Have you ever wondered what is going to happen if you combine a mullet with a burst fade haircut? If yes, you have come to the right place to find the answer. You will get one of the trendiest haircuts of late – a burst fade mullet. Yet, no worries, you will not look like someone’s doppelganger, as there is a plethora of styles for you to choose from. In the following guide, you are bound to find your perfect look, as it contains the best mullet burst fade ideas.


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Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair

Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A curly burst fade is one of the most popular curly hairstyles and not for nothing. On the one hand, it allows you to maintain your unruly tresses more easily, and on the other hand, it creates a really dope look. Yet, to take it to another level, consider going for a burst fade curly hair mullet, which is even more stylish and impactful.

Styling Tip: To ensure that the curl does not frizz and has a structured look, use a product for curly hair. Apply a little cream to damp hair and let it dry on its own or blow dry, periodically squeezing the curls in your palm.


Low Burst Fade Mullet

Low Burst Fade Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


When you are not aiming for anything overly bold or striking, a low burst fade with mullet is your sure bet. A low fade delivers everything you get from any other type of fade but creates a much softer look. So, it perfectly suits a formal ambiance and can even be donned to work. Skilled barber Jose Guzman Nieves went further and painted his client silver. Get inspired!

Mid Burst Fade Mullet

Mid Burst Fade Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A mid fade is the golden mean between a low and high fade haircut. That is why you can never go wrong by pairing it with any hairstyle on top, as the final result is guaranteed to look awesome. And a mid burst mullet fade is no exception. Make it your go to haircut and you will not be disappointed.


Burst Fade Short Hair

Burst Fade Short Hair #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


Although a classic mullet is relatively long, its modern version can be pretty short. Moreover, a short mullet fade by image consultant Frank Soto is how the majority of men prefer to wear this never aging haircut today. In addition to a bold and high contrast look, it also offers ease of maintenance and requires almost no styling.

Burst Fade Long Hair

Burst Fade Long Hair #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


If you want to pay tribute to the classic version of the haircut but with a little twist, then a long mullet with burst fade is your way to go. The top doesn’t have to be cut quite short though to follw the whole party in the back and business in the front aesthetic.


Burst Fade Wavy Hair

Burst Fade Wavy Hair #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


Similar to a curly burst fade mullet, a wavy variation of the cut has abundant texture. So, you will not need to put much effort into creating a pronounced hair look.

Styling Tip: Just use a texturizing hair product of your choice on the back and top of your head and you are good to go.

Burst Fade Textured Mullet

Burst Fade Textured Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


When it comes to a mullet fade, there is no such thing as too much texture. And even more so when it is a burst fade mullet. Thanks to the textured top, you may easily achieve a lot of volume and make it seem as if you have a full head of hair. As such, it is a surefire option for guys with thin locks.

Burst Fade Mullet Design

Low Burst Fade Mullet Men #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


If you would like to show off your creative side of personality, you are welcome to get one of the burst fade designs by creative master Diego Elizarraras. Thanks to a rounded shape, the fade takes the hair design to the center stage. This is especially true when your top features a mullet haircut. So, it is time to unleash your imagination.


Burst Fade Middle Part

Burst Fade Middle Part #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut

@ hayden_cassidy

One of the coolest things about the burst mullet is its versatility. As grooming expert Leah Cassidy demonstrates, you can easily pair it with other popular hairstyles, such as the middle part. The look comes out pretty unusual and bold. So, make sure you have enough fashion bravery to pull it off. Yet, if you do, you can rest assured that you will never go unnoticed.

Burst Fade Mullet Straight Hair

Burst Fade Mullet Straight Hair #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A mullet burst fade has no limits in terms of hair type. Thus, if you have straight hair, you can rest assured that it is going to look great on you. Just do not forget that the top should be pretty textured. So, ask your barber to cut layers on different levels.

Slick Back

Slick Back #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


Who said that a mullet haircut fade is not suitable for a formal ambiance? We are here to prove them wrong. An easy styling move and you will end up with one of the most stylish and elegant hair looks for men ever. Simply slick back the hair on the top of your head and you are all set.


Faux Hawk Mullet

Faux Hawk Fade #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A faux hawk and a mullet fade haircut have quite a lot in common. Both of them are often paired with a high fade haircut on the sides. This provides your hairstyle with much needed contrast and definition. And for a really striking combo, mix a faux hawk with a mullet and a high burst fade in one look.

Buzz Cut Long Tail

Buzz Cut Long Tail #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A short top can be quite a nice accompaniment to a burst taper mullet. It allows you to balance out your facial features and gives your hairstyle a finished look.

Styling Tip: Comb your short top to one side using a small amount of strong hold wax.

Layered Burst Fade Mullet

Layered Burst Fade Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


You can hardly imagine a mens burst fade mullet without layers. Layered haircuts give you a lot of benefits no matter what hair type you have. For guys with thick locks, it is a way to remove bulk and achieve a lighter hair look.

Pro Tip: If you have thin hair, layering will give it a fuller and more voluminous appearance.


Quiffed Bangs

Quiffed Bangs #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


With a quiff, you can successfully upgrade any hair look, including a burst mullet fade. It also makes your face visually longer. So, in case you are round headed, this haircut may be a great way to adjust your features. And the best part? It works successfully well with both a straight and a burst fade curly mullet.

Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A good old mohawk is a statement hairstyle of men who choose to be the center of attention. As such, if you want to have all eyes on you, this is your failproof option. To make it more wearable and stylish, why not add some skin fade mullet inspired features to it?

Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


A modern mullet way to wear the business in the front and party in the back hairstyle is a short hair mullet fade. It is low maintenance and easy to style. You will not have to spend hours in the morning to make it look good, as it is already perfectly shaped.


Bowl Cut Fade

Bowl Cut #burstfademullet #burstfade #fademullet #mullet #fade


Men often shy away from such a popular mens haircut as a bowl cut because of considering it unflattering and inexplicit. And this is absolutely unfair. If the traditional version of the cut does not appeal to you, try to team it with a short burst fade. As a result, you will get a trendy and unique hair look.

Shaggy Burst Fade Mullet

Shaggy Burst Fade Mullet #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


A shag is at the peak of its popularity now along with a mullet. So, why don’t you combine these two trends into one highly fashionable look? Not sure how to make it even trendier? Get a burst fade on the sides. A shaggy burst fade mullet is your ticket to the world of fashion.

Flat Top Mullets

Flat Top Mullets #burstfademullet #burstfade #mulletfade #mullet #mullethaircut


Should you choose a flat top to accompany your mullet haircut, you will not want to get back to any other haircut. This duo is ultimately stylish and contrasty. For more boldness, you can enhance it with a low burst fade design. The complexity depends on your taste and the skills of your barber.

A burst fade mullet is a modern way to give the classic hairstyle a new life. So, if you are feeling inspired by this look, you should definitely give it a go. Do not hesitate to use the ideas from our guide when you visit the barbershop next time.


FAQs: Burst Fade Mullet

What is a burst fade mullet?

A burst fade mullet is essentially a combination of a mullet and a burst fade. You adorn the sides with a curved pattern of the burst fade while the top is kept relatively long and the back is even longer.

How is it different from a traditional mullet?

Traditionally, a mullet features short sides with a longer back and a medium length top. In a burst mullet fade, the sides incorporate a burst fade. It is a trendy haircut that implies taking your hair from longer near the top to shorter toward the hairline, following the natural curvature of the ear.

Who can pull off a burst fade mullet?

One of the main benefits of the burst mullet fade is versatility. So, it looks flattering on any shape of the head and can work with any type of hair. Yet, keep in mind that you will need to maintain it regularly for a crisp look.


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