Temp fade, which is obviously a shorter version of the “temple fade” is having a great visual impact in the men’s fashion world. Nowadays, the expression “beauty is in the details” is as relatable as never before: stylish gents just can’t do without a precise, neat finish. And that’s the reason why the fade is so popular these days.


What Is A Temp Fade?

Not sure how does a temp fade look? In this type of fade haircut, the hair on the temples is tapered so that it goes around the ear, adding to your hairstyle a fashionable and unusual twist. The top is usually styled in an intricate manner, as the fade allows you to keep the focus on it.

First off, let’s get things straight about the terminology: what does temp fade mean? A temp fade haircut, or brooklyn fade, if you please, is not just a particular kind of men’s haircuts. For example, if you see an afro temp fade, it means that it’s a cut that is finished with a sharp profile. In other words, your temples will be outlined with a line up or shape up. Remember: it’s an accentuating touch to your present cut. Also, there are no texture and length restrictions: this fade can suit any man.

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How Did The Temple Fade Become Popular?

So, where did it all begin? Meaning, when did a temp fade have its big break? Here is a counter-question: what made you think it did? Although these men’s hairstyles have a lot of advantages, it is not that widespread in tonsorial fashion. The thing is that men more often complement their hairstyles with such popular cuts as a taper fade, a bald fade or a drop fade.

One instance of rising interest in this haircut is when Pauly D, a DJ from the Jersey Shore reality show, accompanied his signature blowout look with it. Not that it has become viral since then, but many more men have started to request it from their hair stylists, especially those who have afro hair.

How To Get A Temp Fade?

No wonder you’d like to find out how to cut a temp fade: making your style even better is always quite tempting. Yet, getting a temp yourself can be tricky, so we suggest you to go to your barber first. The truth is, the temp has a lot of variations, and your task is to show your barber what you want the cut to be exactly, letting him line up hair. Then, you can easily maintain the black men haircuts at home with a razor or styler.

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Key Temple Fade Styles

Although a traditional hairstyle to pair with a temp fade is afro, there is a myriad of other styling options for every taste and hair type. Let’s take a look at the most flattering combos and the best ways of getting them.

Short Blowout Haircut

If you’re wondering how short fade haircuts look like, this blowout will satisfy your curiosity. This time, the temp gives a defined outline on the front while keeping the blend of texture very well-groomed, nicely melting with facial hair.

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Temple Fade + Short Afro

Should you be looking for a more moderate version of a blowout haircut, then take a peek at a short afro. Besides, it will make your face look slimmer on the sides in case you have too prominent cheeks. The temp fade starts at the top of your ear and goes down to your hairline. The afro, in its turn, is cut within an inch of the scalp to look flattering and attractive. It is advisable to grace the frontal part of each ear with a skin fade or taper, accompanied by a line-up.

As these are extremely short hairstyles for men, it does not require any styling. Though, regular upkeep is fundamental.

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Temp Fade + Curls

Guys with Afro hair will really appreciate a temple fade, as it allows them to keep their unruly kinks in order. Besides, a temp fade with curls, also known as the Brooklyn haircut, enhances the defined look of the hair on top.

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Temple Fade With Long Top

There’s no way you haven’t seen the bald temp fade with a beard and slicked back undercut! This awesome trio is officially the hottest trend combination for men who have thick hair. If you want to keep up with contemporary fashion, that’s the key.

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Sponge Twist + Temple Fade

How about you to mix the popular fade haircut with sponge curls? Such a curly style is the number one request in the natural hair community, so making it look unique with a temp fade blowout is a good idea.

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Temp Fade With Hard Part

The temp fade high top haircuts are also the most requested ones. Gentlemen who are into strict, yet significant image usually opt for temp fade with a hard part, combining a perfect outline with undercut vibes.

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Short Hair Temple Fade

Want to keep your hair tight, comfy, and striking at once? This afro haircut, where the high temp fade abruptly graduates to the short length on top is the idea you are looking for.

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Colored Fade Haircut

Looking for a curly afro temp fade haircut that will let you express yourself? The dyed temp fade with the colored top and highly clean sides and back is a nice way to play around.

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Dimensional Waves Haircut

Curly guys are lucky to have a dimensional line up haircut with minimum length involved. The 360 waves men with natural hair go for is probably the most effortless and clean way to tame unruly curls: it’s comfy and standout, and that’s enough.

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Temp Fade Undercut Curls

Another hairstyle that is made to be accompanied by a timp fade is an undercut and curly top. When wearing this cool hairdo, you can rest assured that you will not look shaggy.

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Temple Fade + Short Crop

A short French crop has made a huge comeback lately thanks to its grandiose appearance on Peaky Blinders. Yet, many guys shy away from this cut because of its sharp look its blunt front creates. To soften it up and give a modern flair, a crop top is complemented with a temp fade. The fade length can be anywhere between bald to guard size #0.5, while the length of the hair on the sides is up to you. Make sure though it creates the contrast with the top.

One of the best things about this cut is styling. After you have washed your hair, towel dries it to remove excess water. Then, scoop a generous amount of a hair paste with a matte finish, rub it between fingers and run them through your locks, brushing them forward.

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Temple Fade + Pompadour

Although pompadour is a timeless hairstyle, it may sometimes look a bit old-fashioned. To give it a modern vibe, pair it with a temple fade on the sides. When it comes to length, there are several options. You can ask the barber to scissor cut the sides an inch long or clip down the back and sides using grade size from 2 to 4. You can also fade down the sides so that they blend into the beard or whiskers.

Despite not being particularly easy to style, you can rest assured that all the effort fully pays you off. To create an abundant volume in the front, generously spritz your head with a sea salt spray before you blow dry it. Then, direct the stream of hot air in a diagonal orientation to your crown. For a finishing touch, apply a bit of a hair pomade to the strands, eliminating flyaways and smoothing the strands toward the neck nape.

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Temple Fade + Slick Back

Those who are in for an elegant and refined hairstyle should definitely consider a slick back temple fade. The fade should be focused on the temples on the same level with ears. You then want to blend it into the hair on the back and top of your head. You should take care to leave the sufficient length on top to be slicked back hair in a descending way.To style this cut, you will need a product that will give your hair foundation, such as volume powder or sea salt spray. Use it liberally while your locks are still wet and blow dry them shaping in the desired way. To finish off, apply a bead of a matte paste and be ready to pay a visit to the hairstylist in about a month.

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Low  Temp Fade Haircut

Here’s a perfect decision for men with thick textures: the curly temp fade haircut. As you can see, it’s a simple one-length cut, yet, the added low temp fade creates perfect length graduation, making the lines very significant.

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Bald Temp Fade

Guys who want to achieve a really edgy and impactful look with their haircut should try out a bald temp fade. Remember, however, to visit your barber regularly for upkeep.

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Temp Fade + Beard

As a rule of thumb, when you take off hair from the head, you can add it to the face. Thus, temple fade haircuts paired with a beard make up a great combo.

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Mid Temple Fade Cut

If you want to keep the balance between length graduation, look no further than the mid fade haircut. This cut involves a taper fade haircut black men always choose for a neat look, and a slight outline on the temple area, which is less drastic than classic temps.

Mid Temple Fade Cut #tempfade #templefade #fade

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Slicked Back + Box Fade

Though some gents think that there’s no white guy fade can suit, there are men’s taper fade variations for everyone, and kinky curls aren’t the crucial point. You can enhance your favorite slicked-back style with a box fade, thus making it more eye-catching. Yes, the box is another temp’s face.

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High Temp Fade

Unlike the previous blowout temp fade, this idea is all about making your hair pop. A high fade haircut features a sharper outline and a fade blend over the middle level, which gives an attention-grabbing appearance.

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Sectioned Line Up Cut

This temp fade haircut with sharp line up seems to give a new definition to style precision. This idea embraces two types of temp thickness, showing its potential in a new light. P.S. Temp fade with a beard is the duo you shouldn’t miss!

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Buzz Cut Temple Fade

Meet the unique variation of temp fade black men have simply nailed. This buzz cut idea shows that there’s no temp fade short can spoil: on the contrary, short looks are the smoothest.

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Shaved Line Temp Fade Haircut

There’s no better way to put your hair in a spotlight than to show up with a temp fade skin cut. The shaved portion gently blends with a beard, while the spectacular top is defined with a sideline.

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Temp Fade With Shaved Design

Love wearing the effortless top knot? Why don’t you make it show off your creativity, then? You can spice up your temp fade with haircuts design, experimenting at your best.

Temp Fade With Shaved Design #tempfade #templefade #fade

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Fringe Up Temp Fade

Following the style of famous football players can be even more outstanding. Just look at how a touch of stubble-to-sides precision takes the familiar idea to the next level.

Fringe Up Temp Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade

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Man Bun With Beard Shape

For most black men temp fade is the best choice: their texture always needs whipping into shape. And this man bun shows how versatile the fade can be! Whether you sport it as a long undercut or twist it into a bun, your look will be distinctive anyway.

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Temp Fade Faux Hawk

When nothing seems to make the good-old faux hawk better, the high top shows up to prove otherwise. A bit of neatness is the key: the defined outline works awesome with a dramatic top.

Temp Fade Faux Hawk #tempfade #templefade #fade

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Faded Mohawk

Those who are about to expose their punky nature will love this temp fade mohawk haircut. As you know, mohawk requires short, shaved, or sleek sides and voluminous top. Well, the curly hair can nicely fit in the role of the hawk, especially if you finish if with a gradual burst fade.

Faded Mohawk #tempfade #fadehaircut

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Caesar Cut Box Fade

A caesar haircut with textured hair on top is another way to embrace a minimalist look of high temple fade haircut. It has everything a modern man needs: the edge, individuality, and movement.

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Flat Top Haircut

The legendary flat top haircut deserves sacrificing your easy styling routine. Nothing can compare to the staggering nappy afro look of this high-maintenance cut. If you are ready for such a commitment, don’t forget to make it pop with a temp fade afro.

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Spiky Top Haircut

Since you’ve got closer to the versatility of the temp fade, it’s time to call your barber! This fade isn’t a commitment; it’s a little highlight that adds more precision to your cut, so nothing stops you from making your cut better.

Spiky Top Haircut #tempfade #fadehaircut

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What’s the difference between a temp fade and a taper fade?

In a taper fade, the hair is tapered down all-over the back and sides, whereas, in a temp fade, you thin out the temple area only.

What is a low temp fade?

As the name suggests, a low temp fade haircut starts low on the back and sides. Thus, you need to trim much less hair from the head compared to other temp fades.

What does a temp fade look like?

A temps haircut features tapered hair on the sides and back that gradually changes in length from 0.4 inches at the hairline to 0.8 inches toward the top. The remaining hair is usually uniform in length, which is between 0.8 and 2.0 in. For a better understanding of the cut, it makes sense to take a look at temp fade haircut pictures.