Are you looking for a new hairstyle? We highly recommend considering a fade haircut black men pull off so perfectly. Even though it’s quite elaborate, with a talented barber, the result will be impressive. It’s a great way to freshen up your style as well as get a really trendy and cool look. So that you won’t be disappointed, we’ve gathered the most creative and flattering fade haircuts.


Modern African American hairstyles allow your imagination to go as far as possible. Personalize your black men haircuts with shaved in creative patterns or simple lines and different fade intensity.

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Blowout Haircut Fade

Blowout Haircut Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


With a taper fade black men can go for any hairstyle on top, even the most prominent. So, if you are looking to add some volume and height to your top, consider a blowout taper fade Afro.

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The list of haircuts that are in fashion today are the mid , bald fade with either a wave length top or a longer length on top . This type of style is easy to manage depending on how often the client gets their service. Having the base of the fade bald will give it a longer lasting look in between services and if the transition in consistent it will definitely last while its starting to grow back . Paying attention to the front of the hairline while keeping it natural is key . Although color enhancements are frowned upon at times, if the client is thinning in the front area , it’s definitely a game changer for the client if it’s applied correctly and not too heavy


Buzz Cut Low Fade Haircut Black Man

Buzz Cut Low Fade Haircut Black Man #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


A buzz cut is an ideal option for men who prefer not to spend much time on styling and care. It’s also perfect for black men whose hair is beginning to thin.

Pro Tip: If you’re considering going for a near-bald look, consult your hairstylist first. They can help assess your head and face shape and advise if this style suits you or propose alternatives.

Clean High Fade

Clean High Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


To make your hairstyle look bold and contrasty, it is hard to think of a better option than a high fade haircut. It will help you to accentuate your hair to the limit.

Pro Tip: If you want to create a prominent silhouette and look taller, opt for a high top fade.


Taper Fade

Taper Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


A taper fade haircut  by Toronto barber and WAHL brand ambassador Neshan Asrula, appears much smoother than just a traditional fade cut. The transition in hair length is gradual, so the style does not seem overly sharp. If you want to make it edgier, consider leaving longer hair up top.

Buzzed & Bleached

Buzzed & Bleached #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade

@ los_cut_it

Looking to try something unusual? Then consider dyeing your hair white or another bright color. It contrasts amazingly with dark skin, attracts attention, and elevates your coolness to a new level.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget that regular coloring is important, as hair grows quickly and can lose its initial appearance.


Wisp Top Bald Sides

Wisp Top Bald Sides #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


A standard, calm, and wearable haircut is chosen by a lot Afro men. And for good reason: it requires no special care and always looks fresh and neat.

Kinky Swept Up

Kinky Swept Up #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


A little more volume on top—isn’t that what every guy wants? Give your curls freedom, but only on top. Keep the sides clean with an undercut.

Bald Fade Black Men With Surgical Line

Bald Fade Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


Although a skin fade is not a haircut for everybody, it is worth your attention. An Afro fade is one of the most popular choices for men with kinky hair for good reason. It allows your unruly locks to appear neat and clean. Besides, it keeps the focus on the top, which helps to create a bold look.


High Top Fade Black Male

High Taper Fade Black Male #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


Created by fade master Andy Rosario, this perfectly flat high top will highlight the natural texture of your kinky hair.

Styling tip: Don’t forget that for a truly high top, the hair needs to be relatively long so the stylist can create something similar to the haircut in the photo.

Asymmetrical Black Mens Fade

Asymmetrical Black Mens Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


When it comes to a fade haircut Black men are free to choose any hairstyle on top. Thanks to well-trimmed sides, even the most elaborate hairdo will come out neat and clean. So, do not limit your imagination and get the most unique hair look you can only think of. Lack ideas? These asymmetrical Black men fade is what you are looking for.

Curly Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


The low tapered fade is another haircut that has become popular in 2024 among black men. It gradually tapers closer to the ears and the back of the head, giving it a well-groomed appearance. This is a universal haircut that can be adapted to different hair lengths and textures. Black hair grooming expert Adrian Fanus has left the top curly this time.


Curly Mohawk Undercut Fade

 Curly Mohawk Undercut Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


A curly mohawk with an undercut fade is an ultra-fashionable and bold style for true aesthetes, created by the hands of a skilled barber Wes Staucet. This haircut achieves maximum contrast with a sharp transition from bleached curls to an undercut on the sides.

Pro Tip: The key to maintaining a bold contrast is regular trimming. After two to three weeks, the undercut will grow out and the haircut will not look as neat.

Rounded Top High Fade

Rounded Top High Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


This is a popular haircut for black men that combines clean lines and a stylish finish and a high taper fade. This haircut features a gradual fade on the sides and back of the head, starting high and tapering down to the skin. The top section is left longer and rounded to create a fuller look.

Tapered Curl

Fade, Curls & Design #afrofade #fade #fadehaircut #fadehaircutblackmen #blackfade


If you are no stranger to being in the center of attention, then this curly fade haircut with a hair design is made for you. Remember though that it needs regular upkeep so that the pattern looks sharp. Zach Ramsey:

Simple, timeless and easy to maintain. I talk about sustainability in regards to haircuts during classes. The test of time is the real revealer of quality of work. When the haircut is executed proportionately and balanced, the grow out will be seamless.


360 Waves + Fade

360 Waves + Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


Accentuated with waves haircut requires quite a lot of effort as well as tools and styling products. As the top is quite elaborate, give the sides a short fade, thus achieving breathtaking afro fade waves.

Flat Top Undercut For Black Boys

Flat Top Black Boys #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


Flat tops are still very popular among black boys haircuts and if you are one of its fans, why not upgrade it with a fade haircut black man style? Because your top is so impactful, faded sides will help you to achieve balance.

Curly Top Bald Faded Sides

Curly Top Faded Sides #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


As the name implies, a curly hair fade is all about your afro hair curls. It has several options, depending on the type of fade, which helps to vary the intensity of the contrast between the top and sides.


Mid Fade Haircut Black Men

Mid Fade Haircut Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


Guys who choose a medium fade most likely prefer the golden mean in every sphere of their life. A mid fade haircut looks perfectly balanced and suits most if not all situations. As for the hair on top, you are free to choose a style that matches your preferences best.

Afro Drop Fade

Afro Drop Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


A curved around the back and sides cut is called a drop fade. It is also often paired with a lot of popular black hairstyles, as it gives a fashionable and cool vibe to your look. It can easily spruce up all black mens haircuts thanks to the unconventional and intricate shape.

High & Bald And Curly

High & Bald And Curly #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


This curly fade is for guys who like to stand out in the crowd. It features completely bald sides and a high curly top, which creates a high contrast and eye catching look.


Curly Flat Top Mid Fade

Curly Flat Top Mid Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


This haircut features a flat top with well-defined, evenly trimmed curls on the crown of the head. The mid fade, a gradual tapering of the hair from the temple area, adds a sleek and modern touch to the overall look.

Mid Taper Fade Haircut Black Men

Mid Taper Fade Haircut Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


The mid taper fade haircut for black men is a popular hairstyle that creates a clean and sleek look with a seamless transition between longer hair on top and shorter sides and back. The mid taper usually starts around the temples and blends into the hairline.

Buzz Cut And High Fade

Buzz Cut And High Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


Do you play sports or have a dress code at the office and look for a really clean and neat hairstyle? A buzz cut with high fade is right what you need. It’s an easily manageable fade haircut that a lot of black men give preference to.


Bushy Top Black Mens Fade Haircut

High Top Black Mens Fade Haircut #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


For a bushy top haircut, any fade type will work just fine. Though, if you cannot decide what to choose, consider a mid fade Black men haircut. It gives you the middle ground between high and low fade haircut Black man can never go wrong with. As such, you are guaranteed to look your best no matter the ambiance or situation.

Flat Top Faded Sides

High Flat Top Faded Sides #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


One of the best classic black male hairstyles is a flat top fade hair cut. You’re welcome to pair different lengths of the top with various intensities of the fade.

Short Twists With Design

Short Twists Wit Design #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


If you want to get a really staple look, go for twists hair on top and a fade haircut with design on the sides. No matter what fade you’re going to choose– high or low, skin or burst, – your hairstyle will come out refined and exclusive.


Mid Temple Fade

Mid Temple Fade #afrofade #fade #fadehaircut #fadehaircutblackmen #blackfade


To accentuate the splendor of your kinky curls, you should grow them out. However, with the growth, they can fall on the sides and back. To prevent this from happening, consider one of the fade hairstyles. By partnering a mid temple fade with tight coils, you get one of the neatest black men haircuts.

Short Fade Haircut Black Men

Short Fade Haircut Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


Even though the vast majority of afro hairstyles for men feature length and volume, a good way to freshen up your style is to go with one of the short haircuts black men typically pair with various types of fade.

High And Tight Fade Haircut Black Men

High And Tight Fade Haircut Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


A high and tight fade is one of the most requested hairstyles among black men. Even if it’s low maintenance, it still requires regular upkeep to look flawless and edgy.


Drop Fade And Short Hair

Drop Fade And Short Hair #afrofade #fade #fadehaircut #fadehaircutblackmen #blackfade


A real gem of short black hairstyles is a drop fade haircut men perfectly complement with a curly top. What gives the cut a unique look is that the curls follow the fade line.

Buzz Cut And Wavey Line

Buzz Cut And Shaved Line #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


What a great way to make African American short hairstyles even bolder than they are! The top is buzz cut, while the sides are high faded. To pull everything together, pair the buzz fade with beard, line up and hard part.

High Top Fade Black Men And High Fade

High Top And High Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #blackmenfade


Long haircuts for black men have been trending for quite a while now. As there’s a lot of volume on top, don’t leave the sides and back too long. A high fade haircut is a perfect choice.


Skin Fade Black Men Frohawk

Skin Fade Black Men Frohawk #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


The faded Mohawk on top with intricate hair designs on the sides looks daring and exciting. Note how flattering the star-shaped carved design comes out with a mid fade.

High Top Fade Haircut Black Men

High Top Fade Haircut Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade


The high top fade is often called a box haircut thanks to the neat and edgy profile it takes. Even though it has a vintage air, the high top fade remains one of the trendiest black men hairstyles.

Bald Black Men Fade Haircut and Curls

Skin High Fade #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


A fade serves as the perfect canvas to accentuate mens hairstyles with a bald shave. After a couple of weeks, your skin fade haircut will require upkeep, as the contrast between the skin and hair will fade away.


High Fade And Sponge Curls

High Fade And Sponge Curls #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


If you’re up to contrasty black men haircuts, a high fade with a sponge curly top is an ideal option.

High Drop Fade Black Men Haircut

High Drop Fade Black Men Haircut #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


With a Black drop fade, every Black men haircut gains a trendy and stylish touch. As a rule of thumb, the more definition you want to achieve, the higher the fade should be. A high drop fade Black man haircut delivers ultimate boldness and impact. To enhance the look, you can also complement it with a line up.

Curly Temp Fade Haircut Black Men

Temp Fade Haircut Black Men #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


A temple fade is a common accompaniment for many black haircuts. It goes right from the hairline close to the temples. It belongs to the shortest cuts, which does not make it in the least bit less stylish. A good idea will be to pair it with an edge up for a sharper outline near the edges.


Taper Fade Afro With Twist

Taper Fade Afro With Twist #fadehaircutblackmen #afrofade #blackfade


Try out a blowout Afro taper fade with a twisted top. This edgy and striking temp fade black men cut cannot go unnoticed wherever you are. So, if you like to be in the spotlight, taper fade Afro twists are your way to go. Of course, this hairstyle cannot be created in one sitting. Not only do you have to grow your hair long enough to get twisted but you also need to make the strands keep their shape. Though, no worries. Your effort will be paid off fully.

Dreadlocks Undercut Fade

Dreadlocks Undercut Fade #afrofade #fade #fadehaircut #fadehaircutblackmen #blackfade


If dreads are your haircut of choice but you got a bit tired of them, do not shave them off completely yet. Try to remove bulk with a low fade black men haircut first and in case it does not help, you can either change the boldness of the fade or go for a buzz cut.


With fade haircut black men can create many different hairstyles. Depending on the length and texture of the top, give your sides a fade of various intensity and shape. We hope our compilation of the best fade haircuts for black men has helped you choose the style that matches your tastes.

FAQs: Fade Haircut Black Men

How do black men fade their hair?

There is a difference between fading Afro hair and Caucasian. Both fades start in the back at the hairline and go upward. The clippers should move with the grain so that there is no irritation or ingrowns. For a smooth and gradual transition, the hair should be faded in small portions with the help of guidelines cut in it and various sizes of guards. To create a perfect Black fade, it is better to employ electric clippers. A razor blade or shears with a comb will not give you the same result.

How do you fade an Afro?

Here is a quick guide to a fade haircut black men can do at home:
1. Take an electric clipper and cut the guideline for the shortest portions of the fade. If you are going for a bald fade, the hair beneath this line should be clean shaven.
2. Attach guard size #1 and create another guideline. It should be about 1/2 inch higher than the previous one. Make sure your black fade haircut is uniform in length and symmetrical.
3. Switch the guard to #2 and repeat the previous step. Continue fading the hair until blending it into the Afro top.

What does a fade haircut look like?

When looking at the frontal side of the fade haircut black guys wear, you will hardly tell its difference from the high and tight as well as short sides and back haircuts. However, from the profile view, it features the iconic faded finish.

Are fades still in style in 2024?

With their neat and crisp silhouette, black men fades are timeless. So, there is no doubt that they are still in fashion. Moreover, for a modern fade haircut black men have created many stylish variations, so you will easily find a trendy look to complement your haircut.

What is a taper fade black male?

A taper fade black male haircut is a popular way to give your Black hair an updated look while keeping it low key and reserved. Unlike a bald fade, an Afro taper features short hair at the bottom, which gradually increases in length and blends into the top.


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