Cute Little Boy Haircuts for 2019: Fades, Pomps, Lines And More

Choose Only The Trendiest Little Boy Haircuts Because Your Kid Also Wants To Rock

Little boy haircuts, as much as grown-up ones, are very versatile. No matter of the hair type and texture, they can be classy or standard, cropped or lengthy, cute or rockabilly. However, getting the desired cut for your kid can be a little tricky. A salon where you’re going to do it plays a crucial role. Thus, inquire whether they have experienced barbers who work specifically with children, how kid-friendly the salon is and what other parents say about this very salon and barber. As for the cut itself, you have our list of the best ideas for little boy’s haircuts, so don’t worry about that.


Side Part

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If you can already trace the gentleman manners in your sport, it’s time to try on a kids hair style that matches his personality. A side part haircut works great for little gents with both thick and thin hair. First, ask a barber to give your kid a long top, short sides haircut. And then, divide his hair into two section with a side part. Apply some gel or mousse to this toddler haircut for added texture and fixation.

Short & Spiky

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To achieve the opposite effect – show the rebellious side of your kiddo with a little boy haircut, – go with spiky hair. Spiky kid hairstyles are easy to get and low maintenance. For the best result, your little one should have a full head of straight and dense locks. Your barber will trim the sides short and leave the top longer. For styling purposes, use some hair gel to create the spikes.

Beach Waves

Such kids hair styles are a nice option for those little guys who are neither into long nor into short hair. However, it comes out most flattering for the boys with a dense curly or wavy thatch. You can style it using a light mousse for a more relaxed look or spike your boy hair up with a strong hold gel.


Natural Curls

Boys with naturally tight curls on the head should grab every opportunity to show them off. Long haircuts for kids work best in this case. There’s no need for complex baby haircuts. As the hair texture is so eye-catching that it won’t be left unnoticed even sported simply loose. Ask the barber to cut your boy’s coils in even layers and add a little of hair mousse to highlight the texture.

Faux Hawk

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Faux Hawk baby boy haircuts can emphasize the inclination of your little star into the rockabilly side. To achieve this cool haircut for little boys, the hair on the sides should be trimmed quite short and high. Whereas the top hair should be left noticeably longer. Apply some gel to the top section of the hair and push it together at a small angle so that it would appear pointy.


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Is your son a rising hipster? Don’t head off his self-expression. Instead, encourage it with some nice kid haircuts. A pompadour sits perfectly on almost any hair type, especially on straight thick hair. You want the boy’s hair to be trimmed on the sides so that as it moves up, it gradually becomes longer. The top of the hair though should be left much longer than the sides to make the desired contrast. To style such long on the top, short on the sides haircuts for boys, create the volume atop the head by teasing the pomp. As a final touch, apply some mousse, gel or hair wax to tame any flyaways.


Buzz Сut

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If you’re looking for some easy peasy hairstyles for kids that don’t have much time for styling, a buzz cut is a perfect option for you. It comes in different lengths and shapes, depending on your personal preferences. You can pair it with a fade, undercut or hair design. These really trendy haircuts are known for their low maintenance, hence you don’t really need a lot of styling. If your little man chooses a longer buzz cut hairstyle, then you’ll probably need to apply some gel or mousse for extra texture.

Short & Textured

Short and textured kids hairstyles are perfect for those boys who have naturally dense locks and struggle to deal with cowlicks. These boys hair cuts don’t require much maintenance or styling. At the most, some gel with loose hold.

Baby Punk

With a proper attitude, punk hairstyles can look appropriate on little cute boys. You will want to get the sides buzzed short and the top scissored long enough in order to be styled. To style punk toddler haircuts, apply some gel and mold the hair up into a point.


Slick Back

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Your little fellow likes looking slick and smooth? Then why don’t you give him a corresponding haircut? Slicked back hair is achieved by growing the top hair long and leaving the sides medium in length. To style your boy’s haircut, you need to slick back hair with the help of a strong hold wax or gel.

Mohawk Hair

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Wouldn’t your little guy look adorable with one of Mohawk toddler hairstyles? We bet he would! The kids Mohawk suits best those little rockers who feel like they have outgrown the plain faux hawk. To get the look right, the sides should be shaved. Off while the top of the head should be either trimmed or scissored, depending on the length you go for. To style the Mohawk, you can leave it hanging at the side or style upward with the help of a strong hold wax or gel.

Faded Hair

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A fade haircut is a suitable option for those juniors who are okay with the sound and motion of clippers. It requires some time to create a gradual transition from shorter to longer hair on the sides. If you did overcome the fear of clippers or didn’t really have one, you’re offered a wide array of various toddler haircuts.


Long On Top, Short On Sides

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The short sides long top haircut is not only one of the most popular men’s hairstyles but the boy’s as well. Such little boys haircuts are suitable for basically any hair type, from fine to thick. Again, it gives you multiple styling options. So it’s up to you to decide which of toddler hairstyles your little dandy will sport.

Straight Layered Cut

In case your little pal has naturally straight hair and doesn’t want to do anything complex with it, try to play around with layers. In this way, you’ll add a texture, shape and dimension to his hair. To enhance the effect, apply some gel and tousle the hair with fingers or leave it as it is.

Quiff Hair

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This toddler boy haircut is highly convertible, as it can be derived from a taper cut with added length and styling. To achieve a striking contrast, the sides should be faded or undercut. With the quiff pushed back, toddler boy haircuts can appear exquisite and daring.

Sooner or later, your little boy will become grown up enough to determine his personal style. Your task as a parent and friend is to encourage his identity search and advise on every choice. Selecting the perfect little boy haircuts is a great way to start his self-identification.