There is a good reason behind the unfading popularity of a Caesar haircut. It is unique, eye-catching and versatile. No matter what hair type and face shape you have, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a Caesars haircut that matches your preferences as well as features. For your convenience, we have broken down all the info you need to know to pull off these stylish men’s haircuts in the following guide. Simply follow it and your hair will become the talk of the town.


    What Is A Caesar Haircut?

    What does a Caesar haircut look like? And why do you call it that? These are the first questions you may want to ask. It comes as no surprise that it was named after the original Julius Caesar haircut. The Roman Emperor was said to get such a cut in order to disguise his thinning hair. As it features a short fringe haircut that covers the whole big forehead, a receding hairline becomes less noticeable. The rest of the hair is usually cut using scissors in a uniform length.


    How To Get The Caesar Haircut

    How do I ask for a Caesar haircut? If you want a mens Ceasar haircut, just say so. As this is not a brand-new haircut, your barber is supposed to know how to cut it. Just to make sure you are on the right way, here are some key points to know about the cut:

    1. The most distinctive feature of a Caesar haircut is a blunt fringe that barely covers your forehead.
    2. The remaining hair is cut with scissors evenly, keeping it anywhere between 1/2 and 3 inches long.
    3. For a modern appearance of the look, consider a Caesar cut fade haircut or taper haircut.

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    How To Wear And Style Ceaser Cut

    One of the best things about a Caesar cut is that it is one of those short haircuts for men types that are very easy to style and maintain. Simply rub a blob of hair wax between your palms and work it into your locks on top and in the front with the fingers to accentuate the texture and you are good to go. To add movement and dimension to a dark Caesar haircut, consider getting highlights painted into strands randomly.


    Caesar Cut Fade

    The fade haircut is on the edge of popularity these days, and there is no wonder why since you can easily mix it and match with a great lot of other hairstyles and Caesar haircut is not the exception. In case you are looking for a cut with the lowest maintenance involved then the addition of high fade to the haircut will fix the issue just like that!

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    Caesar Haircut No Fade

    In case you prefer to sport your hair short, you can also pull off the Caesar’s haircut. To give it a go, get the sides and back tapered. This will allow you to have the hair on the top of the head just an inch or two longer.


    Tapered Sides

    You can never go wrong when pairing a classic Caesar cut on top with a trendy tapered cut on the sides and back. Together, they create a bold and stylish hair look. Besides, there are several ways to taper the sides, from a skin fade to an undercut.

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    Full Bangs

    Even though a traditional Caesar haircut implies cutting the bangs short, you should not necessarily follow this rule if you do not want to. Rather, go for a full long fringe paired with an undercut or fade for a more contrasty and sharp look.

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    Caesar Cut With Undercut

    An undercut is a perfect accompaniment for any hairstyle that features a textured or intricate top. Its main advantage is that it allows you to keep the focus on the top while maintaining a clean and neat look. For an ultimately edgy appearance, opt for a bald undercut fade on the back and sides.

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    Messy Long Caesar Haircut

    Gone are those days when a Caesar cut was supposed to look polished and refined. Today, it has gained a carefree and effortless flair thanks to messy styling. In this way, the top seems even more defined and textured. To get the look, just rub a blob of your favorite hair styling product between the hands and tousle the locks up top.

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    Short Caesar Cut

    There are no restrictions when it comes to the length of your Caesar haircut. If you want it to appear extremely refined and elegant, go for a super-short cut. The sides tapered to the skin will help you to achieve high contrast with the top, while a line up along the temples and forehead will add definition and sharpness to the style.

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    Long Caesar Haircut With Surgical Line

    For a modern take on the Caesar’s haircut, you are welcome to go for your personalized style. You can incorporate both intricate hair design and layering of your locks. In case you want to add just a stylish touch, get only a section of your hair colored while shaving off several streaks on the side.

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    Caesar Cut On Curly Hair

    Looking for haircuts for men with curly hair may be tiresome sometime, but not if you know of perfectly short haircuts for men with curly hair and Caesar one is certainly the one you need. Caesar haircuts for curly hair men take care of all the annoying hair at the back while leaving the party at the front. See for yourself!

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    Wavy Caesar Haircut

    Not all the short haircuts for wavy hair men as gorgeous as this wavy Caesar haircut. It seems that there is nothing out of place about this haircut. The length, the texture, and the style seem to match each other. Simple perfect!

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    Textured Crop Cesar Haircut

    There is a time when there is too much or too little volume to deal with, and you are faced with the choice to opt for something suitable but not that trendy or…Or you can choose the perfect French crop with will either add what is missing or will take away the excess volume. Fancy that!

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    Straight Ceaser Haircut

    Men’s hairstyles for straight hair sometimes may be tricky as well because not everyone is dying to try something too sleek. In a time like these, you can upgrade straight hairstyles with textured fringe and while everything else look sleek and smooth the layered fringe keeps the style and the charm.

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    Choppy Fringe

    Short choppy hair is a great option for those of you who are trying to pull off that messy look that I son the edge of popularity these days. What is short choppy layered hair looks pretty sassy no tot mention stylish!

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    Asymmetrical Fringe

    Asymmetrical hair is definitely popular among the ladies these days. However, it asymmetrical short hair looks great on men too. That is why if you are looking for something unusual yet trendy then asymmetrical fringe is exactly what you need, besides you can always experiment with shading to add some extraordinary vibe to your outlook.


    Low Caesar Haircut

    Short hair breaks all the records on requesting nowadays. That is why apart from a trendy cut we suggest you think about the trendy cutting as well. What is more a low taper fade will surely make you look special with this Caesar haircut!

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    Caesar Haircut On Spiky Hair

    Spiky natural hair may be tricky to succeed with, but among all the short haircuts for men, Caesar one is surely the best. Just a mid fade cut and a small fringe will help you achieve that stylish vibe that many are just looking for. Try it out, and you will not regret it!

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    Caesar Haircut With Thick Beard

    Teaming the Caesar haircut with a thick beard allows you to sport two men trends from different epochs. It’s really impressive how cool this classic hairstyle looks with a modern rugged beard. In this way, you can rest assured that you won’t look overly preppy. Still, your beard should be trimmed and shaped, as you don’t want to end up looking shaggy.

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    Bleached Caesar Cut Haircut

    Here’s another way to partner classics with modernity. Bleach your hair before going for the Caesar haircut to get an exceptionally eye-catching and sharp look. To emphasize the texture of your hair, style the top in a messy way. Yet, don’t go too hard on disheveling your locks. It should not come out looking unkempt.

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    Dark Caesar Haircut

    The Caesar cut is also a great way to show off your dark hair color. If not, then it’s a true sign that you need to dye it. Mind though that this hairstyle requires frequent upkeep to look its best, so make sure your barber always has free time for your appointments.

    Layered Caesar Haircut

    Layering can help add some dimension and movement to the traditional Caesar hairstyle. Cut the top section of your locks in different levels of layered haircuts and stack them randomly. As the hair atop already comes out so bold, keep the sides and back low key. A high skin fade is a perfect option in this case.

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    Long Top Caesar Haircut

    The Caesar haircut should not necessarily be short on top. To give your hairstyle more contrast, you can leave the section atop quite a long caesar while going for a mid bald fade on the back and sides. A line up along the temples can be used to define your textured top even more.

    Sleek Caesar Haircut Fade

    In case you want to get a polished and refined look, the Caesar cut also gives you such an opportunity. Simply slick down the hair on the top of your head and enhance it with a high bald taper fade. For an even more neat appearance, trace your hairline with a line up.

    Side Swept Bangs

    Although traditionally the bangs in the Caesar cut should be brushed forward, you are obviously allowed to style them in whatever direction you like. For an added flair, sweep your bangs to the side. As you can see, even such a straightforward cut as Caesar’s can be styled in a multitude of different ways.

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    Light Caesar Haircut

    Surprising or not, but the Caesar haircut is a perfect solution if you have bleached hair. It creates a neat and dapper impression for your dyed locks and allows for a myriad of different styling options on light Cesar haircut. To give it more edge and definition, pair it with a high bald fade on the sides and back.

    FAQs: Caesar Haircut

    How do I ask for a Caesar haircut?

    It is unlikely that your barber does not know what a Cesar hair cut is, so you can simply tell them its name. However, it will not hurt if you clarify how long you want your hair to be. A classic Caesar haircut is between 0.5 and 2 inches long all over the head. And do not forget about the Caesar fringe. Also, to give your Ceasar cut a modern feel, you can get the sides faded or tapered.

    What does a Caesar haircut look like?

    This is a short textured haircut that features evenly scissor cut hair all over the head and a short square fringe.

    What is a Caesar fade?

    A Caesar fade is a combination of a classic Ceasar haircut on the top and a fade on the back and sides.

    How long is a Caesar cut?

    While it is rather up to you, a common length of a Cesar cut is 0.5-3 in. on top and up to 0.5 in. on the back and sides.


    • Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman and military general who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic. Source
    • The Caesar cut is a hairstyle with short, horizontally straight cut bangs. Source