A bald fade is a trendy haircut that every stylish man needs to be aware of. Along with being trendy, the fade cut is exceptionally versatile, which means that there will be something special for each and every one of you here. Anything on the scale from high skin fade to mid and low will be described here so that the next time you are headed to the hairdresser’s you know precisely what you are going to opt for. Now, let’s have a closer look at all the available options for you to choose from.


What Is A Bald Fade?

The truth is that unlike all the other cuts, the fade is different in the way of decreasing length. The transition from the longer hair on top of your head to shorter on the sides and back should be gradual. Though, what’s special about the bald fade haircut is that it goes down to the zero length, meaning bald skin. Depending on how much hair you want to be left, you decide low, middle or high bald fade it is going to be.

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Bald Fade Vs. Skin Fade: What’s The Difference?

If you are confused by the difference between the bald fade vs. skin fade, they are just two separate names for the same cut. As simple as that. So, which one to use is just a matter of your personal preference.

How To Cut A Bald Fade

To achieve a flawless bald fade, you’ll require a special skill and a firm hand. So, if you don’t possess those two, it’s better to book an appointment with your barber and let them do the magic. First, the barber will trim your hair on the sides and back with clippers. Then, using a razor, they’ll outline where your bald haircut will begin and shave off all the hair beneath it. Finally, the barber will create a smooth transition from the shaved section to the top hair using clippers with different guard sizes.


Skin Fade Haircut Types

Getting a bald fade haircut is a lot easier than it seems, all you need to do is to find a trusted barber and tell him, or which fade precisely you desire to opt for. Here is the precise description of each and every fade existing.

When it comes to styling bod fade haircut, there will be not that much styling for the fade itself while you can play around with the top part as much as you want and we will show you a few trendy options to succeed with.

Low Bald Fade

Low skin fade haircut required the least sacrifice to the length. Only the lower part of your hand will be buzzed off, close to the neck while the rest of the hair will be cut decreasingly from the top. You can experiment with the length of your hair on the top as well, so take your choices and figure out which low fade works best in you.

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Mid Bald Fade

Mid fade will suit those of you who do not wish to go either too short nor too long with your haircut. The fade starts right in the middle leaving all the fun to the top. What is more, the boldest of you can ask for bald taper fade; such a cut will look sassy and classy on almost anyone.

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High Bald Fade

High fade was created for those men who do not like to fuss a lot about their hair. All you need to do is to ask for a longer top of the head; this will fit those of you with curly hair and buzz off all the bottom part. It is worth mentioning that pairing bald fade with the beard is the worthy option as well.

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Taper Bald Fade

A taper fade haircut is performed with the use of several tools, namely clippers and scissors. For a bald taper fade, you will also employ a razor. Its main difference from the rest of the fades is in that it leaves a bit more hair atop.

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Skin Drop Fade

A bald drop fade haircut takes its name from the way the hair drops behind the ear. It has a multitude of variations as well, including high, low and mid skin fade. Such a cut can masterly adorn any long top short sides hairstyle.

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Zero Fades Blowout

A medium skin fade is a great accompaniment for a blowout hairstyle. It leaves enough hair on top to create a pronounced shape while taking it off from the sides and back to keep it clean.

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Bald Fade Pompadour

A surefire way to give such an elegant and neat hairstyle as a pompadour a modern twist is to complement it with a low skin taper fade. Not only will it bring it up-to-date, but it will also make the ample top a focal point of the look. Thus, you will effortlessly get a pronounced and high-contrast hairstyle.

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Bald Fade Haircuts Brushed Back And Messy

What differs a full fade from a regular skin fade is the tool your barber uses to create it. For a skin fade, they trim your hair with clippers, while for a full bald fade, they will use a straight razor to shave off the hair on your head, which is why it is also called a zero fade.

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Bald Fade With Quiff

Among the main advantages of a bald fade is that it can be paired with a myriad of other popular men haircuts and a quiff is no exception. Should you decide to complement it with a high skin fade, you can rest assured that your hair look will not go unnoticed.

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Afro Bald Fade

A zero fade haircut is one of the best options for Afro hair. In addition to creating a sharp and edgy look, it helps you to tame your kinky tresses. Besides, it gives you plenty of options to rock on top. For and added emphasis, do not forget to complement it with a line up along your front hairline.

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Bald Fade Hard Part

Another great thing about a bald fade is that it allows for a myriad of different combos. Try out, for instance, a bald taper or a skin fade with a hard part. If you would like to show off your fashion bravery, do not limit yourself and give all of them a try.

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Bald Fade With Curls

Sometimes we think that a low bald fade haircut was meant to be flaunted with curls. The trick is that while giving them an ultimate focus, it allows you to maintain your unruly tresses without fuss. If you are aiming for a really pronounced appearance, then it is hard to think of a better option than a high bald taper with curls.

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Bald Fade With Design

Even though a skin fade already looks quite daring, you can enhance its impact by teaming with hair design. The pattern may be as plain or as intricate as you like. In case you are afraid that it is going to be too much, consider the golden mean – a mid skin fade.

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Bald Fade Mohawk

What will definitely convince you to go for a skin fade is that it is easily convertible. Thus, a bald fade comb over can be transformed into a mohawk in a couple of moves. That is one of the reasons why it is so popular with practical guys who value their time.

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Wild Waves

To pull off this striking hairstyle, you should not necessarily have wavy locks. Though, of course, when your hair is already pretty textured, creating defined waves becomes much easier. Accompany the look with a low bald fade to allow more room for your crazy waves.

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Bald Fade Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut is practically impossible without a fade. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, should you feel the need to give it unlimited sharpness, make a high bald fade your hairstyle of choice.

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Undercut With Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle has been trending for a while not and in case you are already tired of same all look, we have something fresh to share. The thing is that the combination of pompadour and bald fade undercut look absolutely harmonic together.

Undercut With Pompadour #baldfade #skinfade #zerofade

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Styled Back Top

Bald fade cut with longer top can get messy at times, and that is why you need to tame it somehow. Using your fav hair product to take bald skin fade under control is one of the best not to mention the most stylish ways there are.

Styled Back Top #baldfade #skinfade #zerofade

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Faux Hawk

Cool guys choose faux hawk fade, and there is no wonder why. The truth is that faux hawk haircut I that one cut that simply vibrates with masculinity and sex drive. If that is something you wish to add to your outlook, let nothing stop you!

Faux Hawk #baldfade #skinfade #zerofade

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It may seem that dreadlocks and skin fade do not work well together. However, we are here to prove you wrong. You can easily gather up your dreadlocks on the top while showing off your brand new bald fade. Looks super fun and trendy, don’t you think?

Dreadlocks #baldfade #skinfade #zerofade

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Side Parted Hairstyle

A side part is one of those things that can add that polished and classic look to your haircut. All you need to use your comb and some of the hair product to succeed with this look, or you can take things even further and add some more volume to your side-parted hairstyle. The choice is yours!

Bald Fade With Side Parted Hairstyle

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Short Wavy Top

Bald fade with waves is one of the short haircuts for men that are pretty debatable since too many men think that combining the two is close to impossible. We say it is not only possible it is merely gorgeous-looking. Just add some wax or pomade to your mane and those tamed locks of your will look super cute and masculine. Don’t thank us!

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Taper Fade Quiff

Quiff haircut is pretty similar to pompadour one with the only difference in length. If you think that you are not ready to put up with extra long hair but some length like 2 or 3 inches is fine with you then quiff it is. You can wear it styled back, or you can add some volume to it and wear it up, whichever choice suits you best.

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Slicked Back Short Hair

Fade with the beard is the hottest trend there are these days. That is why if you do not mind granting some extra attention to your look this combination will be the absolute win for you. There is nothing sexier than a full beard, is there?

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Buzz Cut Fade And Hair Tattoo

In case you are looking for some cool style to add to your look then a hair tattoo it is. Even the highest bald fade will look merely irresistible with such a detail added. Besides, such a skin fade buzz cut requires the least maintenance process while it will look gorgeous on even right after you get up from the bed. Think about it!

Buzz Cut Fade And Hair Tattoo #baldfade #skinfade #zerofade

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Afro Braids Bald Fade

If your hair has Afro texture, a zero fade should become your cut of choice. It doesn’t really matter, whether you’re going to have cornrows or dreadlocks on top while your sides and back are kept in check thanks to the bald fade.

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Comb Over

A mid bald taper is a great way to upgrade any classic ‘do, such as a com over haircut, for instance. A skin fade comb over still comes out sleek and elegant yet stylish and trendy, which is a win-win combo.

Bald Fade Comb Over #baldfade #skinfade #fadehaircut

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French Crop

It is true that the French crop haircut Is not something that all men would dare to opt for. However, if you are dying to try out something new, there is no reason why french crop shouldn’t be your choice. In case if you are uncertain whether it will suit you – you can always consult your stylist first.

Bald Fade With French Crop #frenchcrop #baldfade #skinfade #fadehaircut

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Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cut is one of those hairstyles that requires courage to opt for, especially if it is your time. Yet, correctly done high bald fade haircut looks fantastic and stylish, have a look yourself!

Buzz Cut Fade Combo

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Curly Top

Taming curly hair is not that easy even for women but a taper fade with some curls on top looks super cute, we must admit it. Besides, there I nothing that a fair share of hair product wouldn’t fix. In case that not an option for you, you can always pull off the messy look, which trendy too.

Low Bald Fade With Curly Top

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Undercut Fade With Straight Long Bang

The faded undercut is that one hairstyle when you can pull off almost anything. Long bangs? Not a problem at all just upgrade it with an undercut fade, and you are ready to roll!

Skin Fade Undercut With Straight Long Bang #baldfade #skinfade #fadehaircut

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High Top Bald Fade

The high top fade is a modern take on a classic haircut popular in the ’80s. With the bald fade on the sides and back, the hair on top stands out even more, which makes it really flattering for your hair texture.

High Top Bald Fade #flattop #baldfade #skinfade #fadehaircut

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Bald Fade With Beard

Thanks to the 0 fade, any hairstyle will come out clean and dapper. Moreso, even a full beard won’t make you look shaggy and unkempt. So, go for this cut if you like to sport your facial hair long.

Bald Fade With Beard #beard #baldfade #skinfade #fadehaircut

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Fro Curls

Good black men hairstyles are difficult to come up with since there are tight curls to take into consideration in the first place. However, among all the most natural hairstyles to deal with fro curls bald fade would be the best. It takes full responsibility for your stylish and polished look like nothing else. See for yourself!

Bald Fade With Fro Curls

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Full Bald Fade

A full bald fade is a cut for really daring men, as instead of trimming your hair with clippers, it features shaving it off with a straight razor. This hairstyle will require regular upkeep, so it cannot be called completely effortless. Yet, the look you get is so bold and edgy that it fully pays off.

Full Bald Fade #fade #baldfade

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Undercut Curls

With a bald fade, you can easily upgrade any curly hairstyle. Even if you have wavy locks, a skin fade on the sides and back will help them look neat and well-ordered. Thus, you will get a low-key yet trendy hairstyle that can be sported to any event, as it perfectly fits any environment.

Undercut Curls #baldfade #skinfade #zerofade

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Bald Fade With Textured Crop

A bald fade allows you to go for a more textured and pronounced look for your hair on the top of the head. Even if you have such a moderate hairstyle as a crop top, a bald fade will give it the required contrast and definition. Just add some layers to the crown and define them with a bead of hair wax or pomade.

Bald Fade With Textured Crop #fade #baldfade

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What is a bald fade?

You can call a bald fade a contemporary twist on a classic short sides and back. A fade haircut implies gradually taking hair from the longest around the top to the shortest at the bottom. While with a traditional fade, you trim your hair altering the grade from number five to number two, with a bald fade, you blend it into bald skin.

How long does a bald fade last?

It takes your hair around 2-3 weeks to grow so that the difference between the top and the sides becomes unnoticeable. So, if you want to keep your skin fade haircut contrasty, arrange upkeep regularly.

Are bald fades still in style?

Arguably, skin fades are one of those timeless haircuts that will never go out of fashion. So, opting for it guarantees you a stylish and trendy look.

What is the difference between a skin fade and a bald fade?

The only difference between a bald and skin fade is in the name. You can use either to refer to a haircut that features a smooth transition from shorter hair to longer on the sides and back.

What do I tell my barber for a skin fade?

If your barber is a real pro, then they would easily understand you when you request a skin fade. However, as there are so many skin fade haircuts, you should specify which type you want, high, low or mid. Also, ask your barber to help you choose the style that will flatter your facial features and head shape.