There are millions of reasons why guys love layered haircuts for men so much. They are versatile and stylish, low maintenance and eye-catching. They flatter any hair length as well as texture and they work wonders for thin locks. Already intrigued? So, wait no longer to explore our layered haircut mens guide.


What Is Layered Hair For Men?

The importance of mens layered hairstyles cannot be overlooked. With the multitude of advantages they provide, there is hardly a viable excuse not to get one. You will not confuse mens layered haircuts with any others, as they have a pretty distinctive structure. The hair on top has the shortest length, while the section around the hairline is the longest. The middle sections are cut so they create a transition between the short top and the long bottom. These sections constitute layers on haircuts for men.

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Best Ideas For Layered Hair Men

It comes as no surprise that there is more than one way to get layered hair men cut. To show you how versatile the style is, we have selected the trendiest layered haircuts and put them together below.

What Is A Layered Undercut?

A layered undercut is one of the most popular men hairstyles for good reason. Not only is it versatile but it also erases a good couple of years from your face. No matter what type of hair you have, curly, wavy or straight, you can rest assured that this style will flatter you. All you need is to find the perfect option for your very preferences, which is not a daunting task if you know what you are looking for. So, how can guys get layers in their hair?

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Short Layered Haircut For Men

The basic short haircuts for men that anybody can pull off are short layered haircuts. The hair texture doesn’t make any difference for such a look. To get the style, ask your barber to give you a usual cut and complement the hair on top of your head with several layers.

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Mid-Length Layered Hair

Mens medium length hairstyles is a perfect option for those guys who hesitate between short and long haircuts. Such a cut gives a chance to your style it the way you like while keeping the locks away from your face. Cut in layers, mid-length locks look relaxed and breezy, just like surfer hair.

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Long Layered Haircut

One of the best ways for long hairstyles for men to show off their stately mane is to have a layered cut. This is also a great option for those guys who are up to having their long hair trimmed, however, afraid to regret it later. Adding some layers to your long locks will please your cravings for a change without resorting to drastic measures. On top of that, if you have curly thick hair, long layered haircuts can help you to lighten it up and keep under control.

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Layered Bang

This short straight shag hairstyle has a maximum length of 4 inches with shorter front strands that you can wear to create a dramatic look. You’ll need some styling help, however-to get those perfectly sun-kissed looks in the summertime we recommend using hot rollers or blow drying your hair at night before bed!

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Quiff Layered Hairstyles

As a quiff has been among one of the most popular mens haircuts in recent years, we can’t leave it out. Even though it gives you a very classy and bold edge, a quiff is a low-maintenance ‘cut that doesn’t require much styling. Hair layers, in addition to making it even more textured and defined, make the cut also easier to manage.

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Mens Layered Short Hair With Bang

To accentuate short layered haircuts men can opt for a long bang, which they can style in many different ways, depending on their preferences and face shape. As such, those who have elongated faces will benefit from bangs covering their foreheads. On the contrary, men with round and square head shapes should go for side swept or curtain bangs.

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Messy Men’s Medium Layered Haircut

Medium layered hairstyles for men are a golden mean, as they are suitable for any ambiance and look good on everyone. So, if you are looking for a universal hairstyle that would not appear flat or plain, you can never go wrong with it. Plus, styling mid length layered hair for guys takes only several minutes, which is another great benefit.

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Tapered Layered Medium Hair Men

When they have both tapered and layered hairstyles men get a win-win combo. Tapering allows them to keep the focus on their top, while layering makes it defined and bold. It is hard to think of a better option for those who choose to look their absolute best.

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Short Brush Up

By short haircuts for men, you shouldn’t necessarily understand a completely short cut. It can combine trimmed sides and back with long hair on top. Though layers help to define the hair texture themselves, with an undercut, you can bring your hair to the ultimate level.

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Short Sides Long Top

If you’re into a bad boy style, layered hair haircuts with bangs can help you to pull off the look without a hitch. Bangs can make your face seem proportionate and disguise any flaws, like an expansive forehead, for example. On the sides, you can have one of the mens short haircuts, such as a fade or undercut, for an added edge.

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Textured Side Part

Adding texture to the male haircuts, make them even more striking and dazzling. Go for a short on sides long on top haircut and style it combed over to one side, using a sufficient amount of a styling product with strong hold. A side part haircut makes your look more geometrically defined and bold. If you pair this hipster haircut with a handlebar mustache and a well-trimmed beard, you won’t be able to overstate this look enough.

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Tapered Pomp Men’s Short Layered Haircut

For low-maintenance mens hair styles, consider tapered short hair cuts. They work for basically any hair type and can be adjusted to both casual and formal environment. Having the back and sides tapered while leaving the top hair long is the real savior when you have a night out after a long working day.

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Grown Out Layers

If you prefer long hairstyles to short ones, you can spruce them up by adding different levels of layers. Although cut intentionally, it will give your hairstyle the appearance of grown out layers, which looks both carefree and stylish. Besides, this is a low maintenance cut that does not require much styling.

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Layered Haircut With Widow’s Peak

If you want to draw people’s attention away from your widows peak, there’s no better way than to have a layered cut. Trim the sides and back short and leave the top notably longer. Add a bit of a styling product and push the hair up. Such cool hairstyles come out great on everybody no matter what your hair texture is.

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Brushed Up And Back Layered Short Hair Men

You deserve a classic short haircut with long layers to show off your hair’s natural beauty. Get an authentic gentleman appearance by getting clean contours and beautifully shaven beard for the perfect look!

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Messy Layers

If you think that it’s impossible to make pompadour even bolder and edgier than it is, try to cut it layered. Although pompadour haircuts have a bit of vintage air, they can easily be given a modern turn with a few added layers. Pompadour mens hairstyles work best on wavy and straight hair. Though, curly-haired men shouldn’t shy away from it too.

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Spiky Short Layered Haircuts For Men

To style your hair spiked up, layered mens haircuts are one of the best options. It becomes much easier to create spikes when your locks are cut in layers. Sometimes, all you have to do is to run your fingers dipped in a texturizing product through your locks and you are all set.

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Straight Textured Hair

Layered haircuts show up their texture best on straight hair. And what’s interesting, it doesn’t really matter what guy haircuts you go for because they always turn out defined. Just keep in mind that with the short sides and back, the top hair gains another dimension and stands out more.

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Spiky Hair

In case a layered pomp doesn’t give you enough texture, why don’t you try on a faux hawk? This haircut is made for daring and stylish men who are used to living on the edge. You can create a spiky finish on the edges by simply raking the fingers through them. Depending on the amount of a styling product, you can adjust how spiky hair on top you want to be.

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Layered Comb Over

Even if a comb over is traditionally a sleek and polished hairstyle, you can modernize this classic look by amping it up with layers, which takes the cut to the textured side. Another way to define the cut is to separate the sides from the top with a hard part. A mid fade on the sides and back will make the textured layered cut a focal point of the whole look.

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Curly Mens Long Layered Hairstyles

Kinky hair is generally textured and bold without additional styling or a specific cut. Though, you may want not only to accentuate the texture of your curly hairstyles but also to lighten up the thatch, which will make it easier to style and manage.

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Bowl Cut With Textured Hair

A lot of people frown upon a bowl cut, considering it a vestige of the past. However, it has made its way to modern hairstyles. One of the reasons that made a bowl cut so popular is its sheer versatility. Basically, all face shapes and hair types can pull off the look cut in a bowl.

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Tapered Fade Haircut With Longer Layers On Top

Tapering or undercutting the sides give the short sides long top haircuts a striking contrast. When the sides and back are much shorter, the top pops up more. Also, this haircut allows you to sport long mane without any hassle, as thanks to a taper fade, it keeps most of your hair away from your face while giving the front sections a sharp edge.

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Faux Hawk With Short Sides

This modern take on a classic pompadour can be pulled off on any type of hair. Thanks to the textured top, it makes your locks seem ample and full while the short sides keep everything looking neat and clean. The styling entails slight disheveling of the pomp with a blob of a hair styling product, which makes it an effortless hairstyle.

Faux Hawk With Short Sides #menslayeredhair #layeredhaircutsformen

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Medium Top Short Sides Hairstyle

The golden mean is always a surefire way to go if you cannot decide whether you prefer a long or short hairstyle and what ambiance it should suit. In this case, go for a look medium on the top and short on the sides. Thanks to the difference in length not only between the sides and top but also in layers, it creates a very bold look.

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Feathered Hair Men

A feathered haircut not only gives your locks definition and movement but it also creates an effortless and breezy feel of the whole look. You may need a tiny bit of a hair styling product though to enhance the texture of the cut.

Feathered Hair Men #layers #layeredhair #layeredhairmen #layeredhaircuts #layeredhaircutsformen


Caesar Layered Haircuts Men

A Caesar cut is a very popular mens short layered haircut. Low maintenance and easy to style, it works for almost any hair texture. Though, straight hair guys will find it the most flattering.

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Bob Inspired Mens Long Layered Haircut

Med long layered hairstyles often draw inspiration from other popular haircuts and styles. Thus, it is a good idea to pull off a layered cut on a long bob.

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Texture In Action

Mens layered long hair does not lack texture. On the contrary, it puts it into action. So, choosing a layered haircut guarantees that you are going to have an animated and dynamic look.

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It’s hard to think of a better way to add texture and definition to your hair than cutting it in layers. Regardless of your hair type or face shape, you can always find a layered cut that will be flattering to your features. Have fun layering various styles, lengths and ‘dos of your choice!



What is a layered haircut for guys?

In a layered haircut mens hair is cut so that its length varies on different levels.

What is layering in haircut?

Layered mens hair means that it changes in length from shorter around the crown to longer toward the bottom with a seamless transition.

Is layered hair good?

Absolutely! With layered hair guys get plenty of benefits, such as an ampler and more defined look, ease of styling, versatility and many others.

Should mens long hair be layered?

It is totally up to you to decide whether to choose long mens layered hair over one-length. But keep in mind that adding layers may help you to avoid the limp and lifeless appearance of your tresses.

Is layer cut good for thin hair?

A men’s layered haircut is a real savior for thin locks, as it allows you to create the illusion of a full head of hair.


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