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Ways How To Wear An Undercut Fade

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Today’s man has many choices when it comes to picking the hairstyle. Certain styles resemble each other somewhat but have essential differences. These differences are important to know when you want a particular haircut. When you want the undercut fade or any other fade haircut, you need to able to effectively communicate your wishes to your hairstylist.

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So, exactly what is a fade with an undercut? First, let’s determine what an undercut is. An undercut is where the hair is kept long in the front and shaved on the sides. It’s ideal for the hot summer months and/or when you don’t want a lot of hair around your head. An undercut also accentuates your facial features.

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And what is a fade? A fade, as the name implies, gradually changes the length or tapers until it fades into the skin.
Now, what is a fade with an undercut? A fade undercut, as it is also called, is where the undercut tapers and fades into the skin. But how is that different from a taper fade? The differences, again, are subtle. Undercut vs Fade: the undercut taper is done quicker than the fade taper. It looks great on those who want to grow out their hair on top and slick it back.
You could also show a hairstylist a photo of a haircut you like. Feel free to save the ones you like from this article.

How You Can Wear This Cut

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Do you have curly or wavy hair? Long or short? Thick or fine hair? Or, perhaps something in-between and hard to describe? It doesn’t matter. We noted earlier that you had a range of selections with the undercut. Well, you have even more with the longer hair on the top or crown. There are so many different ways to comb and part it. Now, imagine the possibilities.
Hair products such as gel, paste, and pomade provide texture. Style your hair into a controlled neat shape, spike it, or tousle it. No matter your length on top or what kind of undercut or taper you choose, you can achieve a variety of looks with just one hairstyle.
Now that we’ve added styling products to the myriad of combinations we’ve already noted with the undercut and hair on top, the options are… Wow! Just wow!
Your hairstyle really can be anything you want and unlike anyone else’s. You will look fresh, smart, and will instantaneously catch eyes. Of course, if that is what you want. And, that’s the point. The undercut fade lets you be exactly who you want.

Tapered Undercut Fade

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A tapered undercut fade it’s a mix of styles: tapered back oh your head merges with undercuted sides. Consequently, on the side you have a clear cutting edge, which comes down from the bottom with a soft fade. It complements this hairstyle light side parting and surgical line as a design.

Bald Fade

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The bald fade haircut abruptly goes from long to short hair and then fades to the skin. Yes, the bald fade is intense, and it looks really sharp, especially when slicked back.

Disconnected Undercut

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What else is good about an undercut fade is that it allows you to go as long with your hair on top as you like. If you want to make a real fashion statement with your hairstyle, grow out the hair on top so that it reaches your nose and get it disconnected from the sides with an undercut fade. As a final touch, dye the top section of your hair in an ombre technique, which is all the rage now.

Comb Over

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A mens comb over blends the timeless with the contemporary. The end result proves that opposites attract. This model’s comb over fade looks exciting and contemporary. Notice the line in the undercut. It nicely accentuates the skin fade comb over.

Hard Part Haircut

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The hard part haircut automatically incorporates the etched line. Here, the model combined it with the undercut and taper and created a hard part fade. This kind of undercut fade allows you to make the hair up top the focal point of the whole look thanks to the outline the hard part creates. It’s cool. It evokes some rebellious icon who will eternally define cool. Hence, you are welcome to style the top section of your hair whatever you like. Try out different styles to figure out which one resonates with you most.

Mohawk Haircut

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Combing back all the hair gives the illusion and fun of a Mohawk, without the commitment. This model’s Mohawk fade, along with the color and the etched line, is both awesome and distinct. Where else will you find a cut like it?

Pompadour Hairstyle

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The Pompadour got its name from Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s mistress. Elvis Presley, another icon of cool, turned it into a mens pompadour and young men at the time went nuts for the macho rock and roll hairstyle. Today, it’s the pompadour fade, and it’s just as macho and just as cool. Hopefully, today’s young men will get to know “the king.”

Slicked Back Hair

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Slick back hair looks great as it is or with the product. Combine it with a slick back undercut or slick back fade, like this model’s, and you’ve got a “wow.”

Messy Texture On Top

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Messy hair looks really neat atop an undercut fade. For those who consider themselves messy hair men, this hairstyle is for you. Notice this model’s grungy beard and tousled hair. He looks amazing and, dare we say, sexy.

Curly Top With An Undercut Fade

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Curly hair can sometimes be a styling challenge. Not anymore! The undercut curly hair controls those curls and makes women want to touch them! Note what this model did with the product and a curly hair undercut. He both defined and brushed his gorgeous waves over his curly undercut. Fabulous.

Tousled Quiff

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Quiff hair is a bit like a pompadour, in that it’s swept up and back, but it’s not as top heavy and is fuller on the sides. It can also be styled differently whether you wish to get slick or tousled hair. With a quif hairstyle and some styling product and/or teasing, you can add volume and texture, like this model did. You can even flatten and tame hair, if you wish. The choice, as always, is yours.

Caesar Haircut

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With an undercut fade, a Caesar haircut gains a modern and stylish touch. In such a way, it looks much edgier and contrasty, keeping the focus on the hair atop. Thus, it allows you to play around with the hair texture, going for a feathery, spiky or curly top for added boldness.

Faux Hawk

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Although a faux hawk implies having some hair on the sides, it doesn’t mean that there’s supposed to be plenty of it. In addition, when you have an undercut fade on the sides, it allows the crest to stand out even more. For extra emphasis, you can add platinum highlights to the hair on top and a shaved in line along the sides.

Ivy League

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A classic and elegant Ivy League hairstyle may look too smart and preppy on some occasions. That’s why it’s highly beneficial to pair it with an undercut fade, which will make your hairstyle a bit more casual yet trendy. On top of that, when your sides are cut that short, styling your hair doesn’t require much time and effort.

Spiked Top

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As we said, an undercut fade is a perfect solution if you want to make your hair on top a focal point of the whole look. It brings all the attention to the texture of your top, so be sure not to limit your imagination. A spiked up top will create an unusual and eye-catching appearance of the top. Besides, it’s quite low maintenance. We don’t see any reasons not to opt for it.

Longer Crew Cut

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You may be surprised but an undercut fade can be teamed with such relatively short haircuts for men as a crew cut. Just leave a bit more hair at the front section of the head than you normally would and go for a bald fade on the sides, and you’ll gain a high-contrast look.

High And Tight Haircut

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If you have thick and voluminous hair, then you’re bound to try on a high and tight haircut with an undercut fade on the sides and back. It creates a lot of contrast, especially if you opt for a skin fade. Besides, such a hairstyle makes you visually taller and your face shape longer, which is quite beneficial, don’t you think?

Cropped Cut

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Cropped top haircuts are on a roll these days. However, to make them look more stylish and bold, you may add a skin undercut fade to the sides. As you take away hair from the head, you’re welcome to add it to your face. A full beard is a great option to go for. With such a combo, there’s no way your hairstyle will go unnoticed.

Edgy Bleached Top

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A high bald undercut fade refuses to let you look away from the hair on top. Hence, do your best to work out a really stylish and elaborate hairstyle. A brushed up textured top is a sure way to go. However, you can make your ‘do much edgier by bleaching the ends of your locks, which creates a great contrast if you have naturally dark hair.

Side Part With Line Up

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Want to achieve a really distinct and bold look? Add more lines to it. A side part hairstyle with a line up around the forehead, temples and cheekbones comes out defined and edgy. In case you find it too sharp, it’s always possible to balance it out with a blurry undercut fade.

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