There is a good reason why a middle part hair men style has reemerged as a fashion trend Eboy haircut and does not seem to go away anytime soon. It adds a hundred points to your appeal and does not leave anyone indifferent. Plus, it offers you multiple styling ways, from simple and low key to elaborate and intricate. If you are not sure what style to choose, you have come to the right place. Our guide contains the coolest middle part hairstyles men ideas for every taste.


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    Short Middle Part

    Short Middle Part For Men #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    When it comes to a curtains haircut, there are no restrictions in terms of length. As soon as your hair can be curled down on the sides, you are welcome to go for the look. A short middle parts hairstyle actually looks pretty neat and fresh.


    Wet & Styled Curtain Bangs Men

    Wet & Styled Curtain Bangs Men #middleparthairmen #mensmiddlepart


    In addition to a curtains hairstyle, you can adopt another popular 90s hair trend, which is wet hair. Together, they make up very attractive and stylish medium hairstyles for men. To achieve it, you need to apply a hair gel with a wet finish and allow your hair to air dry. If it comes out a bit messy, no worries. This adds extra flair to the look.

    Long Middle Part Hair Male

    Long Middle Part Hair Male #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    Are you a fan of long tresses? There is a middle part hair men cut for you too. So that the strands do not drag your face down visually, it is better to add some volume to them. You may do this with the help of a powerful blow dryer and a round brush.


    Straight Mens Curtain Haircut

    Split Haircut #middleparthairmen #mensmiddlepart


    Middle part hairstyles are made for straight hair. Hardly any other hair texture will give you the same curtain haircut effect. So, if you would like to get an authentic look but naturally you have wavy or curly locks, then you will need to straighten them beforehand.

    Curly Middle Part Mens Hairstyle

    Curly Middle Part Mens Hairstyle #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    For curtain haircuts male curls are also a wonderful foundation. The haircut seems more structured and prominent on curly hair men. For added emphasis, you may apply a texturizing product to your strands and style them with a diffuser attachment. Though, keep in mind that curly hair requires more time to grow. So, take Salvador’s Salcedo hair stylist advice and grow your hair longer:

    Its been years telling Mauricio to grow his hair out, he finally did & I think he looks amazing! Who else has wondered what their hair could look like if grown out? Expert advice: TRY IT! 🙌🏼


    Wavy Middle Part

    Wavy Middle Part #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    To get perfect curtain hair men with wavy locks need to get the right haircut first. So, tell your barber that you are planning to style your hair parted in the middle so that you could end up with the wavy middle part male hairstyle everyone will feel envious of.

    Middle Part Undercut

    Middle Part Undercut #middleparthairmen #mensmiddlepart


    With an undercut middle part looks more defined and high contrast. Besides, it makes your hair easier to style and maintain so you can never go wrong with it. Yet, to keep your middle part bangs in the spotlight, do not forget about regular upkeep. Expert advice from barber Anton Nizhnick:

    Curtain haircuts are not only short for men. We can create elongated designs.  The main difference from women’s haircuts is that men’s curtains should be more geometric. The male version should have no soft lines. If you go for a tighter, squarer geometry, you will end up with a very stylish men’s haircut with an elongated design.

    Middle Part Fade

    Middle Part Fade #middleparthairmen #mensmiddlepart


    With a fade curtain haircut still looks quite bold and prominent. Though, it is not as striking as an undercut men middle part. This makes it softer and more wearable, which is a perfect option for guys who have to abide by dress code rules at work.

    One of my favourite things is the internal connection in a haircut. Layers, graduation, clipper work, disconnection. Understanding how to connect your techniques will allow you to be more creative and free with your work, –

    Leah Cassidy, award winning barber, grooming expert and and global edaucator.


    Curtains Hairstyle With Mustache

    Curtains Hairstyle With Mustache #middleparthairmen #mensmiddlepart


    A mens middle part style can be enhanced with a bit of facial hair. In case you are not a fan of a beard, you can get away with a mustache. There is a wide range of options to choose from, depending on the impression you want to make.

    Fluffy Middle Part

    Fluffy Middle Part #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    Even though a middle part mens haircut is traditionally styled on straight locks, it does not mean that it will not work with other hair textures. Instead, waves or curls will give a men’s haircut with bangs an intricate twist. Make your parted hair fluffy to make it more voluminous and ample.

    Men’s Shag Haircut

    Men's Shag Haircut #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    Even though a middle part mens haircut is traditionally styled on straight locks, it does not mean that it will not work with other hair textures. Instead, waves or curls will give a men’s haircut with bangs an intricate twist. Fluff up your parted hair to make it more voluminous and shaggy haircut.


    Curtain Bangs With Side Part

    Curtain Bangs With Side Part #middleparthairmen #mensmiddlepart


    For modern guys middle part is not the only way to pull off curtains hair men style. If a middle part does not suit you, you are welcome to switch it to a side part. To make the most out of their curtain haircut men should choose the side that they consider more flattering.

    Low Taper Middle Part

    Low Taper Middle Part Cut #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    ​​Tapering is a fail proof alternative to fading or undercutting. A taper fade middle part looks appropriate in any ambiance and matches every outfit. So, if you are looking for a hairstyle that would allow you to knock on any door, this is your way to go.

    Messy Middle Part

    Messy Middle Part #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    Messy hairstyles have moved over, if not ousted, smooth and sleek ones. As such, do not be afraid to style your curtain haircut male look with tousled and disheveled strands. In this way, you will give your appearance a casual and effortless vibe.


    Split Haircut

    Split Haircut Men #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    Of course, a split hair men cut is not for everyone. Yet, it is a sure bet for guys who like to stand out in the crowd. It looks very unusual and edgy. To make the parting so sharp, use either a fine tooth comb or a rat tail comb. Secure the hair in place with the help of a styling product. WAHL  UK creative director Alan Beak describes his work this way:

    90’s inspired wedge, centre parting, wet look.

    Flow Middle Parts Men

    Flow Middle Parts Men Hair #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    A flow haircut is a trademark hair look of real heartthrobs. Just like a curtains hairstyle men love so much these days. So, why not combine them in one look? With a flow middle part haircut men seem to look like a magnet for the admiring gazes of passersby.

    Middle Part Mullet

    Middle Part Mullet #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    With middle part hair guys can grow their mane pretty long, even if it is straight. Let your tresses end where you want to place an ultimate accent, be it your cheekbones or chin. Styling wise, you do not have to be overly innovative. Divide the hair into two equal sections in the middle and you are all set.


    Clean Middle Part Mens Haircuts

    Short Middle Part Haircut #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    Although the middle part hair is often styles tousled, this is not always the case. Whenever you need to look groomed and sophisticated, go for a clean middle part haircut. A hair pomade or wax will help you to achieve the desired finish.

    Swept Back Middle Part Hair Cut

    Middle Part Hair Cut with Combed Hair Men #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    A middle part guys hairstyle is a great way to bring a welcome change to your regular hair look. It instantly makes it more defined and edgy even if it is such a refined hairstyle as combed back hair. The final result still comes out very elegant and polished but with a bold twist.

    Mens Middle Part Haircut With Fringe

    Mens Middle Part Haircut With Fringe #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    A boys middle part is a common accompaniment of a fringe. The strands in the front of your face create a framing effect, which looks flattering regardless of what head shape you have. One of the best things about it is that it works for any hair texture, be it a straight or curly middle part guy hairstyle.

    Reshaping Manny’s lockdown length into something a little more balanced and liveable. Styled with Sea Salt Spray & Texture Paste, – writes Leah Cassidy in her Instagram.


    Middle Part Men With Highlights

    Middle Part Men With Highlights #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    If you have long wavy locks and prefer to wear them loose, accentuate them with a middle part. Trust us, you will not regret it. A mid parted long wavy mane is one of the most impactful middle part hairstyles male options. If it is not particularly neat, no worries. A natural center parting is a failsafe option in this case.

    Middle Part with Low Fade

    Middle Part with Low Fade #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    A middle part with fade is a match made in heaven. The combo makes your hairstyle incredibly defined and high contrast. So, it will not be difficult to have all eyes on you, as you are sure to be flaunting one of the trendiest middle part hair men styles no matter where you go.

    Middle Part Eboy Hairstyle

    Blunt Cut Middle Part #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair


    Of course, one of the most popular straight hair middle part male styles is an eBoy hairstyle. It is a kind of curtain bang variation with face framing strands in the front and a parting in the middle. Although it was popularized through social media, you can also feel free to wear it in real life.


    Blunt Cut Middle Part

    Blunt Cut Middle Part Men #middleparthairmen #middlepartmens #middleparthair

    Source: @shefer_andrew via Instagram

    When you have your hair edges cut blunt, you may want to accompany such a look with a middle parting. This will help to enhance an angled silhouette of the hairstyle and keep your hair on top in the spotlight. You can also go with a middle part taper for extra emphasis.

    Middle Part Surfers Hairstyle

    Middle Part Surfers Hairstyle #middlepart #middleparthair #middleparthairmen #curtainbangs #curtainshair


    The middle part surfer’s hairstyle is a popular men’s haircut characterized by medium to long hair parted in the middle, often with loose, beachy waves. This style is often associated with a laid-back, casual look and is inspired by the relaxed aesthetic of surfers. It has gained popularity in recent years as a trendy and versatile hairstyle that can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions.

    We hope, our collection of the best middle part hair men ideas has infused you with some inspiration. Now, you should know exactly what you want when visiting your barber next time. After all, you can always experiment with your hair, trying a different variation of the look each time.

    FAQs: Middle Part Hair Men

    How do guys part their hair in the middle?

    For a middle part boys comb all their hair back first and then using a fine tooth comb, divide the hair on top into two equal parts. To do this, hold the top section with one hand and slide the comb toward the back where you want the part to be. Let go of the top and allow the hair to fall to the sides naturally. Pull the strands with your fingers and apply a tad of a hairstyling product.

    Is a middle part in style for men?

    The middle part men hairstyle has made a huge comeback from the 90s and now it is one of the trendiest hair looks for men.

    Is a middle part attractive?

    A middle part hair male style is universally flattering. It looks good on any face shape, making your features more chiseled and attractive.

    How do I ask my barber for a middle part?

    To get middle part hairstyles men should tell the barber that they want a curtain hair bang in the front and an undercut haircut on the back and sides. Ask them for a really short haircut, one inch and shorter, for more contrast.