We all know that Brad Pitt is an iconic actor and everything he wears becomes stylish almost straight away. The very same goes for Brad Pitt Fury haircut. The thing is that the cut he had while filming Fury hit the top charts of trendy men cuts – slicked back undercut. There is nothing extraordinary about it, but it is undoubtedly easy to maintain and pleasant to look at. All that and a lot more we are going to discuss in this article.


What Is Brad Pitts Haircut In Fury?

What Is Brad Pitts Haircut In Fury #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt #shorthaircut #menshaircuts


When it comes to Brad Pitt fury hairstyle, it should be mentioned that it is a regular slicked-back pompadour. However, the closely shaved sides and tapered back are the details that make it so prominent. This type of Brad Pitt undercut style will suit those of you who wish to look stylish on a daily basis but without putting too much effort in it.


What Should You Ask Your Barber For?

What Should You Ask Your Barber For? #bradpitt #fury #undercut #skickedbackundercut

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Very often, the difficulties arise when you wish to opt for a certain cut, but you have no clue how to bring it to your barber. In case with Brad Pitt Fury’s hair, it is very simple since you can easily find the appropriate picture online and then share it with the professional. However, if you do not wish to be technical just ask for slicked pompadour with an undercut. You can play around a little with the sides and back lengths. You can either keep it all of the same lengths or make it tapered, the choice is yours.

How To Style Brad Pitt Fury Haircut?

Fury Brad Pitt haircut is not only lovely and sassy looking, but it is also super easy too style. All you need to rock the cut is to work some of the hair pomade in, and that is it! The pomade will grant your hair that necessary shine and will keep the hair in place as well.

Brad Pitt Fury haircut is that perfect combo of class and style combined in one look. In case that is something you have been looking for – take your chances. If not – we have other ideas to suggest!


Brad Pitt’s Haircuts & Styles, Epic Grooming Evolution

The truth is that there are many more Brad Pitt haircuts that you can opt for in case the Fury one is not your cup of tea. It should be mentioned that all of them are equally stylish and trendy. All you need to do is to take a pick!

Learn How To Get And Style Brad Pitt’s Short Hair

Brad Pitt Short Hair #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt #bradpittshorthaircut #menshaircuts


Among Brad Pitt short hair ideas there are many iconic ones as well. In most cases, he opts for a fade cut paired with the slicked back top. If that sounds like something you would like to wear – go for it!


Brad Pitt Buzz Cut

Brad Pitt Buzz Cut #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt #shorthaircut #menshaircuts

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The truth is that a buzz cut is not something that all men would equally pull off. However, if you have strong facial features, you can totally rock it. What is more, such a cut won’t take you long to style it, not to mention the fact that only occasional touch-ups are needed.

Brad Pitt Crew Cut

Brad Pitt Crew Cut #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt #shorthaircut #menshaircuts #crewcut


The crew cut is another short cut idea for you to consider. It is not dramatically short although the sides are closely clipped. The longer top is exactly what you need to grant the look some versatility. You can easily style such a cut with a fair share of hair product and a small amount of effort required!

Bleached Hair

Bleached Hair #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt


No matter whether natural or dyed, blonde hair men instantly stand out in the crowd. Even if your locks are already quite fair, it will not hurt if you decide to bleach them. Dirty blonde tresses pair nicely with a short stubble of facial hair and a sexy gaze like that of Brad Pitt.


Brad Pitt Medium Hair Transition

Pitt's Medium Hair #bradpitt

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Do you remember those days when Pitt flaunted his medium long locks, letting them effortlessly fall to the sides? This hairstyle made the whole world gasp. Although it looked like Brad “woke up like this,” nobody but us knows that his stylists made quite a lot of effort so that it looked that way. Just look at his natural side part and emphasized hair texture that add definition and contrast to the look and words are simply unnecessary.

Brad Pitt Bowl Cut

Brad Pitt Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt


Although bowl cut hair may sometimes look dull, this is not the case when Brad Pitt sports it. His bow haircut gains an iconic attractiveness the celebrity has. For a breezy and relaxed feel, the actor rocks it a bit messy so that several strands of hair fall over his forehead.

Combover Haircut

Combover Haircut #bradpitt

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Being a frequent guest on the Red Carpet, Brad Pitt seems to know everything about an elegant and sophisticated look. His flawless sleek combover proves that a classic hairstyle is one of the best options to complement your tuxedo with as well as the fact that the Brad Pitt fury haircut is extremely versatile. To look even more dapper and groomed, the Oscar neophyte pairs his refined hairstyle with a clean-shaven face.


Vintage Brad Pitt Long Hair

Brad Pitt Long Hair #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt #longhairmen #menshaircuts #bradpittlonghair

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For many Brad Pitt long hair style is the best one, and we can’t say that we do not understand why. The thing is that shoulder-length mane styled with little to no hair product grants the look that easy-going and charming vibe. Let your hair grow and slick it back a little to achieve that sassy and polished look. Besides, pairing such a Brad pitt hairstyle with a beard is a winning option as well.

Brad Pitt Pompadour

Brad Pitt Pompadour #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt

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Pompadour haircut is one of the significant Brad pitt hairstyles that is for sure. All you need to ask your barber is to give a regular pompadour with slick back. Once you are granted what you asked for – style it up or slick it back – the choice is yours!

Slicked Back Pitt’s Hair

Slicked Back Pitt’s Hair #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt

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If this was not Brad Pitt, then such a slick back hair style could look like taken out of a gangster movie. However, the actor effortlessly makes it look elegant and sophisticated instead of vulgar and tasteless. To complement his hairstyle, he chooses a total black outfit consisting of a black tuxedo and a matching shirt.


Silver Fox

Silver Fox #bradpitt

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No one shies away from their natural hair color these days, especially if it is gray. Instead, people not only embrace it but also take advantage of the signs of their aging. And Brad Pitt seems to be not the last person to blame for this. He elegantly pulls off the silver fox hair trend while giving it his personal turn thanks to the low sideburns and circular beard that he complements his hair look with.

Achieve Brad Pitt’s Beard Style

Brad Pitt Beard #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt #menshaircuts #goatee #bradpittbeard

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Be it a goatee or full beard – Brad Pitt always knows how to pair it best with a particular cut. If you wish to do the same – you should better talk to your stylist first. Once you are set with the cut, the barber will help you come up with a suitable beard type.

How To Get Brad Pitt’s Hair #bradpittfuryhaircut #bradpitt

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  • Fury is a 2014 American war film written and directed by David Ayer. Source
  • William Bradley Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Source
  • An actor and producer known as much for his versatility as he is for his handsome face. Source