If you have always shied away from a mullet considering it unattractive and awkward, you are not alone. But a modern mullet is a whole other story. It is chic, contrasty and flattering. In addition, the variety of styles is so broad, that even the pickiest guys will be able to find a matching hair look. To make things easier for you, we have prepared this insightful guide. It not only covers every little detail about the cut but also contains the coolest ideas. So, wait no longer to find your perfect contemporary mullet.


    Is Mullet Coming Back?

    So, the main question is are mullets coming back? In short, yes. A mullet 2022 is one of the hottest hair trends to make a comeback. At first, guys with mullets were mostly athletes and celebrities. It was an easy way to stand out in the crowd, as the 2022 men’s hairstyle was considered unconventional and nonconform. Those who wanted to be seen as rebellious also opted for a men mullet haircut, which somehow manages to marry formal top and informal back in one hair look.

    The main accent of the cut is on the nape that features long eye catching strands. While it may seem not for everyone, it is actually quite versatile. The modern day mullet, accompanied by fades and tapers, is extremely versatile. It works for any hair type, from straight to curly, and flatters almost all shapes of the face. So, should you decide to get the new mullet, you can rest assured that it is going to look awesome on you.

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    What Is The Modern Mullet?

    To get a modern mullet men should grow the hair in the back a little longer than for the classic version. The sides, on the contrary, are trimmed shorter, usually featuring a fade or a taper. The rest is medium length hairstyles so you could style it in the most preferable way. Obviously, the modern mullet has plenty of variations. But all of them have one thing in common – a long “party” back and a short “business” front.

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    How Do You Style The Modern Mullet?

    Even though a modern mullet haircut is much shorter than its retro counterpart, it still allows for many variants of styling, for instance:

    Comb or brush the hair on top to the side.

    Push it upward and side sweep.

    For a longer top, style it combed back.

    Spike it up for a touch of vintage flair.

    And this is only how you can style a mullet top so that it looks modern and fashionable. As for the back, there is also a wide variety of ways to style it apart from leaving it loose, such as a ponytail, a bun, a braid, etc.


    Check Out Modern Mullets Below

    To back up our words about the versatility of the haircut and provide you with a dose of inspiration, we have put together the best mullets below. So, keep on reading and choose your perfect modern business in the front, party in the back hairstyle.

    Modern Mullet

    A male modern mullet takes off pretty much hair from the sides as well as back, which makes styling quick and effortless. If you naturally have straight hair, you can upgrade your mullet with perm. This will create added definition and texture to the look.

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    Mullet Fade

    For a mullet fade haircut is a great addition. Not only does it make the look more up to date and fashionable, but it also facilitates its maintenance. Since the focus completely shifts to the top and back, you should simply add a bit of a texturizing product there too.

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    Mullet Perm

    A curly mullet fade is one of the most common ways to wear the hairstyle. Yet, in case your hair is straight, a permed mullet is your way out. It is bold and pronounced on its own. So, all you will have to do is to accentuate the texture with a styling product by working it into the curls. Besides, this hairstyle can be androgynous haircuts.

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    Shag Mullet

    A shaggy mullet actually combines two popular hair trends – a mullet and a shag. As the locks are tousled and fluffed up, it provides you with extra volume. As such, those who have thin and limp hair can benefit from modern shag mullet greatly.

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    Wolf Cut Men

    The generation of eBoys has introduced their fashionable mullet take on the old school haircut, which is a wolf cut. To nail it, you will need to get wispy layers cut in your strands and a quite voluminous top. Complement your wolf mullet with bangs for a modern twist.

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    Brushed Back Mullet

    A male modern mullet can be easily transformed into an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle by brushing the hair on the top back. Guys with wavy or curly locks should try this way of styling too. A brushed back wavy mullet comes out ample and defined.

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    Sharky Haircut

    When they are not ready to commit to a full mullet men can get away with a shorter version. A mini mullet, which is also known as a sharky haircut, emulates the silhouette of a classic mullet, yet leaves much less hair on the back and sides. The top can actually remain quite lengthy.

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    Long Mullet

    For those who are trying to keep up with fashion mullet may be a nice way of self expression. If you are not afraid to be in the spotlight, then consider growing a really long mullet. It does require some effort and time to get the desired look. Yet, the result is totally worth it.

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    Mohawk Mullet

    You can pair a modern mullet with other trending todays hairstyles to end up with a unique and unordinary hair look. As such, a mohawk mullet fade is an awesome combo that will earn you the title of the trendiest guy in the area. If you are leaning toward something rather low key, you can never go wrong with a faux hawk mullet.

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    Asian Mullet

    An Asian trendy mullet has become an essential part of the KPop culture. Because Asian hair is generally straight, the textured finish is achieved thanks to layered hair cutting. Permed mullets are also quite popular among Asian men.



    Taper Mullet

    A mullet taper is a great option for guys who prefer more reserved haircuts, yet still want to make their hair seem bold. Because the difference between the sides and top is not very harsh, this haircut is appropriate in almost any ambiance.

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    Punk Mullet

    Hot mullets are extremely admired by punks and no wonder. They are non mainstream, which resonates with the values of the subculture. So, getting a punkish modern mullet fade will give your appearance a rebellious vibe.

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    Middle Part Mullet

    Why not incorporate into your modern mullet curly hair style features of other popular haircuts? For instance, you can draw inspiration from a curtain bang and enhance the mullet with a middle part.

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    Blonde Modern Mullet

    Intricate hair cutting or styling is not the only way to make your mullet stand out. You can also dye your locks into a color that will look striking against your natural shade. That said, bleaching works especially well on dark mullets with perms. As a result, you will get an edgy blonde curly modern mullet.

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    Kentucky Waterfall Mullet

    Not every guy will dare to get the Kentucky waterfall haircut. This funky hairstyle requires quite a lot of fashion bravery to pull off. The so called country boy mullet features an abundant back that is cut so that the hair is falling down your neck, hence the name.

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    Euro Mullet

    A short shaggy mullet is also often referred to as a Euro Mullet. Although it has a slightly disheveled finish, its overall look remains groomed and neat. With that in mind, you can feel free to team the modern shaggy mullet with a short clean beard.

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    Undercut Mullet

    If you want to take a taper mullet fade to another level of boldness, go for an undercut mullet. Because it creates a high contrast between the sides and the top as well as back, it turns out very sharp and impactful.

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    Fluffy Mullet

    With a reverse mullet, you are guaranteed to look your best. Thanks to the opulent top, the hairstyle seems fluffy and full. This is one of the reasons why this type of a mullet offers plenty of benefits to guys with thin locks. A reverse taper fade mullet is a trendier variant of the style.

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    We hope you are now convinced that a modern mullet has little in common with its ancestor. While the idea of all party in the back and all business in the front remains intact, the final look is beyond tasteful and attractive. And once you feel bored with your current haircut, you can always get back to our guide and pick out a new mullet.


    What is the modern mullet called?

    Modern mullets are also called a wolf haircut. What makes a mullet modern is plenty of volume on top with soft tapered layering that gives movement and vibe.

    Is mullet Still in Style 2023?

    For a mullet haircut 2023 is the year when this iconic 80s hairstyle made a huge comeback. So, if you have always wanted to try it on, this is your golden hour. Mullet is not losing ground and is still on trend in 2023.

    Why is the hairstyle called a mullet?

    The name mullet is attributed to the Beastie Boy member Mike D. In 1994, the hip hop band released a song called ‘Mullet Head’, describing the cut and those wearing it.

    Why does everyone have a mullet?

    On the one hand, a mullet allows people to explore and redefine gender norms. When you think of this legendary haircut, you cannot tell whether it has a feminine or masculine feel. This makes a mullet a perfect unisex haircut. On the other hand, it is just edgy and bold. So, if you like to be the center of attention, this is your sure bet.