How To Get The Trendy And Popular Peaky Blinders Haircut

Get Yourself A Peaky Blinders Haircut: A Modern Chic With An Air Of Retro

Peaky Blinders haircut has been widely recognized on a par with Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. It was popularized by the show devoted to the Birmingham criminal gang that operated in England in the 1920s. Of course, the whole look of the boys was on edge. However, it was their hairstyle that made a stir in the public. Our guide to the Peaky Blinder haircut will tell you the whole story.

Tom Shelby Haircut – Short Back And Sides


We’re almost sure that if it weren’t for Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders сould’ve been left unnoticed. The Thomas Shelby haircut that the actor sported with such success in the show made a huge comeback as a fashion trend and is very much here to stay. It is created with the sides and back cut very short and the top left quite lengthy. However, note that it isn’t a bald undercut, there is some hair left on the sides and back. To create the perfect Cillian Murphy haircut, you need to leave plenty of hair on top with the maximum length in the fringe so that you could sweep the hair down and across the forehead.

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Surprisingly, you can recreate this Peaky Blinder haircut in two twos. Just ask your barber for a number one or two on the sides and back, while ensuring that there is sufficient amount of hair on top to work with. Don’t go too long though, the top shouldn’t fall down the sides. Begin styling with brushing it forward. Thomas Shelby sports his fringe to the side, thus you’re welcome to do so. Although, you can opt for a full crop fringe if you like it more. Just don’t forget to work a styling product into it because you want to create a messy or even curly look with your top hair.

Arthur Shelby Haircut – Slick Back Undercut


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Unlike Tom, Arthur Shelby prefers to style his Peaky Blinders hair with a slick back undercut. Even though the sides and back are cropped too, they’re much shorter than Tom’s. In its turn, the top hair is a lot longer and straight, neither curly nor messy. Such men’s undercut looks less daring but more contrasty and dramatic.

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Shave your sides and back to a zero grade and leave the top of your hair long. That’s how you get the cut. To style your slicked back undercut, you need to start with washing and blow-drying your hair. Then scoop a bead of your trusty hair styling product, like a hair wax or pomade, and apply it to the top of your slick back haircut. Start with a small amount so that you could control the process easily. With the help of a comb, slick back the top of the disconnected undercut, creating the desired shape of your Peaky Blinders haircut.

John Shelby Haircut – Undercut Crop


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To get the look of John Shelby, you basically need to combine Arthur’s undercut haircut with Tom’s. The sides and back are totally shaved off too. However, the top in this Peaky Blinders haircut is slightly shorter than in the aforementioned undercut men sport effortlessly. Yet, it still should remain straight, without any curling.

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To win the John Shelby’s undercut hair style, ask your barber to shave off the sides and back of your head. In case you’re reluctant to go completely bald, you can leave short stubble there. This will add a bit of color and framing to the cut. The top should be quite lengthy but don’t leave too much hair there as it can get curly or fall down on the face, and John prefers it straight and in its place. To get that perfect John Shelby’s undercut for men, you can skip the styling product or use a small amount because your hair should be able to flop over.

Michael Gray Haircut – Side Parting


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If you’re after a more formal and dapper look, consider the side part haircut that Michael Gray nailed. The sides are a bit longer and the top is more casual, which makes this hairdo highly adjustable to the daily life. A side part adds a very elegant accent to the cut, thus it doesn’t look dull or toneless.

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To get this Peaky Blinders hairstyle, you need to grow out your hair on the sides first. Consider adding a low fade to the hair bottom, though keep the rest of the hair on the sides and back even. Michael Gray’s hair is a bit wavy, so create a smooth curl with a round brush and a blow dryer. Like most side part hairstyles, it doesn’t require much of the styling product, something light, such as a hairspray, will be more than enough.

Alfie Solomons Haircut – Brushed Back Hair And Beard

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Even though this Peaky Blinder haircut also requires the slick back hair, it differs from the others in the way that Alfie Solomons paired it with a beard. Because you’ll have a full beard and quite a lot of hair on the head, consider joining them together to make the look come out cleaner. The guys with round face shapes will find this style particularly flattering as it helps to frame and elongate the face.

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First order of business for this look is to grow out a voluminous beard. In the Peaky Blinders, Alfie Solomons’ beard is quite coarse and disheveled. For an everyday look, it’s better to go with a little more shaped style. Then you need to grow out your hair so that it was possible to slick it back. Don’t forget to add a hair wax or pomade to prevent your look from turning into a mess.

How To Nail The Peaky Blinders Haircut

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So, now you are familiar with all the Peaky Blinders haircut styles, thus you can pull off one yourself. Don’t be afraid to look passe because the 1920s hairstyles successfully transformed into the 2018 trendy mens haircuts. You’re welcome to modify them though, adding such elements as a fade, carved parting or mustache. Just remember that most of them require short sides and back combined with a longer top.

So there you have it. Here’s our insightful guide for everything you need to know about the Peaky Blinders haircut, from the characters who harnessed it to the ways of getting it. With its huge comeback, we have no option but to give this hairstyle a shot.