You can’t deny that man boobs, or simply moobs, are not a very pleasant sight. Besides, having them can greatly take away from your confidence and self-esteem, especially when you need to take your shirt off. If it makes you feel better, you’re not alone. According to some reliable sources, about half of the male population faces this problem. However, you surely want to be with the other half. To help you get rid of moobs, we’ve prepared this in-depth guide.


    What Do You Call Man Boobs?

    So, what does MOOB mean? The term “moob” is formed as a result of the corruption of two words – man and boobs. It refers to the phenomenon when male breast tissue or fat starts to form excessively and as a result, you may notice an increase in the size of a man’s breast. With time, it begins to look very much alike female breasts, which isn’t particularly flattering.


    Gynaecomastia Or Not Gynaecomastia?

    This phenomenon is so widespread that it’s even got its own name in medicine – gynaecomastia. This term is used in relation to man tits caused by breast tissue expansion due to weight or hormone fluctuation and steroid use. However, if there’s too much fat in your chest, it also starts looking boobs-like, which has a name as well – pseudo-gynecomastia. So, to find out how to get rid of man boobs fast, you should decide first what causes them.

    Why Do Man Boobs Appear?

    When some problem, such as man boobs, pops up, we blame anybody but ourselves. Before doing so, think carefully. How do you get moobs? Maybe, that’s you who’s guilty as charged? Maybe that’s you who pretends like being not aware of what causes male chest fat? Okay, okay, there is a chance that you might have gynecomastia, a genetic disorder that causes a breast tissue benign swelling. However, as it is the result of low levels of testosterone, it can be caused by external factors as well. An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and some skin care ingredients are contributing factors that can make your breast grow. So, let’s sort it out together.



    Obesity is one of the main causes of manboobs. When the number of consumed calories exceeds the number of burned off, you start to gain weight. Usually, we put on weight everywhere, including the chest. Besides, the fat may be the cause of leptin imbalance, and as a result, your body produces less testosterone.


    Aging gives us plenty of challenges to overcome: receding hairline, fat belly, the crisis of mid-life to name a few. Though, it’s not done with you yet. Man titties are another experience you’re going to gain. The reason for this is that after 50, your body doesn’t produce as much testosterone as before. Thus, keeping your chest flat becomes a really daunting task.


    Alcohol Abuse

    You think that when you drink too much alcohol, the worst side effect you can get is hangover and texting your ex? You can’t even imagine how wrong you are. Excessive alcohol consumption equals weight gain. Moreover, some sorts of beer can multiply your levels of estrogen, which will result in breast tissue increase.

    Products That Contain Natural Oils

    Enjoy nourishing your facial hair with beard oil? Have you checked its list of ingredients? If you find lavender or tea tree oil there, we strongly advise you to be very careful with it. These ingredients, as well as other natural oils, have properties similar to estrogen. Thus, when your bloodstream soaks them, you may face an imbalance in hormones.

    Use Of Steroids

    No chest exercises for men will help you get rid of man boobs if you take steroids. Period. As they’re aimed at promoting the growth of your muscles, they noticeably enlarge your chest. However, the result doesn’t always meet your expectations. The testosterone you consume in the form of anabolic steroids is synthetic, and in most cases, our body readily converts it into estrogen. In the aftermath, it leads to gynecomastia and man boob growth.


    If none of the aforementioned reasons concerns you, but your chest still experiences funny feelings and bumping, it can be a strong reason to visit a doctor. Although it’s not a common case, some illnesses can sometimes cause moobs. Thus, it’s always better to make sure that your kidneys, liver and other organs are doing well.

    What Foods Cause Man Breasts?

    As we mentioned earlier, an unhealthy diet can be a cause of man boobies. But not only junk food can make your breasts grow. Some foods contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which have similar properties to estrogen. Thus, consuming such foods may potentially boost your breast growth. Therefore, if you were diagnosed with gynecomastia, it is better for you to avoid such foods as tofu, flax seeds, soy and dried fruits.

    How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

    So, the question is, can moobs go away? There’s almost a surefire way of how to lose man boobs fast. However, before getting in over your head, don’t forget to see the doctor. If you got approval from them, you can start your journey. To rid of moobs, you should not only cut down on some bad habits but get a couple of good ones as well. Also, there are special physical exercises that will help you to both build muscle and burn fat, which can result in man boobs decrease. The most effective of them are ballistic push ups, jump rope and lateral plank walk.


    Steer Clear From Fast Food Restaurants

    As a rule of thumb, if you lose weight, you lose moobs. Tempting, isn’t it? We’re sure that you’re not that faint-hearted, especially when it comes to your health and well-being. Hence, we recommend rethinking your diet drastically. First, you want to cut down on the intake of carbs. Next, you should give up sugar or at very least, reduce its consumption. Then, you need to choose protein and lean meats over fat. And finally, introduce fruit and veggies into your diet.

    Get Fit

    Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

    It’s true that mostly you build your body in the kitchen, not in the gym. But, mostly doesn’t mean only. If you want your body to look toned, physical activity is a must for you. Besides, it boosts the process of losing weight. On top of that, doing chest exercises for men will promote testosterone increase and moobs decrease, which is definitely for your good.

    Take The Right Drugs

    As much as steroids can be the cause of gynecomastia, there are the drugs that are able to help you get rid of it. If the moobs are the consequence of estrogen and testosterone imbalance, these drugs will regulate it and make the symptoms less severe. So, the best approach to how to get rid of man boobs would be to act in unison against them.


    Book In A Surgery

    If none of the above-mentioned methods of how to lose man boobs works, there’s no better way than to turn to cosmetic surgery. This is a quite common procedure. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. Before going under the knife, you should conduct careful research and consult a reputable surgeon.

    Adjust Your Wardrobe

    Although now you know how to get rid of moobs, before you take action some time will definitely pass. During this period, you want to disguise your man boobs as much as possible, right? We assure you that with the right outfit, it’s quite an easy task. First, you should refrain from tight clothes. You don’t want it to emphasize your knobs. Next step will be to reconsider your style. Opt for shirts with patch pockets and generally add layering to your look. As for the colors, go with darker shades, which are known for their disguising properties. When it comes to patterns, there’s no need to deprive yourself of them. Just keep them all over the clothes without focusing on your flaws.

    Man Boobs Reducing Exercise

    If you wonder how to get rid of men boob issue with the help of chest exercises for men, here’s the answer. Nohow. Even the best chest exercises won’t help you because you need to recruit the muscles of the whole body. So, basically, the best chest workouts for men are the whole-body workouts. Such workout includes but isn’t limited to squats, pull-ups and deadlifts. Besides, cardio is a strong weapon against gynaecomastia, as it helps to burn fat, which in turn, transforms male hormones into female ones.

    Man boobs are no longer destiny. They come and go. You just need to take some action to help them leave. So, never give up on yourself.


    • For the majority of men, man boobs are a result of having excess fat on the chest. Exercising the chest muscles and changing your diet can help. Source
    • Man boobs, or enlarged breast tissue in males, is a common concern. In many instances, a person can use diet and targeted exercises to reduce the appearance of enlarged breast tissue Learn more here. Source