Men’s Prom Hairstyles For A Real Gentlemen Look

The abundance of prom hairstyles clearly shows how important it is to choose the look that will perfectly suit your physical features and personal preferences. It allows you to match your hairstyle to your face shape, hair type and lifestyle. This is the evening when everything should be perfect. At all costs, you don’t want your hair to draw your attention away from collecting unforgettable memories. So that you rock this special evening and look awesome in the graduation album, here is the collection of the best hairstyles for the prom we handpicked for you.


Side –Parted Prom Hairstyle

Slicked hair styles for men are always a great choice for the prom. They look elegant and stylish and don’t deflect attention away from your face. To try something new, go with a slicked to the side hairstyle instead of slicked back. As it requires a side part, you can add more definition to your whole look, especially when opting for a hard part.

Short Navy Quiff

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If you want to showcase your sharp masculine facial features, choose from short navy popular mens haircuts. They don’t require much maintenance nor will you waste time on styling. This haircut is a great option to look up to. With its short sides and a slightly longer top, this haircut delivers edgy and professional appearance, which highly beneficial for your future study.

The Spiky Hairdo

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If your school has a hair dress code to follow, the prom is the time you may break it with a clear conscience. You can easily transform basically any of traditional short hair hairstyles into modern and edgy by simply adding spikes to the top. This move will give you a significant advantage should you decide to vie for the title of the best prom hairstyles for short hair.


Simple Layered Curls

A quick way to enhance men short hairstyles is to cut the strands in different levels of layers. The main advantage of the layered men hair styles is that they create an impression of the full head of hair whereas, in reality, you may have quite sparse locks. It would be better if your hairstylist created layers with the help of a razor. In this way, you won’t get blunt cutting and thus, your hairstyle will gain definition and movement.

Prom Pompadour Fade

It’s never too early to start cultivating a good sense of style, especially when it concerns mens hair. The pompadour fade will certainly help you in this endeavor. It’s a sure bet that this elegant and dapper prom hair style will make you the Prom King if not literally then among your friends.

Bad Boy Side Quiff

If you gravitate to mid length haircuts, it won’t take you much effort to pull off one of the most attractive hairstyles for prom. To achieve a neat and clean appearance, go for a high fade on the sides while leaving the top of medium length. Divide the top into two sections with a natural side part and push them back. Now, you’re ready to rock the dance floor.


Side Swept Style

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Medium length layered hairstyles allow many different styling options. If you have a long fringe, you can get away with an extremely fancy hairstyle. Brush it forward so that it covers your forehead and push it a bit to the side. For an added definition to their layered hair styles men usually employ a touch of a styling product.

Cool Faux Hawk

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The Faux Hawk is the perfect hairstyle for men who want to wake up their inner rocker. The hair should not necessarily be pinched up at the center. You can style it in the funnel shape for a more unusual and eye-catching appearance.

The Undercut With Crazy Highlights

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With the undercut, you can complement any medium length hair style. The type of fade and the style of the top are totally up to you. You can have the hair atop cut in even layers and then slicked back. This creates a very edgy and textured look of any of the men’s haircuts. For added emphasis, go for a line-up around the forehead and temples.

Pomp Star

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The classic pompadour hairstyle is a true win-win solution when it comes to choosing prom hairstyles. To nail the look, short hair men should let their hair grow for a while and then do a bit of combing. Tease the front section of the hair a little and comb it back, as well as the sides. Slick the hair on the back of the head down to the neck. Secure everything with a syling product and you’re done!

Straight Brushed Up Formal Hairstyle

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This straight brushed up medium hair style isn’t that formal to be sported during your final exams, but for the prom night, it’s a great option. Note though that such textured mens haircut styles look exceptionally beneficial on thick thatch, whereas thin hair can give you the opposite effect.

Fiery Spikes

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Are you more after easy prom hairstyles? Then you need to get the right cut first. There are the haircuts men choose when they want a look that can be restyled effortlessly to suit any environment, from casual to formal. The quiff will give you exactly what you’re looking for. It brings a formal ambiance to the look if styled with a good deal of a product and on the contrary, if you tousle the strands with a bead of wax, you’ll get a very casual and careless hairstyle.


Slick Back Calm

The prom hairstyles have basically no limits. Thus, if you want to go with one of the very formal hairstyles or choose from extremely casual medium length hairstyles, you’ll make the right choice by all means. The slick back hairstyle is a staple look for those guys who prefer smart and clean look without much effort. Just for the medium length, you’ll need a bit more of a styling product.

Hipster Man Bun

Speaking of ultimate casualty. If you want to own this evening, then a man bun is the style you should resort to. You can actually have one of the faded mens haircuts on the sides, however, the top should be long enough to be tied into a bun or at least a knot.

Medium Prom Guys Hair

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Basically, any mid length hair works great for prom. It demonstrates your commitment to the style, meaning responsibility, the ability to stick to the grooming routine, thus discipline, and the whole seriousness you take the impression you give with. And, as you know, your appearance speaks for itself.

Faded Texture

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If you have naturally thick locks, then you should take a closer look at textured hairstyles. They allow you to reduce the bulk of your tresses without sacrificing their ampleness. This kind of haircuts looks especially cool when complemented with a fade on the sides and back. If you are aiming for a really bold look, then opt for a high skin fade cut.

50s Style

No matter whether your prom is going to have a theme or not, a retro hairstyle guarantees you being in the spotlight. The best period to draw hairstyle inspiration from is arguably the 1950s. For example, this stylish and chic 50s hairdo with a curly strand falling over your forehead will make everyone gasp.

Sleek Parted Layers

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To give your layered haircut an elegant and refined touch, sleek it back and divide with a side part. Thanks to the fashion your hair is cut, the strands are stacked up on the head with a prominent separation, while the part enhances the definition and boldness of the look.

High And Greasy Bro’s Fade

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No matter how much hair gel you are going to use, you can rest assured that this hairstyle will come out dapper and fancy. Guys with unruly and coiled locks will find that exploiting hair gel makes a world of difference to their mane. To keep the focus on top, go for a high bald fade on the back and sides.


Mullet Inspired

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A mullet seems to have made a huge comeback lately. Of course, it is not the same we remember it with business in the front, party in the back. A modern mullet is elegant, stylish and tasteful. Thus, if you want to draw inspiration from this vintage hairstyle, take a peek at this cool idea.

All Over Spikes

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If everybody has known you as a good guy with a preppy hairstyle throughout your school years, then the prom is your big break, or at least your hair’s. Style your locks in a ruffian manner by spiking up the strands all over the head. For an added boldness and prominence, get your tresses bleached.

Brushed Back And Textured

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If you are a devotee of elegant and sophisticated hairstyles, then it is most likely that this look will come to your liking. Although all the locks are brushed back, it does not make the hairstyle flat or plain. Thanks to the defined texture of the top, it maintains an ample and pronounced appearance.

Pointed Bangs

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Bangs are an extremely versatile hairstyle. Thus, opting for them, you are instantly offered a multitude of styling options. If you want to pull off a daring look for the prom, push the bangs to the side and style them pointed. For a mysteries touch, make sure to leave quite a lot of hair on top so that it covers your eye a bit.

Sleek Combed Quiff

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Not everyone would be able to pull off such a polished hairstyle. However, if you have enough bravery to do it, you can rest assured that it will not go unnoticed. Yet, don’t forget to arrange a meeting with a hairstylist, as this ‘do requires quite a lot of pro skills and a steady hand.

Good Boy Ivy League

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If you have never been a good boy in class, why don’t you try on this role at the prom? Maybe, you will like it so much that it will encourage you to reconsider your priorities. Anyway, back to the hair. The style features an ivy league haircut accompanied by a high fade on the back and sides, which adds a trendy flair to the look.

Classic Side Part

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You can never go wrong with such a classic hairstyle for your prom as a side part. It comes out elegant and refined no matter what attire you are going to flaunt. Besides, there are plenty of ways to pull off this look. We suggest opting for ample side-parted bangs, styled using a generous amount of a hair product with a glossy finish for an ultimately polished and defined appearance.

Tapered Curls

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If your hair is naturally curly, then it is a really good idea to enhance it with a tapered cut on the sides and back. This will help to keep your curls looking spick and span while not removing too much hair. Thus, you will end up with a flattering yet quite conservative look.

Caesar Bang

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A Caesar cut is a timeless hair look that you will not confuse with any other. However, if pixie bangs are what makes you refrain from it, then we have good news for you. It is not necessarily to chop off your locks in front so short. You are free to go with longer bangs as long as you trim them well. What else we like about this cut is that it flatters any hair texture.

Layered Bowl

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A bowl cut does not always look preppy and geeky. Instead, it may seem pretty stylish and trendy when tailored in the right way. Adding layers gives this hairstyle dynamics and structure, thus taking your prom look to the next level. Moreover, you can adjust it depending on your preferences and tastes, choosing from light to heavy layering.


Flat Top Prom Guy

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A flat top does not sound like a prom hairstyle to you? That is because you have been styling it wrong all this time. Try out a little bit different approach and you will look at it from a different angle. For instance, you can make it a bit more breezy and carefree by raking through the hair on top with your fingers covered in a hair styling product.

Hot Jewfro

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Guys with jewfro locks should feel incredibly lucky, as they can pull off a myriad of hot hairstyles without any effort. All you need to do is to run a blob of a hairstyling product through your tresses and style them in a relaxed manner.

Short And Sleek Occasion Hair

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Even if you have short hair, you can still achieve a sophisticated and elegant look for the prom. Just sleek back your locks on top using a generous amount of hair pomade or wax and you are good to go. This is a hairstyle of choice of those men who prefer to look neat and tidy. A side part can give it extra definition and flair.

Medium Slick Back Quiff

A quiff is actually a really versatile hairstyle. You can wear it in many different ways, depending on the occasion. If you are heading to the prom, then you most likely want your hair to look dapper. Thus, go for a slicked back medium length quiff to have all eyes on you all night long.

Stylish Grey Curls

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A gray hair color will arguably never go out of style. At least, not in the nearest future. Hence, should you consider yourself a fashion-savvy guy, then it pays to dye your mane gray for prom, especially if you have the curly hair pattern. Silver curls look stylish and daring, instantly guaranteeing you a place in the spotlight.

Faux Hawk Event Hairstyle

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If you have not had a chance to show off your ruffian and rebellious side during school years, then the prom is your big break. Go for a hairstyle that will speak for itself, such as a faux hawk. To achieve it, the hair on top should be cut noticeably longer than the sides and back and styled so that it forms a peak. Besides, for a stylish and bold twist, you can complement it with a fade or taper cut.

The prom is a very important event in your life. It’s a milestone that separates your childhood from adulthood. That’s why you want every detail to be perfect, including your hairstyle, as it’s equally likely to either save your look or totally ruin it. Thus, we’ve compiled the collection of the best prom hairstyles for you to choose. Use it responsibly.


  • A promenade dance, commonly called a prom, is a semi-formal dance or gathering of high school students. Source