Here’s an interesting fact about the drop fade. It’s a highly versatile haircut that looks great on all men no matter of the hair type or head shape. But, it’s not the only advantage of this cut. Because the fade keeps the volume around the top, it stops the hair from sticking up. Also, this hairstyle grows out clean and neat, so you don’t have to pay visits to your barber very often. Excited yet?


What Is Drop Fade Haircut

What Is Drop Fade Haircut #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Drop fade haircut belongs to the category of shadow fade, which is a fade that goes from the sides to the top with a gradual transition in length. The drop fade, in turn, consists of the following variations: a high, medium and low drop fade. This haircut got its name due to the way the fade drops once passes the ear.

Many barbers consider the drop and taper fade the same haircut. However, these cuts are slightly different. The drop fade follows the head’s shape and creates a curved arc shape, whereas the taper fade circles the head on an even keel.


Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade #dropfade #lowfade #fadehaircut


What’s a drop fade low?

For those who are still unaware of what is a drop fade, here is a quick definition. This is a kind of mens haircut where the hair around the back and the front decreases in length gradually, thus looking like it drops behind the ear. A low drop fade creates a smooth and blurry impression thanks to the gradual transition it entails. That being said, you sometimes may lack sharpness and definition in your hairstyle. Thus, it’s a great idea to incorporate a low fade on the sides, which will provide you with the desired sharpness.

Mid Drop Fade

Mid Drop Fade #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


A medium drop fade haircut by mens hair stylist Zach Ramsey with a nappy top look boldly stylish and fashionable. If you want to make it your signature hairstyle, you are so welcome to do mid fade.


High Drop Fade

Irregular Top #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


Going for a sharp and prominent hairstyle, such as an irregular top, it is hard to think of a better option than to pair it with a high fade.

Drop Fade Black Men

Drop Fade Haircut Black Men #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


It appears that a flat top was meant to be paired with a drop fade. With it, this old-fashioned hairstyle gains a modern turn. Even if your natural hair texture isn’t coily or wiry, you can still pull off a flat top hairstyle by teasing your black men haircut.


Drop Fade Curly Hair

Drop Fade Curly Hair #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


A drop mid fade curly hair gives you a perfect chance to sport longer hairstyles accompanied by ample facial hair and not look shaggy. The hair atop can be styled in whatever way you like – from brushed back to disheveled.

Short Drop Fade

Short Drop Fade #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


For those guys who like to style their hair up top textured, a drop fade will become a real savior. No matter how crazy and messy you make it, the fade will balance it out. So, don’t worry that your short haircut will come out unkempt. A drop fade has your back.

Styling Tip: To add texture to your hair, use a light hold wax. It will not give unnecessary shine and will help the crown look voluminous.

Drop Taper Fade

Drop Taper Fade #dropfade #fadehaircut


If you are more into softer haircuts that would also be office appropriate, then a drop taper fade is your way to go. As it features more hair, there is no need for frequent upkeeps, which doubles the profit.


Drop Fade Buzz Cut

Drop Fade Buzz Cut #dropfade#buzzcut #fadehaircut


You can’t go wrong by mixing a classic buzz cut with such a trendy modern cut as a drop fade. Dapper and neat, it allows you to choose as bold fade as you like. For more contrast and vividness, opt your buzz cut drop fade for a high skin fade on the sides and back.

Drop Skin Fade

Tapered Neckline #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


Skin fade goes perfectly with all short hairstyles, as it creates an impression of an abundance of hair on the head. So, if you like short hairstyles or your hair is so unruly that trimming it short is the only option, you’re welcome to boost your look with a drop bald fade.

Styling Tip: To comb your short hair back, use a hair dryer and a comb. Apply wax or cream to slightly damp hair, then dry it from the crown to the back of the head, lifting the root.

Drop Fade Faux Hawk

Drop Fade Faux Hawk #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


This is a close relative of the drop fade. The main difference between them is that the dropped behind the ears hair isn’t buzzed cut. Instead, it’s the same length as the rest of the longer hair. Notably, the longer the hair on the top of the head is, the funkier the Fohawk looks.

Pro Tip: Even though this style works best on thick hair, with a little styling, anybody can pull off the look. The sides can be given the high or mid skin fade.


Drop Fade Undercut

Drop Fade With Undercut #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


The undercut is one of the best men’s haircuts. To sport this curly top fade, you need to have quite long hair on top. In this way, you’ll be able to complement it with a drop low fade undercut, while the top can be let loose or tied into textured curls or a top knot.

Drop Fade Straight Hair

Drop Fade Straight Hair #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Straight hair may sometimes lack definition and body, which can be balanced out with the right haircut. A drop fade gives your haircut a contrasty and pronounced look, so you will not need to resort to special styling. The top can be groomed in any way you like, from messy to slicked back.

Drop Fade Crop Top

Drop Fade Crop Top #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


A fade with a crop haircut looks very fresh and stylish. Skilled barber Alan Beak complemented this hairstyle with a perfect platinum color.

Pro Tip: If you want to try the color as in the photo, remember that it requires additional care. Make sure your barber can achieve the perfect white shade and not make you look like a chicken.


Drop Fade With Design

Textured Fade Haircut With Design #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


If a drop fade doesn’t seem like enough for you, you can always adorn it with a hair design. It shouldn’t necessarily be intricate and overly creative. A fine horizontal line works pretty well too. Just ensure that your hair on top has a defined shape. A textured drop fade is a great way to go in this case.

Low Drop Skin Fade

Low Drop Skin Fade #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Whether it’s your job that requires a refined and smart look or it’s just your personal preference, try out combining low skin fade on the sides and drop fade on the back with a quiff. Of course, you won’t wear it styled down toward the forehead (who knows, though?). Instead, brush it all back, creating a high volume at the front.

Drop Fade Long Hair

Drop Fade Long Hair #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


People usually admire long hair on men but little do they know how exhausting and time consuming it can be to take care of long locks. If you want to make things a little easier for you without the need to sacrifice the length, then go for a drop fade haircut.


Black Drop Fade With Twist

Black Drop Fade With Twist #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


A drop fade is a very popular accompaniment for a twisted top. As it takes hair from shorter to longer gradually, it makes your top the focal point of the look. So, if you want to give your twists extra emphasis, you can never go wrong with a drop fade.

Drop Fade Mullet

Tapered Neckline Haircut #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


Mullets are back in style again. Though, if you want to give it a contemporary look, remember to pair this retro haircut with a fade. It can be any type but we suggest going for a drop fade. Not only does it add a trendy touch to your mullet, but it also makes it less scruffy.

Low Drop Taper

Blow Out Taper #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


One of the biggest benefits of a drop fade is that it makes your hair on top of the head a focal point of the whole look, thus allowing you to show off your creativity and sense of style. A blow out haircut with its effortless and relaxed vibes is all the rage now. Thus, why not team it with a taper?


Mid Drop Skin Fade Pompadour

Mid Drop Skin Fade Pompadour #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Besides the quiff haircut, there’s another way to style your top hair. It’s pompadour. Being one of the most popular men’s haircuts, the pomp paired with the medium fade haircut on the sides creates a very attractive and saucy look.

Spiky Top Mens Drop Fade

Spiky Top Mens Drop Fade #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Actually, the spikes also makes short haircuts for men very versatile. You’ll need a small amount of trusty hair styling products to complete the look.

Styling Tip: Scoop a bead of hair clay, wax, or pomade and rub it into your fingers and palms. Apply the product to the top of your hair by running your fingertips through it from back to front. Style the edges with your fingers for a more textured look. Such a spiky top haircut looks flattering with a mid skin fade.

Drop Fade Comb Over

Drop Fade Comb Over #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


If you don’t mind spending some time on styling the top of your hair, try out the comb over with a medium skin fade. Ensure that the length of the hair on top allows you to wear it swept to the side with the front coming down over and across the forehead. These men’s haircuts short sides will balance out the effort made to maintain the top.


Layered Fringe

Layered Fringe #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Not a big fan of too elaborate and swanky fades haircuts? We have a suggestion from barber Ryan Cullen. How about pairing a drop short fade with a layered bang? The top hair should be grown out 3-4 inch long and swept to the face.

Disconnected Undercut And Long Top

Disconnected Undercut And Long Top #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


Really fashion-forward men can easily mix different trendy cuts in one look. Thus, a drop fade makes up an absolutely mind-blowing combo with a disconnected undercut. For the final touch, let your hair on top be as ample as possible.

Curly Fringe Undercut Design

Curly Fringe Undercut Design #dropfade #fade #fadehaircut


Guys with curly locks may find a drop fade highly beneficial, as it helps not only to tame their unruly locks but also to keep the focus on them. Thus, it’s a good idea to go for something that allows you to show off your defined hair texture, such as a curly fringe, for instance.


Drop Fade Slick Back

Drop Fade With Slick Back #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


A drop fade can serve as a perfect endorsement to neat and elegant hairstyles too. With slick back hair, it comes out stylish and classy yet retaining the formal vibes of the look. If you feel like adding some casualness to it, leave a thin strip of facial hair around the jawline.

Messy Swept Back

Wessy Swept Back #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


If you want to define your messy hair texture yet tame your wild locks, a drop fade will give you both. The best thing about this hairdo is that it doesn’t require any styling. Just air dry your ringlets and you’ll get a head-turning look. Alternatively, you can add a drop of a hairstyling product for a more dimensional look.

Brushed Back Quiff Drop Fade

Brushed Back Quiff Drop Fade #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


The slick back is a classic hairstyle that men who have strict dress code rules at work often choose. However, if you want to give it a trendy flair, a drop fade on the sides and back is your sure way to go. In case the rules in your office are not that strict, a beard will become a perfect accompaniment for such a look.


Wavy Hair With Beard

Wavy Hair With Beard #dropfade #fadehaircut #fade


If you have curly or wavy hair, a drop fade is a perfect way to tame them. Such unruly locks look neat and dapper when the sides and back of the head are faded. Thanks to this, you can sport this hairstyle paired with any kind and length of beard.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade #dropfade #dropfdehircut #fade #fadehaircut


A drop fade with waves is one of the most popular combos and no wonder. When complemented with a fade, your hair on top becomes the focal point of the look.

Who Does It Suit?

Who Does It Suit? #dropfade #fade #fadehaircut

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Even though a drop fade haircut flatters square and round shaped faces most, there are no restrictions as to who can wear it. However, those with elongated faces, such as oval or oblong, should be careful with it, as a drop faded haircut can create an impression of an even longer face. Also, if your hair on the crown is flat, a drop top fade will make it look thicker and fuller.


How To Get It

To get yourself the perfect drop fade, you should leave it for the professional. However, rather than explaining to your barber what exactly you want him/her to do with your hair, it’s better to show a picture of the desired cut. Otherwise, instead of the requested medium fade haircut, you can magically come out with a skin fade comb over. By the professional, we mean a person who knows how to create a fade with different clipper settings. Also, ask your stylist for advice on the most flattering for your face shape drop fade haircut.

How To Maintain The Drop Fade

Even though we said that the drop fade haircut doesn’t require very frequent visits to the barbershop, it doesn’t mean you should let it all hang out. You should still visit your stylist regularly to give your hair upkeep. Though, guys who sport popular mens haircuts often have their personal clippers at home. It does require a little more effort, however, the result is totally worth it.

Things To Consider

When opting for a drop fade haircut, here is what you should not overlook:

  • It is a great option for those who are in the process of growing out hair because you take off the hair only from the sides, leaving the top untouched.
  • Bearded men will benefit greatly from this fade type, as they can blend their facial hair into the hair on the head seamlessly.
  • A drop men fade is not easy to maintain because it requires regular upkeep. So, if you are not ready to commit to this trendy haircut, it is better to choose something else.

The drop fade haircut has a number of benefits that make it one of the most frequently requested and appreciated haircuts among all men. It’s highly versatile, low-maintained, and pulled off easily. When choosing this look, it doesn’t matter what hair length or texture you have. We hope that our insightful guide gave you some ideas on what to pair your fade with and how low to drop it.


FAQs: Drop Fade

What is a drop fade?

A drop fade is one of many takes on a traditional fade haircut. Because it follows the curvature of your ear, it looks as if it drops behind it, hence the name. The look comes out natural and well balanced since it follows the shape of your head.

Is a mid fade a drop fade?

A drop fade can be mid fade but not necessarily. It can also be low and high. If the hair starts tapering slightly above your ears, the haircut is referred to as a mid fade. If it also traces the outline of your ear while decreasing in length, it means that this is a mid drop fade haircut.

What kind of drop fades are there?

There are many different kinds of a drop fade, for instance, a low drop fade with a quiff, a mid drop fade and a wavy top, a low drop fade with Afro, a pompadour drop fade, a curly drop fade and others.

What is low drop fade?

A low drop fade haircut is a very popular drop fade type. Unlike a high fade, mid fade and temp fade, fading starts not higher than the top of the ears.