Opt For The Classy And Modern Comb Over Haircut To Stay Up To Date

Nothing Is More Versatile Than Comb Over Cuts!

Once you think about a comb over haircut, you may remember it as a boldness-covering helping hand that men used to go for to hide the lack of hair on the top and thus to look presentable. But everything tends to change with the time, and this cut is not an exception.

Nowadays, it’s not just a cut to disguise a bald spot; it’s a great trend that barbers are asked for every day. The idea of sweeping hair to the side is present, yet now it’s full of versatility that man of any age, style, and with any hair type can sport it with dignity. Boldness doesn’t matter anymore; your style does!

What Is The Comb Over Haircut?

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Getting back to the history of the combover, it’s hard not no notice how the cut has changed. First, it was a swept look that was meant to hide flaws. And now it’s a cut that can accentuate the best features of a wearer, giving him a wide choice of styling options. Modern combovers are infinitely versatile: they can be paired with many other trendy cuts. As for the length, there are no restrictions.

Men’s Comb Over Haircuts

Keep in mind that comb over haircuts can be as different as you want. They may come as combinations of a couple of modern cuts, where one stylishly complements the other. The cuts can adapt to any image, whether you are a hard part lover or a man with shaved sides and a funky beard. Just get one that fits your style and preferences!

Classic Comb Over

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The classic comb over is restrained and ageless at the same time. Being the most well-balanced variation, the top and the sides are almost of the same length. To keep the immaculate transition that enhances the side part, the classic cut involves slight tapering on the sides and back.

Comb Over Fade

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The comb over fade combines in itself the classic features of the combover cut and neatness of a fade. It mixes the side-swept style with very short sides and a cleanly taper towards the neck area. A fade comb over, whatever it is, gives a very enhanced and fresh, contrastive look that can range from low fade comb over with smooth graduation to high fade comb over or skin fade comb over which are extremely edgy and distinctive.

Undercut Comb Over

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Undercut combover haircut takes two modern trends to the whole new level. The look that features short sides, deep and visible part line, and the prominent longer top is simply iconic. Most comb over undercut haircuts are achieved with clippers, but those who are into closer cuts like a disconnected undercut combover, the back and sides can be neatly shaved as well.

Tapered Comb Over

Comb over taper cuts set the focus to the side-swept top, keeping the sides pretty clean and smoothly transitive. Though tapering involves longer length than that of faded sides, there are many taper fade comb over variations for men who always seek the happy medium between stylishness and practicality.

Short Comb Over

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Short comb over is the lightest version possible. With such a cut, you won’t be left without a chic hipster look and will be able to shorten the morning styling time. Just like in the classic variant, the lengths on the sides and back are similar, and it can also be spiced up with a fade, which is totally up to you.

Long Comb Over

Long comb over is less sharp, visible, and clean-looking. But it still follows the tradition of outstanding side parting and gives you more styling flexibility. The sides and the top may differ in length and can be individualized with additional texturizing or tapering details.

What To Tell Your Barber To Get A Comb Over

As you can see, the diversity of possible comb over haircuts is pretty huge, which means that you should be clear when you ask your barber for it. Since this cut can be customized based on your needs and preferences, it’s crucial to mention all of them. Here are the essentials on how to ask for a comb over haircut and get exactly what you need:

  1. Tell your barber that you want to create a side part. It’s the main component of the comb over, after all. Decide whether you want a hard part line and show where you want it to be.
  2. Ask yourself if you want a fade or taper. Decide how high or intense you want it to be. Let your barber know if you’d like to combine your new cut with an undercut so that he can consult you and help to find the suitable idea.
  3. Keeping in mind the individual needs and features of your hair type, ask your barber for a length and structure that will get the most out of your texture and allow you to style your hair in the way you want.

How To Style A Comb Over

The styling routine of comb over haircuts is another reason to go for them. Getting a comb over hairstyle requires little effort and time, the only thing you need is to part your hair properly. With nice wax or pomade and a fine comb, you can create easy and sophisticated comb over styles.

Basic Tips On How To Style A Comb Over:

  1. When setting the pomade, wax or gel, run your fingers through your hair to make sure that the product you apply is distributed evenly all over the length
  2. Once you select your part line, comb your hair to the side, going forward, and parting it away from the line.
  3. Direct the comb right to the side to comb the product through the top section.
  4. For a sleek look, brush your hair closely to the scalp; for a messy look, tousle up your hair a bit, separating strands slightly.


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The so much popular and desired pompadour hairstyle can be easily done on your new cut! Men who prefer voluminous and bold looks to flat and sleek ones will appreciate the burst of volume in their hair. Also, you can go for a pompadour fade, where the top is super lifted, and the sides are sharp and clean.

Curly Top

Taming short curly hair men find to be unmanageable is easy if its cut to comb over. In this case, a fade or taper is essential to stick to the proportions of the cut. The maintenance of the sides may take some time, yet this combination can calm down curly hair men tend to style for hours.

Slick Back Hair

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Slick back hair is another styling idea that has been and will always be around. It’s gained its ageless popularity due to the various ways of pulling it off. A comb over slick back hairstyle with graduated sides and a subtle length is an excellent way to diversify your casual style.

Spiky Top

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Comb over cuts with spiky hair are another proof for their flexibility. Yes, not all combovers should be sleek and clean; it all depends on your lifestyle, so if you’d like to wear short spiky hair men with bold nature sport these days, don’t hesitate to try it out. Short spiky hair look will give you a more textured and fashionable appearance to your style, which looks awesome with a beard.

Hard Part

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A hard part adds a touch of modernity to the classic style. It creates a sharp line that enhances the parting, making the whole look more refined and tasteful. To make your comb over more accentuating, you can sport your hard part haircut with a soft taper fade.

Now you know that comb over is so popular these days not for nothing: it gives a lot of room for imagination and allows you to customize your cut based on your needs. Decide what you want your cut to be and call your barber: it’s time for a style upgrade.

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