk or buzz cut, it requires quite a lot of time and effort to get this amazing texture. However, if you’re ready for such a commitment to a hairstyle, remember that it totally pays off.

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Burst Fade

Also known as the South of France or Usher haircut, the burst fade impresses with its wide mohawk on top. Ultimately, one of the best hair cuts for boys to get.

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Ocean Waves & Hair Art

You can never go wrong with the ocean waves hairstyle for black kids. Not only does it keep they unruly kinks look neat and tidy but it also helps to accentuate their hair texture and pattern. Besides, it becomes a perfect canvas for the most intricate hair designs, which will instantly make your kid stand out in the crowd.

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Chunky Twists

If you are reluctant to take off too much hair from the top but still want to give your boy’s hair a clean appearance, then take a look at this cool hairstyle. It features chunky twists on the top, which allows you to keep his disobedient coils in order, and temple fade on the sides and back for a dapper look.

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Gelled Haircut

Although it is advisable not to use a lot of hair styling products on young boys’ hair, a blob of hair gel will not hurt for sure. Apply it to the locks on the top of the head to enhance their texture and give some definition. To keep the focus on the top, go for a high skin fade on the sides and back, which will also add contrast and sharpness to the look.

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Undercut And Top Knot

This ‘do features several swag black haircuts in one, namely a faded undercut with a line-up, a top knot and a hint of color.

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Short Dreads And Fade

At some point, your kiddo will be ready for more complex teen boy haircuts that require much time, attention and effort. Dreadlocks are one of such black boys haircuts. No matter how you style them or how long they are, dreads look amazing themselves.


This is another great example of the teenage boy haircuts with many requirements. However, the final result is so good that overweighs all the hassle. The braided cornrows allow you to play with texture, pattern, length, shape and accents, which makes your boy’s hair highly versatile.

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Side Swept Hard Part

Notably, side swept short black hairstyles come out as polished and dapper you want them to be. The hair texture though makes them more vivid and dimensional, thus don’t go with a lot of hair styling product. For added emphasis, pair it with a hard part and a line-up.

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Neat Spiky Hair

Highlight the rebellious temper of your champ with a staple of daring boys hair styles. A spiked up hair looks sharp and edgy while a low skin fade and a line-up make it seem neat and clean.

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Believe it or not, but a classic pompadour will never go out of style. It’s among those short hairstyles black hair gives an unexpected twist to. A mid skin fade and a line-up won’t hurt it at all.

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Today, black boys haircuts give as much versatility as the adult ones. It’s totally up to you to decide how to cut and style your kid’s ringlets. And with our inspiring collection, we hope you will never lack ideas.



How black boys cut their hair?

Mohawk is one of the most popular ways for black boys to cut their hair. Here is how to get it:
1. Protect his clothes from cut hairs with a drape.
2. Attach the ¼ inch guard to the clippers and trim the hair on the sides and back, leaving the hair on the crown intact.
3. Brush up the hair on top to eliminate any tangles and shape up the future mohawk.
4. Attach the 1 inch guard to the clippers.
5. Trim the hair on the top of his head, starting from the sides and working your way up to the center of the head.
6. Run the clippers through his hair on top, moving from the back to the front and the other way around.
7. Switch to the ¾ inch guard and trim the hair on the sides of the hair on top, leaving the middle part intact.
8. Attach the 1/8 inch guard and clean around the edges.
9. Apply a tad of a styling product to accentuate his hair texture.

When should I cut my black baby boy hair?

It is up to you when to cut your black boy’s hair. However, African American boys traditionally get their hair cut for the first time before or as soon as they turn one. Though, keep in mind that if you cut your boy’s hair before he turns two, his hair texture may become coarser while the curl may get more tight.

How do I take care of my black baby boy hair?

There are several rules to follow in order to take good care of your baby’s hair.
1. Use a shampoo that is free of sulfates and is specially made for the hair of African American boys.
2. Make sure to wash your boy’s hair 1-2 times a week to keep it clean. However, do not overdo it so that not to make his hair overly dry.
3. Treat his locks with care, as together with his scalp, it is still very sensitive.
4. Apply a sparing amount of hair oil after every wash to seal moisture inside his locks.
5. Keep an eye on your baby’s hair for any changes, as at some point, it may become too dry and coarse. This will be a signal that you should start to moisturize his locks with a special product.
6. Try not to style your baby boy’s hair until he is at least six months old, as over styling may result in hair breakage near his hairline.
7. If your baby’s hair is patchy around his nape, no worries. This is only because babies tend to sleep on the back. As soon as he begins to sleep in other positions, this issue will vanish on its own.


  • Black hair has been politicized inside and outside of the black community, and experimental hairstyles still remain cause for apprehension. Source