Wedding Hairstyles For Men You Won’t Cringe At Ten Years Down The Track

Look Your Best With One Of The Trendiest Wedding Hairstyles

You may think that only women require inspiration for wedding hairstyles because nobody looks at the groom at the wedding. We say this opinion is rather misleading. The groom is as much in the spotlight as the bride. Thus, you should make sure your hair looks flawless on this special day. You don’t want to hide your wedding photo album from your kids ten years later, right? So that this won’t happen, we’ve collected the best men hairstyles to flaunt at the wedding.

Bald Head And Beard

If Mother Nature hasn’t blessed you with a full head of hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t pull off one of the boldest hairstyles for wedding. A shaved head will look quite daring though very dapper. If you feel too bald sporting this look, you can always balance it out with a luxuriant facial hair.

Buzz Cut

As the wedding is quite an official event, you can show the whole seriousness you approached your wedding look with by opting for one of the most popular formal hairstyles for short hair, which is a buzz cut.

Short Smooth Waves

360 waves are the way to demonstrate your lovely wife-to-be how thoughtful you are, as you’ve spent so much time and effort preparing your hair to the wedding. We’re sure she’d appreciate this staple of intricate wedding hair styles.

Slicked Back Short Hair

If you prefer a more classic look, there are plenty of wedding hairstyles for short hair to complement your tuxedo. Elegant and tasteful slicked back hair is definitely one of them.

Short Pompadour

In case you’re looking for easy wedding hairstyles, a short pompadour is a way to go. You won’t make much effort to pull it off, nor will it require a lot of maintenance afterward.

Ivy League Haircut

To go for an Ivy League wedding hair cut, your ceremony shouldn’t necessarily be retro-themed. This neat and sophisticated hairstyle is keeping pace with current tonsorial fashion, thus being upgraded every now and then.

Short And Curly

Source: @reza_jax via Instagram

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, it would be a real shame not to show it off. For a look appropriate for the occasion, turn to a short sides long top haircut, which can also be a great choice for wedding guest hairstyles.

High Top

One of the ways to tame your kinky locks without sacrificing the style is to stick with a high top fade. The contrast created by the faded sides and longer top keeps the focus on the bold texture. Perfect for a wedding ambiance, don’t you think?

Textured Short Hair

If you have quite straight locks but still want to make emphasis on the texture, you’re welcome to do so. Don’t leave too long hair though, go with a shorter option instead. For added contrast, choose a high fade on the sides. A great option to add to the box of simple wedding hairstyles.

Tapered Hair

For those grooms who don’t really long for a hairstyle change but still want to upgrade it to the wedding, a taper haircut can become a genuine lifesaver. Without altering much, you’ll get a fresh and trendy hairstyle.

Brushed Back Medium Hair

Source: @reza_jax via Instagram

Formal hairstyles for medium hair offer a broad range of options to sport on a wedding day. And, one of the easiest to pull off is slick back hair. Complement it with a full beard for an air of casualty.

Slicked Back Undercut

Source: @kamilnizinski via Instagram

In fact, wedding hairstyles for medium hair can be pretty stylish and versatile. Take, for instance, an undercut haircut. It allows you to style it in a bunch of different ways adjusting to the environment.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Mens long hairstyles are also a perfect option for a wedding day, as they look very romantic and appealing. If your hair is naturally wavy, it’s bound to be harnessed shoulder-length at the wedding.

Man Bun

If you and your fiancée are fashion savvy people, a wedding isn’t the reason to shy away from rocking your long hair the way you like. Besides, there are so many gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair, such as a man bun, for example, that even the most conservative guests will give you credit.


If it took you months to grow and shape the dreads, you shouldn’t get rid of them only for wedding’s sake. We’re sure, everyone would understand you. All in all, they can complement the list of the best wedding hairstyles with great success.

The abundance of wedding hairstyles for guys hints that you can’t get away with a bedhead for this occasion. Unless it was intended. Hopefully, our collection of the best men hairstyles for a wedding day has inspired you to arrange a meeting with your barber sometime after the bachelor’s party.

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