Mens cornrows not only enhance a man’s style but also allow for personal expression through their sleek and distinctive design. Our MensHaircuts team has compiled an essential guide on achieving and styling these braids for men. While traditionally straight, today’s cornrows embrace complex patterns, underscoring their versatility and depth in black men’s hairstyles.


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Spider Cornrows Man Bun

What Is A Cornrow Braid? #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


Long hairstyles for men reach new heights of artistry with styles like these elaborate spider cornrows, culminating in a statuesque man bun. This braided look represents a fusion of tradition and modernity, ideal for men who appreciate intricate design and personal expression.

Cornrow Fade

Cornrow Fade #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


No hairstyle can be ruined by a fade and cornrows for men and braids for boys are no exception. Complement your trendy hairstyle with a high skin fade to make it more impactful black braids men.

Pro Tip: Pair your cornrow fade with a well-groomed beard to balance the edginess of the braids, creating a look that’s striking yet sophisticated for any setting.


Small Cornrows Style

Small Cornrows Style #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


As a rule of thumb, the smaller the braids, the more effort they require. However, it fully pays off with tons of admiring gazes you are going to collect. Celebrity hairstylist Stefan Bertin suggests in Burdie magazine that for those looking to experiment with Afro braids, beginning with cornrows is the way to go:

I would say that cornrows are probably easiest to keep up at home. All you really have to do is protect them at night and keep them moisturized.

Colored Corn Row Braids

Colored Corn Row Braids #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


Although men cornrows styles are nothing short of boldness, you can still take them to another level. Just get the cornrows dyed to accentuate the pattern even more.

Nastya Volna, an experienced braider with 13 years of expertise:

“In our style, color usually plays a special role. And bright colors attract the eye, they are accents, have volume and weight.”


Spider Braids

Spider Braids #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


Among all male cornrow styles, spider braids are probably the most unique and prominent. The pattern is not very difficult to create but make sure it is even and clean.

What's your take on men with braids??

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  • Braid Babe: Oh, I swoon over them! Braids turn my heart into a pretzel.
  • Bald Brigade: Ew, no way! A man should be as bald as my grandpa's head.
  • Indifferent Chic: I don't care. Let them wear what they want. Hair today, gone tomorrow.
  • Curious Cat: Looks interesting, but I wouldn't meet someone like that myself. I'm just here for the hair-raising drama.

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What's your take on men with braids??

Braid Babe: Oh, I swoon over them! Braids turn my heart into a pretzel.
Bald Brigade: Ew, no way! A man should be as bald as my grandpa's head.
Indifferent Chic: I don't care. Let them wear what they want. Hair today, gone tomorrow.
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Cornrows With Taper

Cornrows With Taper #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


Give your cornrows men hairstyle an added sharpness by enhancing the hair look with a taper cut.


Long Cornrows Hair

Long Cornrows Hair #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


Long cornrows are a real fashion statement. They indicate that you are not only persistent and patient but also fashion-savvy and daring.

Snake Braids

Snake Braids #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


The braids wind across the scalp in sinuous patterns reminiscent of a snake’s movement, creating a bold and textured appearance. The sides are neatly faded, providing a clean transition to the intricacy of the braid work, which is both eye-catching and modern.

Middle Part Crown With Undercut

Middle Part Crown With Undercut #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


Many cornrow styles are symmetrical. This intricate hairdo with the braided crown is the apple of the perfectionist’s eye. To keep the focus on the top, go with the undercut hair on the sides and back.


Twisted Cornrows Men

Twisted Cornrows Men #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


If somebody told you that you cannot pull off cornrows on short locks, forget about it. When it comes to this striking hairstyle, the length of your mane does not matter actually. Guys who have relatively short locks will also be able to get cornrows. Just make sure you have found a really professional braider.

Cornrow Braids with Beads

Cornrow Braids with Beads #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


Cornrow braids adorned with beads offer a playful and stylish twist, adding pops of color and texture to the hairstyle. This embellishment enhances the braids, lending a personalized touch to the overall look.

Take advice from professional hairdressers serving since 2002 cwbraids_br:

Straight and wavy hair needs a longer length than curly hair for good definition. Curly, straight and fine wavy hair averages 8 to 10cm. Straight hair with thick strands over 12cm. This guarantees comfort when making braids, reducing frizz at the ends and greater durability. Remembering that the healthy time for using the root braid is up to 15 days as hair growth during this period is half a centimeter.

Two Cornrows Styles

Two Cornrows Styles #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


Loni Massie, the Phoenix stitch braider and instructor, displays a hairstyle with two sleek cornrows that wrap around the head, converging into a neat, singular twist at the back. This style features a contrasting hair parting, which adds a striking visual element to the overall look, blending traditional braiding with a modern and streamlined aesthetic.

Styling Tip: To achieve this dual cornrow style’s polished look, use a defining gel for neat partings and to keep flyaways at bay. This will ensure your braids look sharp and stay intact longer.


Stitch Braids

Braid’s Pattern #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


Stitch braids by Dynasty Barbers present an edgy twist on long hairstyles for men, exemplifying precision and style. This meticulous braiding technique offers a dimensional and textured look that’s both modern and masculine. If you want both a stylish elaborate look and protection, you should try out box braid styles.

Can men with short hair get cornrows?

How long does it take to get cornrows done?

How much does it cost to get cornrows done?

Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids #popsmokebraids #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids


Based on cornrows, you can create many exclusive braid styles. As such, pop smoke braids are one of the trendiest cornrow variations. Their main feature is a defined parting located just in the middle of your head. In this way, the braids frame your face, while keeping the hair out of your way.

Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


Can’t decide what to do with the ends of your cornrows? Tie them in a top knot for an even more stylish look.

Nastya Volna, an experienced braider with 13 years of expertise, recommends:

“Do you know what hairstyle you want? Fine! 👌🏼Don’t know? Wonderful! 🙌🏼🔥 Everyone’s head is different, so in improvisation the work is woven together based on your individual characteristics.
Give the master freedom and he will show what he is capable of! 🤟🏼 – draw the reader’s attention to the fact that sometimes it is better to trust the master, he will help you choose braids that will best highlight your features.”


Zig – Zag Short Cornrows Men

Zig – Zag Short Cornrows Men #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


For those who like geometrically defined braid styles for men, here’s a zig-zag cornrows men hairstyle. It’s also a symmetrical look that will please your inner hairsplitter.

Blonde Braids

Blonde Braided Cornrows #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


If you want to make your hair braids stand out even more, you can either opt for a more elaborate shape, such as a Mohawk braid, or place a bet on its color. Blonde braided cornrows look awesome on black men and will make everyone’s heads turn.

Cornrows And Disconnected Undercut

Cornrows And Disconnected Undercut #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


Even though cornrows already look quite eye-catching, you can add more sharpness to them by complementing with a disconnected undercut. When your sides and back are cut much shorter than the top, the whole focus shifts to your hair up top. In our case, to the cornrows.


Pop Smoke Inspired Zig-Zag Cornrows

Artistic Zig-Zag Cornrows #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


The braids are expertly crafted to form intricate patterns on the scalp, demonstrating a high level of skill in braiding and design. This style is not only a nod to the late rapper’s iconic look but also a statement piece that combines culture and contemporary fashion.

Four Thick Cornrows

Four Thick Cornrows #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


There are several ways to sport four braids for black men. You can allow them to cover all your head from back to front and from side to side. Or, you can get the back and sides trimmed for a bolder look.

Big Cornrow Braid Styles

Big Cornrow Braid Styles #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


The size of cornrows is up to you. For a low key and comparatively effortless look, go for a big chunky cornrow hairstyle.


Extra Hair Corn Rows

Long Hair Corn Rows #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


As the most cornrow styles are black, you can spice up your look by long hair. In this way, you will get a really pronounced and contrasty appearance.

Shaved Sides Cornrows Hairstyles

Shaved Sides Cornrows Hairstyles #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


Another way to give your cornrow hairstyles extra emphasis is by shaving the sides of the skin.

Long Zig Zag Braids

Long Zig Zag Braids #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


Cornrows should not necessarily follow a straight pattern. You can play around with it a little and go with zig zag or circle braids.


Side Cornrows

Side Cornrows #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


As we are pretty used to seeing cornrows on men, they can hardly surprise us. But side braids are a whole different story. They look unusual and eye catching. That is basically why it is better to go for quite low key men cornrows in this case.

Simple Men Cornrows

Simple Men Cornrows #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


While there are quite many different cornrow styles, you do not always have to go for overly elaborate plaiting. Sometimes the simpler it is, the better cornrows on guys look.

Three Cornrows

Three Cornrows #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


In many cases, two braids are better than one and three braids are better than two. The same rule applies to cornrows men hairstyle. Besides, this is one of those cornrows braided hairstyles where you can play around with the thickness, size and direction of cornrows.


Cornrow Designs

Cornrow Designs #cornrows #cornrowsmen #braidsformen #manbraid


Mens cornrow designs look unbelievably striking and attention grabbing. However, for a cornrow braids men hairstyle to come out flawless, it is better if it is done by a skilled braider, not an amateur. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite effect.

Cornrow Bun

Cornrow Bun #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


The photo presents a captivating hairstyle featuring a series of cornrows that are intricately braided towards the crown of the head, culminating in a textured bun. The cornrows display a meticulous pattern that adds a dramatic contrast to the scalp’s natural complexion, demonstrating an impressive level of craftsmanship in the braiding technique.

Crown Braid

Crown Braid #cornrows #conrowsmen #cornrowbraids


It comes as no surprise that men with cornrows shaping a crown give off royal vibes. Besides, this cool hairstyle allows for various hair accessories to achieve an ultimately kingly look.


Cornrow Waves

Cornrow Waves #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


Cornrow waves create intricate patterns with braided hair, adding a stunning, textured look. This style blends the sleekness of cornrows with the fluidity of waves for a unique and stylish finish.

Criss Cross

Criss Cross #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


Criss-cross cornrow braids weave an intricate pattern, intertwining hair strands for a striking visual effect. This style involves braiding hair in overlapping sections, forming a captivating and unique look.

Samurai Bun

Samurai Bun #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


The cornrow braids Samurai Bun combines traditional braiding with a sleek, gathered topknot for a striking fusion. This style artfully blends cultural elements, creating a modern and sophisticated look.


Cornrow Braids + Triangle Box Braids

Cornrow Braids + Triangle Box Braids #cornrowsmen #cornrowsbraids


Cornrow braids with triangle box braids intertwine smaller triangular sections within the braids, creating a distinct geometric pattern. This style merges the sleekness of cornrows with the defined shape of triangular box braids for a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Cornrows With Highlighted Ends

Cornrows With Highlighted Ends #cornrows #cornrowsmen #cornrowbraids #menscornrows


An easy way to give your cornrows a bit of movement and dimension is to add highlights to your hair before plaiting it. What color to choose is totally up to you. If you want to get a really contrasty and edgy look, opt for the shade that is several tones lighter than your natural hair color. For a softer appearance, go for highlights that are only one or two shades lighter than your hair.

If you want to learn how to cornrow, you need to keep in mind that it’s impossible without special hair products. Here’s the full checklist:

    • Do-rag or du-rag. A special scarf for hair treatment purposes.
    • Shea or coconut butter. To keep your ‘rows hydrated.
    • A shampoo for deep cleansing. To remove a buildup of oils.
    • Rich hair conditioner. For added moisturizing.
    • Hair ties. To secure your African braids.
    • Multi-vitamin supplement. To treat your locks from the inside.


Suitable Hair Type

So that you could make the most out of all your black men hairstyles, you need to match them to your hair type. Thus, it’s crucial to know what mens hair types there are, namely straight, wavy, curly and kinky.

Styling Tips

To make the most out of your cornrows hairstyle, stick to the following expert tips:

  1. Do not style cornrows yourself if you are not completely sure that you can pull them off. It is always better to entrust this task to a professional.
  2. Do not wash your cornrows men hairstyle too often.
  3. Apply leave-in conditioner and moisturizer regularly.
  4. Steer clear of moisturizers that contain oils.
  5. Switch your pillowcases to satin ones in order to protect your hairstyle.

How long have you been struggling with your unruly hair? It’s time to put an end to your frustration. Cornrows men’s hairstyles will help you to not only manage your kinky locks but also keep your hairstyle functional and protected.

Benefits Of This Hairstyles

Cornrow braids for men have a number of benefits. First and foremost, it’s an extremely versatile hairstyle, which works for any hair type and length. So, whether you have long locks or harness one of the short men’s haircuts, you can pull off the look easily. Also, cornrows don’t age. Being an ancient hair grooming African style, they still remain one of the hippest hair trends. Finally, it’s a utilitarian hairstyle that shields your hair from harsh weather conditions and helps to manage frizziness.


FAQs: Cornrows For Men

How long do male cornrows last?

Corn rows may last from several days to a couple of weeks depending on how well you take care of them.

Do cornrows damage your hair?

When done right, not only will cornrolls not damage your hair, but they can also help you to keep it healthy and strong.

What do cornrows symbolize?

Originally, corn rolls indicated to what tribe a person belonged.

Can you shower with cornrows?

While it is definitely possible to wash cornrows in the shower, you should remember to put on a net to protect the cornrows from fly-aways and frizz.

Do cornrows help hair grow?

Yes, cornrow braids are often used for hair growth promotion and damage correction.


  • Cornrows or braids also called cane rows in the Caribbean, are a style of hair braiding. Wikipedia
  • The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that consists of the Caribbean Sea. Wikipedia