Do Women Like Beards The Guide To Advantages And Disadvantages

Do Women Like Beards? Breaking Your Doubts On Beards

We’ve heard a lot of questions about having a beard and do women like beards is the most popular one. We understand the popularity that has appeared recently around having facial hair. Now everyone is questioning if they can rock it and we would be glad to help with finding out. Recent trends around styles, how to look after it and which one is the perfect choice just for you. Would you like some assistance?


There are so many advantages of wearing a beard that you can’t even imagine. Are you thinking of trying it on yourself? Then you will be glad to read all the good things we have listed about having a beard.

The Fuzzy Factor

You may wonder why do women like beards and we have one of the answers that is quite common around women who were asked. It’s a fuzzy feeling. A lot of them told how much they like being held by the men who have facial hair. How manly and soft it feels. It brings comfort and warmness to the touch and feels really good during a kiss.

Gives A New Look

You can’t ignore the fact that beards for sure bring something new to your appearance. A detail that can make you so stylish, manly looking and can really freshen up your appearance. It is also a great way to bring in something new to the way you look when you haven’t changed anything much in a long time. This is also another answer to why do women like men with beards. Something new and exciting in your look catches their attention, making women look at you in another light.

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Creates A Manly Figure

Women love beards! It is a fact that we all should be aware of. Men should know how manly it makes them look. And we all know much masculinity attracts. Beautiful girls can’t deny that. Of course, freshly shaved men are charming too and there is something about it as well, but haven’t you noticed how appealing beards look?

Looks Good In Anything

As we have already told you, beards add style as they are part of your appearance and they can change the whole look easily in a better way. It is a fact that everything you wear will look bomb with a beard. It is some kind of detail that makes your look complete.

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Displays Maturity

Should I grow a beard?- is that the question in your head right now? If yes, then let’s think together. There are so many advantages. It is also a great way to show your maturity as you know beards are the sign of growing up and becoming more mature and attractive.


Of course, like everything, having a beard has its advantages and disadvantages as well. So let’s look through them too.

Beard Burn

Beard or no beard? That is the question. Well, keep in mind that beards can give the sensation of the burn. To your partner that can be not the most pleasant thing in the world as it can cause rashing and irritation for her sensitive skin. You will have to look after your beard all the time if you want to avoid that inconvenience.

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If there is a beard vs no beard, then don’t forget about this inconvenience that might happen. Eating in public places may become a problem if you don’t like having food stuck in your beard. Not the most appealing thing to see a man with pieces in his facial hair. You will have to be attentive all the time.

Wild And Untidy

There is a stereotype between women that men with an untidy and wild beard may behave accordingly. That is why they prefer to stay as far from them as possible. Should I shave my beard off now? You may wonder. And our answer is no. Just keep it looking clean and neat and there won’t be such a problem.

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It’s All But A Ploy

Keep in mind that a beard is a great trick to hide your immaturity and childness under it. Do you think women don’t understand that? You are mistaken then. Cause oh yes they do. That is why never use the beard as the detail to hide your flaws. Be mature in this way too.

There are some advantages and disadvantages that you have to keep in mind when considering whether to try having a beard or not. However, we believe it is a great way for men to enhance their masculinity and style.

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