Do you think that you don’t have to know how to break up with someone, as it isn’t a big deal? We have bad news for you, fella. It actually is a big deal. So big that the person who you cared about and who cared about you may get really hurt. Or even, it is you who can get hurt. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Don’t worry though, we have your back. To walk you through all the phases of a breakup with minimum or even zero harm, we compiled this insightful guide.


    When Do You Know That It’s High Time To Split Up?

    So, when is it time to break up? As soon as you feel that you don’t love your girlfriend anymore. It’s not fair to both of you to continue the relationships that are based on insincerity or lies. Thus, once your feelings aren’t the same anymore, you need to realize that the time when to end a relationships phase has come. Don’t wait until you cross the fine line between love and hate.


    Pre-Breakup Phase

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    Now that we’ve cleared things up for you on how to know when to break up with your GF, it’s time to prepare yourself for the mission completion.

    Give Your Relationships The Second Chance

    First, you need to ask yourself, “Should I break up with my girlfriend because I really want to or are we just having a hard time?” Give yourself an honest answer. If you hesitate, allow your relationships a chance to remedy the situation. Tell your partner about everything that concerns you and only then make the final decision.


    Choose The Venue

    Not only does it matter when to break up but also where to do it. The brake up venue depends on many factors, such as whether you cohabitate or if your partner is quick-tempered.

    Decide On Accommodation And Possessions

    If you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while, you’ll need to work out several material aspects, such as where each of you is going to stay and how you’re going to decide who gets the cat and who takes the gamepad.


    Get Ready To Cry A River

    Even though you’ve convinced yourself that it’s for the better, breaking up with someone you love or used to love isn’t easy at all. So, be prepared that both of you are going to cry your eyes out even if not literally then at heart.

    Find A Shoulder To Cry On

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    One of the best ways of how to get over someone you love is to have your bffs and immediate family to support you in your hour of need. Even if you don’t want sympathy from them, you just need to get it off your chest.

    No Blathering

    The best approach to how to break up with someone nicely is to be clear and definite. You don’t want to go round and round, hence making your ex-to-be more nervous and confused. If you’re not a word warrior, make a list of your complaints and requests.


    The Breakup Phase

    So, the time to break up with your girlfriend is here, what’s your first move?

    Avoid Cliché

    Whatever you do, refrain from using clichés by all means. If you want to end your relationships on good terms, of course. According to GQ, since the beginning of humankind, “couples have broken up approximately 900 billion times.” Can you imagine how many times this phrase has been used as an excuse? Of course, you do not have to reinvent the wheel and come up with philosophical arguments on the reasons why your love has ended. Yet, you need to say something genuine and relevant. It should sound sincere and not copy-pasted. Still, your speech should not flow over the tree: be brief and specific.

    Be Outright

    Despite the reason behind the brake-up, it’s not in your best interest to hurt your prospective ex-girlfriend with a painstakingly long process. Thus, give her the unvarnished truth without any further ado.


    Give Her Some Explanation

    Breaking up with someone requires strong will and determination, so you’re sure to find the courage to explain yourself. After all, she deserves to know what went wrong with your relationships.

    Stand Your Ground No Matter What

    If you catch your girlfriend by surprise with the news, and we’re almost sure you will, she may react to it in many different ways: get furious or wretched, beg you to stay or give her a chance to fix things. Though, it will be best for everybody if you don’t go soft on your position whatever she says.

    The Post-Breakup Phase

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    So, you’ve grasped how to end a relationships phase. What’s next? Despite all that said, there are no strictly right or wrong ways of how to break up with someone you love because everything is grossly individual. However, there are certainly a couple of good practices on how to recover from a breakup.


    Notify People Close To You

    After the breakup, you’ll most likely feel lonely and solitary. Thus, you should immediately let your family and friends that you have separated with your GF. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. So, let those around you provide you with support, care and attention.

    Put Your State Of Mind And Body First

    To get over the break up in the fastest way, you need to properly take care of yourself, both in a physical and mental sense. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and doing some physical activity are a must if you want to get back on track soon.

    Make A Huge Social Network Clear Out

    If you’re considering how to break up with someone you love with dignity, in the era of social media, it’s almost impossible without adjusting your networks. Allow some time to tell your family and friends about the split up before changing your relationship status on your profiles. Besides, it’s better to unsubscribe from your newly converted ex to avoid unwanted emotions.


    Should You Have An Afterthought, Hold It Up

    In case you have reconsidered the answer to the “Should we break up” question, don’t make any decisions or the more so take actions in warm blood. Give yourself time to thoroughly think whether you really want to reunite with your ex and only then make some moves.

    Your Breakup Script

    You may know how to break up with your girlfriend, but still have no words at the moment of truth. So that it won’t happen, here’s your plan of action:

    1. Tell her that you need to talk.
    2. Say something good about her.
    3. Voice the issues.
    4. Indicate the intention to break up.
    5. Apologize for the possible anguish.
    6. End your speech on a positive note.
    7. Hear out your opponent.
    8. Follow up later on with a kind text or talk.

    Although you may know how to break up with someone in theory, in practice, it can come out as walking through the circles of hell. To increase your chances of the positive outcome, follow our ultimate guide. It will tell you everything you want to know about the ending of the relationships.