Hottest Guys In Hollywood Wear Jewfro Hairstyles Too

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The Jewfro may seem one of the easiest haircuts to style. But, appearances are often deceptive. It can be really tricky to grow it out as well as have it done. However, with the right approach, which requires a bit of effort and hair styling product, it can be a piece of cake. Have a look at the fullest collection of our favorite Jewfros and learn how to best show off yours.

What Is A Jewfro?

First of all, we’d like to answer the totally reasonable question, “What is a Jewfro?” As the name implies, it’s a mix of the Jewish style and afro. This hairstyle has been extremely popular with the men of Jewish heritage, who naturally have kinky and coily hair. Thus, it generated other names, such as “white afro,” “bro ‘fro” and “white ‘fro.”


How To Get A Jewfro?

To know how to get yourself a Jewfro, you just need to know how to get an afro. The hair should be long enough to stand up and create high effortless volume. So when you ask your hairstylist for a trim, make sure s/he won’t cut your Jew curls too much. Ideally, your hair length should fall into the interval between 4 and 8 inches, as the most afro hairstyles do. Remember that to achieve the desired effect, your locks should be of equal length. If you crave for the shorter length, feel free to take it out on the sideburns.

Jewfro Versus Afro: The Differences


Some people consider Jewfro a white men Afro. To some extent they are right. Both Jewfro and African hair styles allow you to make the most out of your natural locks, accentuating their structure and ampleness. Yet, Caucasians have more strands of hair than African Americans. Jew curls are denser and even in thickness throughout their length, unlike Afro hair.


How To Make Your Jewfro Look Good?


A white guy Afro requires quite a low of care to look its best. So, remember to use a leave-in hair conditioner after you have washed your curls with shampoo to retain moisture. As for shampooing, do not wash your mane too often so that it will not become overly dry. Also, do not brush your locks if you do not want to break them. Finally, set aside lotions and waxes, as they cause your locks to weigh down.

Hair Care Recommendations For Jewfro Hairstyle

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Luckily, even though the fro hair look is so defined, it doesn’t require any special treatment. To make your natural hair cut look elaborate, just use some hair styling products, such as a styling cream, mousse or leave-in conditioner. Apply them before blow-drying, which will ensure the hair stays puffed up. Actually, to get even more naturally looking puff hairstyles, you don’t need to use a blow drier. Just utilize one of the listed products and leave the hair to dry.



In America haircut often reveals much more information about the person than any other element of the look. White people with afros appear cute and romantic yet very alluring and hot. If you’re one of the lucky coiled-curly men, have a look at our exclusive collection of the best Jewish afros.

Nick Jonas Curls

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You do not have to be a big fan of the Jonas Brothers to pull off their hairstyle. They really seem to know how to make the most out of their Jew hair. Take, for example, Nick Jonas’s curls. They are so perfectly cut that the accent is kept on his hair texture yet it does not cover up his face too much.

Trimmed Back Style

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The trimmed back style scarcely reminds of Jewfro cut due to its shape. To create this variation of white man afro, ask your hair stylist to trim the hair on the sides of your head. Thus, your hairstyle will look high rather than wide.


Perfect Jewfro

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For dressy Red Carpet events when you take your tuxedo out of the closet, you can spend an extra half an hour to style your fro hair thoroughly. Such an elegant and sleek hairstyle draws attention to your curls making them the focal point of the whole look. So, get ready to be in the spotlight!

Voluminous Tight Curls

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None of the 70’s hair looks can be as funky as the good old big afro. However, note that because of the ultra-tight curls, your hair growth will seem to slow down. To make you afro look more dramatic, leave the color flat.

Big Curls

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Fros are extremely versatile. They vary in length, color, ambiance and even type of curl. If your curls are quite big, then it will be easier for you to grow out longer locks as well as create an impression of a full head of hair. Besides, this hairstyle can be achieved even if you naturally have rather straight hair.


Textured Jewfro Style


Looking for some really cool hair styles? Then you should definitely try this textured Jewfro haircut. It works especially well on the corkscrew coarse hair. Though, with a proper styling product, any afro hair will manage to pull this look off. Just ensure it has an appropriate staying power to hold the locks up.

Shaggy ‘Fro And Beard

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How about styling your Jew curls as a shaggy ‘fro? Even though it looks rather messy and floppy, this variation of fros can give a very serious and powerful impression. You just need to pair it with a carefully trimmed full beard, and the look that will fly in just about any office is ready to rock this world!

Afro Hairstyle

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This is almost a true afros cut, with a mane of kinky ringlets and unbelievable volume. Be sure that you have something to counterbalance your afro hair as it could steal the show.


Highlighted Long Jewfro

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You can’t consider this afro Jew hair as an example of afro puff hairstyles. Rather, it is one of the afro floppy hairstyles. It’s not easy to pull it off though. This hairstyle requires a way more effort and patience than any other because you need to grow your hair out quite, no, very long. And with coily hair, you know how much time it may take! Moreover, your natural hair structure decides whether your hair is going to puff up or hang down. However, it’s definitely worth it all, as the compliments you get left and right can’t leave you indifferent. For best results, highlight the ends of your locks, which will definitely make the heads turn.

Sandy Jewfro

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How unusual and charming this blonde Jew fro looks? Without a doubt, it’ll melt even the coldest lady’s heart. Sandy Jewfro hairstyles appear less dramatic and harsh than the black and brown ones. Pick out some random strands and apply a gel or mousse to them. This will make the look more defined and edgy.

Mega Jewfro

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If you really want to brag about your gorgeous natural hair curls, go for the mega Jewfro. There are no limitations to the length. That’s the case where the rule “The more, the better” applies. Just remember that African hair styles require frequent nourishment and moisturizing.


Shiny Curls

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Everybody wants their hair to look shiny because the shine speaks of the health and strength of the mane and, to tell the truth, the whole body. There are, however, a couple of ploys how to achieve the sheen of your Jewish curly hair without changing the diet or whatsoever. The first thing to remember is that the bigger and thicker your curls are, the easier it is to make them shine. In this way, they succeed in holding the shape more. Secondly, use a hair styling product that gives your ringlets a wet look. And thirdly, just use a product with sheen. This is probably 100% way to get the shiniest hairstyles for men with thick curly hair.

Curly Fringe

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A Jew fro hairstyle can give a classic bowl cut a new turn. To pull it off, you need to cut a fringe short and push it to your forehead. This hairstyle allows you to frame your face while accentuating the hair texture. Also, men with a prominent forehead will find this curly fro exceptionally flattering.

Mini Shiny Fro


White Afro can start from any length, even the shortest. Just remember to accentuate your curls with a hair styling product to give them some shine. You can use a hair gel for a wet glossy finish and crunchy feel. Apply the product with your fingers without excessive raking not to ruin the curls.


Wild Style

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In case you really struggle to tame your locks, maybe it is high time to embrace them? Simply leave your hair air dry after washing and let the wind be your hairstylist. With such a look, you can achieve an effortless and relaxed appearance without sacrificing your natural hair structure.

Teased Jewfro

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A white guy with Afro already looks attractive and eye-catching. Still, for an added flair, you can tease your Jewfro locks at the roots. This will give them an extra volume and shape, forming a perfectly rounded crest. Do not bother to put the locks in order though. The messier they look, the better.

Middle Parted Jewfro

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In case your hair is soft enough to look floppy, you can save greatly on styling products. Just divide your hair into two parts after washing and towel-drying. You can create a parting using a comb or just your fingers. The latter option makes natural hair cuts look easy and breezy. You just let the nature (genes and gravity) lead.

Jewfro hairstyles give the perfect opportunity to those men who are fed up with ordinary hairstyles. Kinky haircuts are very adjustable and diverse. They allow you to express your personality, individuality and character.

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  • Afro, sometimes abbreviated to ‘fro, is a hairstyle worn naturally outward by people with lengthy or even medium length kinky hair texture… Source